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GeoZilla is a tracker and a Find My Family app useful for tracking your loved ones like kids, the elderly, and pets to ensure their safety when you are not with them. Among many tracker tools, GeoZilla stands out as an intuitive software tracker tool under the Lifestyle category released by GeoZilla Inc.

The GeoZilla tracking device and app help you to monitor the location of your loved ones with GPS on your smartphones. The GeoZilla app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and provides car crash alerts. Driver coaching, GPS tracking, and location sharing.

GeoZilla is an excellent choice for keeping an update on the current location of your family members. It helps to know the whereabouts of your loved ones, whether they are in any danger or troubled situations, so you can reach them as quickly as possible or send help immediately. So let us learn more about features, advantages/disadvantages, performance, and pricing details of the GeoZilla app and tracking device.

What Is The GeoZilla App And Tracking Device?

The GeoZilla application uses Google Maps to keep track of the location of your loved ones. The GeoZilla app works in coordination with the tracking device and helps you locate your kid or pet through the GPS tracking system included in the electronic device. 

You can know where your loved ones are going and leave a place based on the positioning of the device. You can track the location and time your kid or pet is at a place. Besides tracking the locations of the one who carries the tracker, you can also know your family members’ whereabouts with the feature known as Circle on the app. This tracking system makes you tension free about your family and friends’ safety.

You can interact with your family and friends through the app on your device. You can share messages regarding your safety on the app. You can also share pictures of your daily activities with your friends and family on the app. Thus, you can build strong communication with others on the app by sharing your activities so that you can get immediate help in tough circumstances.

GeoZilla Tracking Device

The GeoZilla tracking device is a small and handy black gadget weighing about an ounce. The tracking kit consists of USB charging, Lanyard, a Carabiner clip, a Hard case, a soft collar/belt case, and a Quick start guide. The tracker has three small LED lights on the anterior side, indicating power and connection status. You can charge the tracker through the USB port on the side.

The electronic gadget is diamond shaped with three buttons on the front, left and right buttons, and an SOS button in the middle. The left and right buttons usually don’t work when you press them; they notify the attached phone number that the buttons are pressed. 

However, when pressed, the middle SOS button sends an emergency alert to the predetermined number. You should give a long press on the SOS button or press till the lights turn on to send the notification alert. 

The Quick Start guide claims that when you press the left or right button pre-programmed messages like ‘Come, get me’ or ‘Need Help’ or ‘I’m Ok’ are sent to the connected phone number. 

But as per a few clients pressing the left button resulted in just location check-in. And also, the working commands for both buttons turned out to be different. So kids may find the whole setup confusing and may not act the right way when trapped in trouble.

How Is GeoZilla Useful?

The GeoZilla application is useful to families with kids going to school. You may also use this tracker to know a pet’s location or a family member with Alzheimer’s disease. This app is especially useful to those unwilling to carry a smartphone or who cannot have one, like a young kid or pet. 

It is very little useful to friends and family members who use smartphones as the GPS on Google Maps keeps the complete data of the locations anyone travelled to. Friends and family members can also send emergency alerts when in need of help using the apps on their phones.

When it comes to the safety of someone without a smartphone, GoeZilla is very helpful in keeping track of your child or pet. It is also helpful in locating your car easily when it is parked among hundreds of vehicles. 

It is helpful to send an emergency alert by pressing the SOS button when a person is in danger rather than fiddling with the phone. Parents of younger kids can be at peace when receiving notifications from the app that their kids have arrived safely at school.

The location of the elderly can also be tracked easily with the GeoZilla app and tracker. With the help of the Circle feature, everyone can assign tasks like shopping for important groceries or other work to others in the family based on their location. 

This would help save a lot of time. It is one of communication and connection that creates warmth and happiness among family members. If you want private time, you can put the location tracker in sleep mode by activating the Significant Location Change (SLC) feature. You can also use the sleep mode feature when you have stopped at your workplace and resume it when moving to save the battery.

You can also monitor at what speed your loved one is driving sitting at home using this tracker app. You can send safety reports to the drivers as well. The GeoZilla app also provides accident detection and emergency alerts to get help immediately.

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What Are The Features Of GeoZilla?

The features of the GeoZilla app depend on the type of version you purchased. The premium version costs around $79.99/year. The premium version has only a three-day free trial.

  • The premium version provides a location history of three weeks. (Google Maps saves history for several years).
  • You can get the weekly driving reports telling you whether the driver is driving fast or using a cell phone.
  • You will receive unlimited location alerts on your phone based on the time intervals you set to get an alert. It ranges from every five minutes to every 30 minutes.
  • You can fix the app to alert you when the tracker leaves a specific area of diameter starting from 500 feet to three miles. The area is not customizable. However, you can classify different areas like home, school, or work and set the tracker to send a notification when it leaves the fixed perimeter.  
  • You can program the left and right buttons. You can receive low-battery alerts on your smartphone.
  • You can fix the geo fences perimeters. Enable the tracker to beep and designate SOS contacts.

How To Set Up The GeoZilla Tracker Device With The App?

Setting up the tracker with the GeoZilla app requires patience and concentration, as you must do it carefully. Check out the following process to set up the GeoZilla tracking device.

First, create an account on the GeoZilla app.

When you open the app, you will come across an ad urging you to take the premium subscription, and it will be difficult for you to move past the ad or to keep it away from the screen (It is annoying). You should either close the premium offer or search and press the option ‘Continue with limited version.’ If neither way is possible, hit the back button.

After creating an account by following the instructions carefully, you need to connect the app to the tracking device via an ID number on the back of the device. Sometimes, people may face trouble associating the app with the tracker. Then they can contact the customer support team of GeoZilla as they are responsive and helpful in providing immediate alternative solutions.

If you face issues with the connection of the tracker with the app, you are suggested to sit in the open for about 15 minutes to ensure the GPS is working properly. Set up the desired geofence around the needed places like home, workplace, or school. Also, check whether your phone receives alerts when you press the middle SOS button. Usually, when you press the SOS button for a few seconds or till the blue LED light lights up, the predetermined phone number receives a notification in 15 seconds.

GeoZilla Tracker Pricing

We found that the pricing plans varied on the GeoZilla website, app, and Amazon. However, the GeoZilla service plan costs about $20 per month. For the best price, you should purchase a premium subscription plan for three years, which costs $4.44 monthly. You should pay the whole amount for three years at once, which is non-refundable.

Plan Price Duration
1 month Service Plan $19.99/month Billed every month
1 year Service Plan $8.33/month Billed every year
3-year Service Plan $4.44/month Billed once every 3 years

Pros And Cons Of GeoZilla


  • The GeoZilla tracking device is small, handy, and easy to carry.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Useful to track the whereabouts of kids, pets, and people who can’t use a smartphone.
  • The SOS button is useful for sending emergency alerts in times of trouble.


  • The left and right buttons are of no practical use.
  • You will get only a three-day trial for the app’s premium version.
  • The pricing plans are costly in comparison to other tracking software.
  • The premium version ad on the app is intriguing and annoying.
  •  Some clients faced issues while using the app and the tracker.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have learned every aspect of the GeoZilla app and tracking device in this blog post. Every tracking software available on the internet is unique. However, choosing the tracking tools that suit our needs is in our hands. So we suggest you check all the possible and affordable tracking tools and purchase the best one that ensures the safety of your loved ones.

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