9 Best *FREE & Popular GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Play 

The most popular geography game available right now is Geoguessr and also find the fun filled Geoguessr alternatives. If geography is your thing, you have tried your hand at it before. You must predict places in the game based just on a cursory glance at Google Street View.

GeoGuessr is a well-liked educational game that was released in 2013 and allows you to challenge your geographical knowledge to the limit. You already know everything there is to know about instructional games and applications. It was free for a while, but in 2019, Google raised the cost of their Maps API, so it became premium. 

While a lot of developers moved to alternatives to Google Maps, such as StreetMap, Google’s mapping services have been retained by GeoGuessr after the walk. But because GeoGuessr is so expensive, a lot of people are searching for the most excellent free alternatives. These are the top 12 geography-based trivia games, such as GeoGuessr, that you can play right now if that describes you.

You can play a few of GeoGuessr’s modes when you register for a free account, but if you want access to all of its features and endless gameplay, you’ll need to spend $1.99 a month. A seven-day free trial is still available, though. Thus, take a look at several fantastic alternatives to GeoGuessr that are free of cost underneath.

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9 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives That You Test Your Geography Skills 

1. City Guesser

An online activity similar to GeoGuessr based on Google Earth is called City Guesser. You can play with locals or players from across the globe, and you can even make games that other people can play.

You have the option to play City Guesser using locations from all over the World or focus only on a specific nation, continent, or area. The United States, Japan, France, Russia, and India are among the options. Significant cities, crowded places, seaside cities, capital cities, snowy landscapes, and more are among the categories that are included in City Guesser maps.

While certain films can provide you with apparent clues about your location, like car license plates, other videos will require more effort on your part. The game is the most excellent free game on our list, even if it’s easier than GeoGuessr overall. It’s still somewhat enjoyable, though.

2. Geographic Play

Geography play is another geography-based game similar to GeoGuessr, as its name suggests. It originates from TeachMe, an educational entertainment company that provides family-friendly instructional games and applications. 

It’s a fantastic game for learning about global geography; however, it needs City Guesser’s movies and 3D maps, in contrast to GeoGuessr. Instead, you are given 2D maps and are required to identify the city, state, country, flags, etc. It is more akin to a “map quiz” and a very engaging one at that. On the other hand, PlayGeography is entirely free to use and has no daily usage limits.

3. Geo Clash

GeoClash is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a more straightforward GeoGuessr Alternatives. Fundamentally, GeoClash adheres to the same guidelines as Geoguessr. You are randomly assigned a place in the World, and your task is to attempt to locate yourself using the street view. The primary distinction is that GeoClash is only compatible with multiplayer.

This is a fantastic substitute for standard Geoguessr if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play it with your pals or need something to do when you’re bored online.

Playing doesn’t require creating an account, but you can if you’d like, and sharing a room with others only requires sharing a code.

Though you are accessible to, and all it takes is a code to share the room with pals. This is an excellent substitute for Geoguessr for anyone searching for a multiplayer option. You and your friends can customize the number of rounds, time limit, and number of continents included.

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4. Get Lost

Another free GeoGuessr Alternatives that primarily targets the US and India is GetLost. It’s a geographic exploration game where players utilize randomly generated streetside maps with hints and clues to help them locate the locations. 

There are five rounds to the game, and your score is determined by how well your estimate matches the actual location as displayed in Streetview. At the moment, each round’s maximum score is 5,000. Similar to Geotastic, you must register to play the game. You have the option to register with your email address or sign in with your Google or Twitter login.

GetLost lacks a multiplayer mode, in contrast to GeoGuessr. The game’s single-player mode is quite engaging, though, and players may recognize the cities by their street signs, building names, etc. Although there are locales all over the World in the game, India and North America are the main focal points. 

Because there are few street signs in India, I needed help figuring out where most places are. The Americans had it slightly more accessible, though, particularly the ones in the cities.

For genuine geography enthusiasts, GetLost provides both premium pricing plans and accessible gameplay. You can only play for free accounts for one session of five rounds every day; otherwise, you will need to pay to play without any limitations.

