How Long Does The Hourglass Last On Snapchat 

In the modern internet world, Snapchat occupies a permanent place in the hearts of youth. Nowadays, every youngster has a snap chat account, especially girls, and kids are impressed by its unique features, emojis, stickers, and filters. Snapchat provides amusing backgrounds and stickers while taking photos, and users love them. 

People love to take funny pictures on Snapchat and share them with their family and friends. Snapchat features and icons are top-notch and vast. Some people install Snapchat, especially for photos, because they provide superior quality.

Today we shall discuss the Hourglass feature on snap chat and know how long the Hourglass last on Snapchat. Many users know this feature and constantly spend time on snap chat. Hourglass on snap chat is a snap streak that indicates to users that the streak will soon end. So as soon as possible, send a snap to continue the streak.

 Every friend on snap chat has this hourglass streak to whom you send snaps. If the user delays or does not send snaps for a few days, an Hourglass appears next to your friend’s name in the contact list, indicating a disappearing streak in that particular friend profile. Hourglass is a warning; before it disappears, send a snap immediately to continue the snap streak. Snap streak depends on the number of snaps we send.


As we discussed, snap chat is growing daily, and its features are loved, especially by youth. This article explains how much time the Hourglass last on Snapchat. The emoji of the Hourglass indicates your snap streak. The Hourglass looks like a countdown timer. 

For users who regularly send snaps to their friends, their snap streak continues if they stop sending snaps for some time, then the Hourglass emoji appears beside their name. The snap streak cycle is for 24 hours. In between that, their Hourglass ⏳ emoji indicates and warns the user to send snaps to that indicated user so that they won’t lose the streaks.

The Hourglass ⏳ icon is a warning emoji; it constantly indicates your performance is weakening; if we send one snap a day, its streak is fine, and Hourglass stays intact. If your progress is acceptable, the hourglass emoji can be replaced with a fire icon. The fire icon indicates that your snap streak is strong. Hourglass emoji is present on the friend’s profile to whom you regularly send snaps indicating the streak.

Let’s discuss thoroughly how it works and its advantages.

Snapchat App And Its Unique Features 

Snapchat app is a fantastic app loved by many. It’s readily available in the app store, Google Play store, other app markets, and third-party websites. For full features, Snapchat mod Apk is very handy. Snapchat has enough features for users, which helps them connect with their new and old friends. 

The most crucial feature is its camera and attractive filters, which have gained popularity recently. Users are interested in sending snaps more than regular messages these days. If users get bored, they spend the most time on Snapchat and its stickers, which millions of people love.

How To Create A Snapchat Account, And How To Use It?

Let us see the method to create a snap. Follow the steps below.

  • Install Snapchat on your smartphone.
  • Register or log in with your credentials.
  • Click on the snap.
  • Take a snap of anything that you like. A few snaps by users look very funny and don’t make any sense, but still, users post them, lol.
  • So, click on anything or find something in your gallery, followed by next. 
  • The following section is about choosing the users or friends. Two sections are available: ‘ best friends’ and ‘friends.’ 
  • Please choose one of them or both. If not, click on the desired friend and send it.
  • We can create a shortcut for it. 
  • We can send snaps to our favourite contacts with selected emoji.
  • We can send instant snaps or make them a group and send one at a time, click on recent senders.
  • Save the shortcut for the future.

Let’s Review How To Take Photos And Filters Or Snaps On Snapchat

The popularity of Snapchat has come from the photo section. People are not using standard cameras from mobile for clicking pictures, particularly girls who use only snap cameras for taking pictures and sending snaps to their friends.

We can find many filters on Snapchat; no other social media app provides them. Take a picture, add filters, stickers, short messages, and emojis, design it to your liking, and forward them to all your friends on the contact list. 

As we discussed earlier, Hourglass is a snap streak timer. Let’s go into some more details about this.

How Long Does The Hourglass Last?

Many users debate how long an hourglass last on Snapchat. If you want to continue a snap streak for a particular friend, having an Hourglass last is more important. The Snapchat game is the best option for streak running.

Many people claim that Hourglass lasts for 2 to 3 hours before ending your snap streak, and few others claim it lasts a bit longer than the previous users claim, up to 4 to 7 hours. No supporting and genuine article is available to justify the claims, but we must believe the user’s claim because they are using Snapchat and know well about this feature. 

If users constantly send snaps now and then, it may last two days for the sender and the receiver. If users exchange a maximum number of snaps every day, then the streak is continuous, and it won’t end.

What Precautions Do We Have To Take To Avoid A Snap Streak?

In this article, we collected all the user details to give a better idea to our viewers. Both friends must share at least one snap daily to avoid stream time. That’s not a big deal; the hourglass timer won’t end.

So, follow some theories to prevent the hourglass symbol.

We must send snap rather than text messages to avoid the snap chat streak timer.

And our friends send the snap instead of chatting. That’s a better move for avoiding the hourglass timer. 

Text messages won’t help the streak. Only snaps will do. 

Create a morning greeting snap every morning and send it to all your friends on Snapshot instead of just sending a Good Morning text.

Users send every greeting, template, photo, music, video, mood swing, emoji, and sticker to friends. Most snap users follow these tricks.

What Is An Hourglass Symbol?

The Hourglass symbol looks like a countdown timer, which plays a crucial role in running the snap streak between the users. 

What If Hourglass Disappeared?

If we miss the snaps for a few days, the Hourglass will soon disappear, and your streak will end, and the timer ends before we lose our streak. So, to avoid that, notify your friends to send at least a snap daily. If your streak ends, you will lose the Hourglass forever, decreasing your rank and performance.

Final Say

Hourglass plays a crucial role in running the snap streak. It acts as a countdown timer in snap chat between friends. If it is complete, your snap streak is running successfully. If it is weak, then you may lose your snap streak. If users find the Hourglass disappearing, contact your friend, and tell them to send a snap immediately so that the snap streak may run. Generally, the snaps and chats disappear once viewed from the chat box unless we save them.

Youth find it fun sending snaps to their friends, but only some feel it’s less fun, as they have many other social media applications where they can chat and talk regularly. However, if you want to message aesthetically, then Snapchat is the best choice.



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