Company Logo: Secrets Of Uniqueness And Brand Recognition

In the current market scenario, where there are so many companies and brands mushrooming in a single niche, uniqueness is the biggest weapon that a brand can have in its inventory. The brand identity and image that a company projects need to be unique for it to be ahead of its competitors. Unique elements of branding can go a long way in building brand recognition for the company. 

Among these unique elements of branding, the logo design is a primary one. Today, companies are ready to pay thousands of dollars to get a good logo design. When we are ready to spend thousands of dollars on logo design, we also need to ensure that we get a unique and excellent logo design. The terms brand and logo are often used interchangeably, so getting the right design for the logo is the first step to securing brand identity. 

The Uniqueness Of The Logo

The logo needs to be unique, just like the name of the brand. If the name of the brand is like the name of a person, the logo design is the image of the person. Just like we have different people in the world, and each one looks different from the other, the difference of a logo from another is what makes it unique. 

The brand logo is the unique identifier that stands for the company. This is because the human brain can interpret images 60000 times faster than words.  When creating the brand logo, ensure that the logo is not copied or boring. If it becomes boring, it will not be able to attract the customers. Attracting leads and changing them into customers is the end goal of any business.  

When designing a logo, the design team needs to pay attention to the trends of logo design at the current time. You can, of course, conduct market research and gather insights to see what works for other brands. However, simply designing something out of current trends takes away from consistency and uniqueness. The brand logo design should be relevant in such a manner that it stays relevant even after years. 

The brand logo has such a strong and innovative design that when the brand rebrands itself, it can still retain some elements from the original logo design. If you simply follow the current trends of logo design for the assignment, then the results will not be that good. Try to strike a balance between the most prevalent trends of design and offbeat concepts to create a unique, original logo. The logo should be unique in the way it represents the values of the company. 

When creating unique logos, make sure you are not inclining towards hyper-unique logos. Hyper-unique logos can be difficult to relate to, which you do not want to happen with your user base. The user base expands when brand recognition also increases. Brand recognition is boosted only when the logo design is relatable and supports engagement. The brand logo should be unique and interesting, but it should also be very relatable too. 

The brand logo should connect with the niche and the target audience. The target audience should get a clear message from the brand logo and be able to connect with it. The logo elements should be easy to understand, legible, and inviting to the potential customer. The customer should be able to know the purpose of the brand and the usage of the product from the logo and tagline. 

The lead that approaches the brand to move through the purchase journey should not feel confused about the intent of the brand and the features of the products. The purpose when creating a unique logo is not to create something too edgy but relatable. When it is relatable to a large group of people, more and more people would want to engage directly with the brand and its products. 

Why Get A Unique Logo? 

A unique logo helps your company in standing out as a brand. To build your brand recognition, you have to be clear about the brand identity. The logo design and other elements of the brand together help maintain the uniqueness of the brand. The uniqueness of the brand is what makes your company interesting to customers, and so they return out of curiosity and piqued interest. The idea is not to blend in with the crowd but be different from it to create your own space within the market. 

An Accurate Brand Story 

To build brand recognition, you have to engage the audience. When the target audience knows your story and is able to connect with it, it will start recognizing your brand. Make sure your brand logo is authentic and it is in line with an authentic brand story. The brand story should be relatable to the masses so that they are drawn toward the brand. The uniqueness of the brand logo has to be complimented by the reality of the brand story. Make sure your brand story and logo are both aligned and authentic. 

Shows Brand Personality 

We, as humans, like anything that acts as a human and has a personality. What brands need to do is appeal to the emotions of people so that they can connect with the brand and return to it. Any brand that wants to be successful should show a strong personality and values that the audience also reflects. Because of this, you will see so many brands use mascots and personifications. In the arena of advertisement and marketing, the use of brand personality and its traits is a must. 

People are nowadays looking for a more human voice and representation from brands. Thus, the unique nature of the brand logo has to be supported by a brand personality that also comes through in the themes, style, fonts, and colors of the brand. For example, the brands that are meant for kids use visual elements and typography in their logos which are easily recognizable and fun. The use of fonts, typography, and other elements in logos make them unique and appealing to customers. The logo is the fundamental element of branding on which the design team should focus so that it can be an extension of the brand. The final design should be strong and interesting. 

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