Conversational Marketing And Its Importance  

The search for optimized processes is constant in any corporate sector, but in the customer communication sector, this is an extremely significant point when we talk about improvement in response time, improved communication flows, and customer experience. 

Proximity to the customer is fundamental to having quality sales and service. The customer becomes loyal and starts to promote the product and the brand. With technology, the buying habits of these customers have changed a lot, and online shopping has become the first option most of the time. 

Seeking solutions on how to relate to customers at a distance, companies began to act according to concepts of a new system of approach: conversational marketing or conversational marketing. 

But does it work? Discover how to enhance your company’s communication through conversational marketing!  

Keep with us, and happy reading!  

What Is Conversational Marketing?  

Objectively, it is a new way of doing customer relationship marketing; it is a strategy used to reduce the stages of the sales cycle through real-time automated conversations. 

In conversational marketing, instead of receiving standardized content such as forms and advertisements, which people often ignore or need help understanding properly, potential customers are directed to communication platforms, where a conversation is initiated so that they can better understand your business.  

Features Of Conversational Marketing 

Time Optimization  

Due to the large volume of activities, time is precious; instead of having your client respond to forms and wait to receive feedback, solutions are sought here that meet the client’s needs in real-time. 


When you have a large volume of customers, having personalized responses can be considered a difficult task. Therefore, instant messaging automation can supply companies with simultaneous calls. 


It continuously maintains brand awareness and establishes an engagement process in which users can contribute by sharing content on their channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, emails, and other media. 

Benefits Of Conversational Marketing 

Full-Time Service 

When you have a chatbot or any other communication platform, such as WhatsApp, your company ensures that people are answered instantly, not only on business days and business hours, but it is important to emphasize that the chatbot does not cancel human service; this because at any given time a different approach may be required. 

Service Scalability 

The cost of hiring attendants is very high. On the other hand, a chat allows you to escalate the calls, generating many new opportunities. Conversation robots also enable avoiding service queues, improving people’s experience with a brand. 

Commercial And Customer Service Come Together In Conversational Marketing 

Chatbots and instant communication platforms can bring advantages over a product and service that, with well-designed and humanized flows, will make leads interested and become customers, streamlining the sales cycle. After this process, it’s interesting to continue with the after-sales service, remember! 

Personalization Of Service 

With humanized and programmed language in your target audience. So the service becomes natural, and customers receive help and relevant information. All with great agility, increasing satisfaction. 

Key Conversational Marketing Tools 

In Conversational marketing, the main tool used is the chatbot. In practice, this automation talks to your company’s leads and customers. Informally it would be like a robot. 

It is a computerized program that simulates human interactions, so companies save time and have more freedom to solve complex problems.

WhatsApp is one of the complete platforms in conversational marketing, as it is possible to program a chatbot within it that makes it possible to advance negotiations between companies and customers. After all, the tool was developed to streamline various flows, such as answering questions, handling complaints, and working on the customer experience. 

With all the technology available and the day-to-day rush, it is only possible to think of communication between brands and consumers with WhatsApp. The practicality and speed that the application brought are undeniable. 

Apply Conversational Marketing To Your Business 

Applying conversational marketing may seem difficult, but it can become very easy with optimized processes, especially if you want to implement this strategy using WhatsApp. 

Currently, in addition to the great concern with assertive processes of conversion and communication with the client, many legal matters are involved in this topic, such as compliance, data security, etc. 

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