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Find inspiration or collect ideas on Pinterest. The most engaging content can be saved in boards: how to create one in a few clicks.

Pinterest is a social network that is highly appreciated and used by those looking for inspiration. It was created to allow web users to share images, videos, and photographs on a platform specifically dedicated to visual content.

Spread worldwide, the number of Pinterest subscribers has been increasing daily since 2010, the year it was launched on the web. On the platform, you can search for ideas and content concerning various topics: cooking, furniture, beauty, art, training, travel, health and wellness, gardening, and more.

All the content deemed most exciting and enjoyable can be saved on your device or, if you don’t want to take up space in the memory, on the platform and found again whenever you need it. 

Pinterest: How To Use It And All Its Functions

  • Using Pinterest is very simple. All web users can view the multimedia content published on the platform without registering with the social network. To appreciate and take advantage of all its features, you need to register quickly, enter your email address, create a password and indicate your age.
  • Based on your interests, Pinterest will present you with images and videos you might like. The latter can be gathered on public or private bulletin boards. Every time you see a piece of content, also called a pin, that you think is interesting, you can save it.
  • You can use the search bar on the Pinterest homepage to search for pins and insert reference keywords. The platform will propose similar and related searches that could provide more relevant or specific results to facilitate navigation. 
  • Users can create pins by uploading images on the device to the platform or shooting directly from the smartphone camera. Each content must be given a title and a description added, and, if necessary, a link to a website can be inserted. 

Pinterest: How To Access The Platform

  • Access to the platform and browsing through the contents can be done from the desktop. If you want to create boards or add or save pins, you must log in by pressing the login button and entering your credentials. Go to the official Pinterest site and start exploring.
  • To register with Pinterest, you can use an email not associated with any other profile or connect with an existing Google or Facebook account. The platform is easily integrated with other applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, Twitter, and Telegram.
  • Alternatively, the application specifically designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used. It is compatible with devices equipped with iOS and Android operating systems. It is simple, intuitive, and suitable for those not used to social networks.

How To Create A Desktop Pinterest Board

  • Once you’ve logged in with your credentials, you can post your content on Pinterest or save pins to your boards. Creating is quick and easy; very few steps are required from the desktop.
  • On the home pages, click on the personal profile icon at the top right of the screen. Press the [+] key and select the Bulletin board item. Enter a name that is easy to remember and that can be traced back to the type of content that will be inserted or to the topic covered.
  • You can decide whether to make the bulletin board secret. In this way, only the account that created it and its collaborators can see, edit and organize the contents. Once you have entered the required information, click Create.

How To Create A Board From The Pinterest App

Boards can also be made from the Pinterest mobile app. To do this, tap on the app icon and log in with your credentials. If you still need to register, continue with a quick registration using the wizards.

Click on the [+] button in the center of the bar at the bottom of the screen and tap on Wall. Add an identifying title of the bulletin board or the topic covered, add any collaborators and decide whether to make it secret, visible only to a small circle of people or the public.

Click on Next, view the proposed pins, and, if present, add those of interest by pressing the [+] button present on each content. To continue and complete the creation, click on the Finish item located at the top right of the screen.

Alternatively, to create a bulletin board, you can follow another procedure very similar to the one just described. Select the profile icon from the home page at the screen’s bottom right. On the page that opens, click on the [+] key.

Tap on Wall and enter the chosen name. Select and add, if any, collaborators and choose visibility. Tap on Next, add the Pins that you find interesting among those proposed by Pinterest, and click on Finish. 

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