5. City Map Quiz

This list starts with The City Map Quiz. The City Map Quiz is an excellent choice if you’ve played a lot of Geoguessr and are searching for a challenge similar to that but from a different angle. The City Map Quiz is an online game where you have to try to guess the city you are in based simply on its map, as you might expect from its name.

The map has been stripped of details like park names, landmarks, and street names, leaving you with only the topographical features—such as streets, rivers, and the general structure of the city—as hints.

6. Hide And Seek World

An entertaining geography trivia game, Hide & Seek World has an excellent idea and a heavy focus on multiplayer gameplay. It has a few turns where one hider chooses a spot anywhere in the World, and one to five seekers attempt to guess the location using Google Street View photos. 

Your objective as a hider is to choose a challenging position since the more accurately the seekers assume your site, the fewer points you receive. Better guesses earn you more points as a seeker.

Based on the well-known kid’s game, Hide & Seek environment presents players with a virtual playground instead of the actual environment.

That being said, you no longer have access to your garden, closets, and attic—the entire World is your playground. That being said, you no longer have access to your garden, cabinets, and attic—the World as a whole is your playground. You may view each player’s guess and the distance they all traveled from the hiding place after each round. 

There are two game modes in the game: Satellite and Street View. Whereas in Satellite mode, your hiding place is a randomly selected zoomed-in area, in Street View mode, you hide by choosing a street view location.

There are both premium and free versions of Hide & Seek World. The premium version allows you to play endless games, customize the game in-game, and play in private mode with up to 20 players, while the free version only allows you to play one game every day. You can invite friends to play as well with the highest tier.

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7. Global Geography Games

For those who wish to learn more about the World, World Geography Games provides fun and instructive quiz games for children, adults, students, and elders. According to the authors, people can use the quizzes “whether (they) are practicing for a test, looking for a free interactive whiteboard resource, or searching (their) next holiday destination.” They contain questions about all of the countries. 

In addition, the game ought to assist tutors, homeschoolers, and elementary and high school teachers in entertaining their students. You can examine your geographic knowledge for free by playing World Geography Games. There are quizzes on a variety of topics, including flags, countries, continents, capital cities, mountains, rivers, deserts, volcanoes, islands, and more. 

In general, it has a broader variety of games than GeoGuessr, but noticeably missing are any 3D mapping or films. Nevertheless, if you want to sharpen your geographic knowledge for nothing, you may give it a try as a fantastic free substitute for GeoGuessr.

8.GuessWhere Challenge

For Android devices, Guesswhere Challenge is an engaging geo-challenge game. The game will transport you to any random location on Earth as soon as you launch it. You’ll be required to estimate the area on a map after viewing a panorama. 

You will receive more points for more accurate guesses. The goal of each session is to complete all achievements and get to the top of the scorecard through five rounds in five distinct locations. 

For Android, GuessWhere Challenge is among the most excellent free substitutes for GeoGuessr. It lets users take various geo-challenges, digitally visit new places, and test their knowledge of geography. There are numerous location options, such as cities, regions, etc., in different game modes. 

Locating well-known landmarks, monuments, and isolated locations on a map can be difficult. And lastly, there’s a multiplayer mode where you may challenge friends or random gamers. All in all, for those searching for a free game similar to GeoGuessr, this mobile game is a must-try.

9. Geotactic

The most excellent crowdfunded free GeoGuessr Alternatives is Geotastic. You may play this adaptable, free multiplayer geography trivia game with your loved ones. There are many game modes to select from, such as a flag guessing mode, well-known locations, and random street views. Additionally, there’s a mode called “Country Guessing,” where you have to use tips and clues to determine which country it is.

While Geotactic is free to use, you must create an account to log in and begin playing. In the single-player mode, players can construct a local game; in the multiplayer mode, they can choose to create an online lobby. In the latter case, an account is only required for the individual who makes the online lobby.

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Final Thoughts

You can play any of the games mentioned above with the GeoGuessr free version while it’s still available. Nonetheless, the most excellent free GeoGuessr Alternatives are suggested to be Geotastic and Seterra.

Unlike the other websites, Geotastic is community-based and free to use. Since Geotastic was founded so long ago, the developer has generally listened to what the community wants to see.

In addition, Geotastic offers a Discord server where users can communicate with one another. On occasion, the proprietor converses with Geotastic users via the server

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