How To Increase Instagram Story Views In 2024? [5 Reasons & Solutions]

Instagram Story Views is an excellent way for brands to increase visibility, traffic, purchases, and engagement because of its top-of-feed placement, interactive stickers, and links. Additionally, Instagram Stories metrics support this.

Instagram Stories are a fantastic method to showcase your brand’s individuality and make a lasting impact with their incredible features that encourage interaction and provide a direct contact channel through DM answers and story reactions.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become a big success. Ten million people had signed up for the social media network by the conclusion of its first year of operation. After over ten years, Instagram has over two billion monthly active users. It is still among the most widely used and well-liked social networking programs worldwide.

Of course, this growth was feasible with the intriguing features and improvements the firm has launched over the last few years to keep users hooked. You’re reading this article, which proves that Instagram made the finest decision yet with one product in particular: Instagram Stories.

As everyone knows, Instagram Stories are an excellent way to interact with your followers and foster connections. However, it might be annoying to have your material not receive the attention you had hoped for when your Story views are low.

What is happening, then? Is the content you’re putting out there simply uninteresting to people? Or is there another reason?

To assist you in solving the issue, we’ve outlined five typical problems that lead to poor Instagram Story views and their solutions. Now, let’s get started.

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What Does Instagram Story Views Mean?              

Instagram Stories are an excellent method to increase your following and earn views. Businesses find it a great way to convey stories, increase follower engagement, and manage visual marketing efforts.

People share aspects of themselves and their lives on social media to make a difference. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that some users are curious whether the content they shared had an effect and whether there’s a logic to the crazy number of story views.

Instagram Stories is a helpful feature that lets people share and value the simple things that happen in their everyday lives. Unplanned or unscheduled moments—which aren’t entirely feed material—can be submitted in Story format, avoiding the feed and available for instant consumption with a 24-hour expiration date.

This allows Instagram users to be free-spirited and share as frequently and as much as they desire without overcrowding their feed or degrading the aesthetics of the Instagram grid.

Insta Stories is an essential asset for businesses because it lets them publish unfiltered behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive offers, marketing campaigns, interactive Q&A sessions, and other content that broadens their audience and strengthens their brand.

Instagram Stories gives users a list of people who have viewed their Stories, unlike standard Instagram Feed posts that let viewers view without engaging.

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How Do You See The Metrics For Instagram Stories?

Get your phone and follow along to see all the impressive statistics from your most recent Instagram Story; all it takes is a few taps.

Note: To view analytics for your Instagram photos, you must have a Professional or Creator account. Here’s how to configure that.

  • Launch the Instagram app, then press the profile icon.
  • Press the menu symbol (three vertical lines) in the upper right corner.
  • Select Insights.
  • Tap Stories in the Content You Shared section after swiping down.
  • Your most recent stories will be shown with their reach labels in a grid.
  • To alter metrics, tap the filter icon at the top of the screen.
  • To access additional options (such as “Last 30 Days” or “Last 2 Years”), tap the “Last 7 Days” button at the top of the page to modify the metrics’ time range.
  • Tap on any Story to get the specific content’s detailed analytics. You can see the number of accounts it connected with, interacted with, and reached.
  • Use the three vertical line menu to navigate to your Archives and examine the results of an interactive sticker or poll.
  • Select Activity from the lower left corner of the Instagram Story when you’ve found the correct one.

5 Reasons For A Decline In Your Instagram Story Views And Ways To Fix Them

The following are some potential causes of your Instagram Story views declining, as well as methods to increase them:

1. Your Content Might Be Outdated

Instagram users prefer current content. Your material will only receive engagement if it is original and of little value.

You must maximize your creative approach to provide content that appeals to your fans. You must use Instagram’s Explore feature to identify trending subjects so you can produce narrative material centred on them. You may also see what other brands in your niche publish to obtain ideas about where to start.


Your audience anticipates fresh and exciting material from your company. Therefore, you are responsible for creating varied content for your Stories that appeals to their interests. 

Look at your Instagram analytics to see what kinds of material your audience is most interested in seeing on Stories. Then, modify your material to suit their demands by emphasizing the aspects of your product or service they find most appealing.

To ensure that your audience receives relevant information, you may also use content marketing platforms or digital marketing solutions. These tools will assist you in organizing, creating, and refining your Instagram Stories.

Use premium Story formats, such as boomerangs, shoppable movies, and images. People are more likely to tap through to the end of the following kinds of Instagram stories.

2. You Are Not Making Correct Use Of Hashtags

Inappropriate or nonexistent hashtag usage can have the opposite impact and lead to fewer Story views.

Even if an audience doesn’t follow you, they can still find your Stories using relevant hashtags. Your Instagram Stories will receive more views as a result of this.


Use hashtag research to identify relevant hashtags for your business and content. Next, choose the hashtag sticker, look for a hashtag associated with your content, add branded hashtags, and apply it to your Stories. Use trending or specialized hashtags to improve targeting.

You can use the famous Hashtag Explorers to search for hashtags and receive a list of related hashtags, identify trending hashtags, or select from pre-made hashtag categories to locate the ideal combination. After that, you can contrast them using a range of indicators, including the number of posts, competition, likes, comments, and more.

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3. You’re Publishing Content At Inappropriate Times

When is the best time to post for your audience to interact? When it comes to timing your Instagram stories posts and content strategy, this is one of the questions that should direct you.

Given that Stories are only live for a day, it’s critical to figure out the days and times when your audience is most engaged on Instagram. They might not get enough views if you post them at an inappropriate time.


You can use Instagram analytics to determine the times of the day your audience is most engaged. Additionally, you’ll learn which days are the busiest for them. These are the days that you ought to aim for. However, Instagram analytics can be used to discover more information.

With the help of analytics, you can also find the reason behind a decline in Story views.

4. You Don’t Post Often On Instagram

You must engage with your stories if you want the audience to do the same. Instagram uses an algorithm to evaluate how you’ve interacted with people in the past to predict how much engagement your content will receive.

Your material may be hidden if you don’t share the community’s interests often. Connecting with your audience through messages and comments is so crucial.

On the other hand, you will appear inactive if you don’t provide enough content. A recent study found that to keep your Story engagement rate at 70%, you should publish as often as five times each day.


Creating lots of original material requires work and time. So, how can you write many stories without breaking the bank?

According to an analysis, reels generate almost 35% more engagement than other content formats, such as photographs, videos, and carousels. Hence, one of the best ways to get more views for Reels and Stories is to make and share Reels through your Stories.

But not every reel will lead to interaction. It would help if you created compelling reels to prevent viewers from swiping to the next story.

Adding popular music to videos before releasing them as Reels is also crucial. Users will likely pause scrolling and view music or video they recognize from your Reels that have been shared in Stories. As a result, they might also respond, like, or message you.

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5. Bot-Generated Views Of Previous Stories

The most significant error you can commit is buying Story views. It doesn’t benefit you in the long run and has minimal use. For a little while, it functions effectively as a vanity metric but doesn’t count on it to have any lasting effects.

However, it’s also possible that bots produced your prior Story views even if you haven’t done anything of the same.

Instagram saw a decrease in Instagram Story views after removing these bots, which in turn caused a reduction in the amount of fraudulent accounts interacting with your account.


The prominent place to start increasing your Instagram Story Views is not using phoney views. However, how do you promote your organic viewpoints?

Some helpful methods for increasing your organic views

  • Hold giveaways and contests.
  • Conduct a Takeover of Influencers.
  • Add attractive stickers to your content.
  • Use location tags.


In conclusion, you can handle low views on your Instagram Stories. Increasing your reach is very doable as long as you take care of the problems we discussed. Some examples of how to do this include eliminating ghost followers and experimenting with your content. It’s up to you to take action and increase your Instagram Story views now that you know how to do it.

Remember that implementing a strategy for high-quality content is preferable to attempting to trick the Instagram algorithm. If you do this well, you can build a more enduring brand presence.

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