Optimized Password Management Ensures More Security In Companies

In every company, passwords play a central role in insecure work. Employees must log into the system with their access data. New login data is required again to use the cloud or other services. However, many other services can only be used with personal access data and passwords. Therefore, every employee needs numerous passwords to do their daily work. However, hardly anyone can remember this. This is why password managers are instrumental. But more on that later.

Find And Manage Secure Passwords

According to a statistic, about 70 percent of all people use easy-to-remember passwords. These are simple numbers, first names, or other easy-to-remember words. However, this is not recommended because unauthorized persons easily find these out. A password should never be a word that can be found in the dictionary. Some tools loop through these words and therefore get a hit in seconds. Secure passwords should not only consist of letters or numbers anyway. Combinations of the two, then joined by memorable characters, are much more secure. To generate such secure passwords, many companies like to use password generators.

Keep Passwords Safe

The generated passwords must, of course, be kept in a safe place. Since these are usually cryptic terms that make no sense, it is not easy to remember such character strings. In practice, they are therefore usually kept in the following way:

  • Cheat Sheet under the keyboard
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • List in the desk drawer
  • A sticky note on the monitor

However, these storage locations are not safe. Any colleague who happens to drop by could see them and use them for illegal purposes. Storing passwords with NordPass is a much better method because it is very secure. With this tool, the passwords and the associated log-in data are stored in encrypted form to no longer be visible to anyone. Therefore, the work goes very smoothly and comfortably. Users only need to remember a single access code to use the saved passwords for all required functions. Authorization often takes place with biometric data such as fingerprints or Face IDs. In this case, no employee needs to remember any access data.

What Advantages Do Companies Have From These Solutions?

Secure password management offers numerous advantages. The easier it is to assign passwords and store them securely, the greater the security for the company. Access data can thus be renewed regularly. This aspect should not be ignored either. In addition, employees can no longer unintentionally or intentionally pass on their access data to third parties. According to a survey, more than 20 percent of all employees would be willing to sell their access data for a three-digit sum.

However, if employees don’t set and manage their passwords, they have no way of sharing them with anyone else. Therefore, it is always safer if the password is assigned centrally by the administrator. With the help of a password manager or a password vault, this work is not difficult for him, and he never loses track. If such modern tools are used in companies, there is less work to do with password management and significantly increased security.

For Which Companies Are Password Managers Interesting?

It’s not a matter of size. There is hardly any problem in small businesses or even self-employed people that employees could sell their access data to criminals. Nevertheless, access data for various services are also used in smaller companies. Most of these are online services. Most browsers ask whether the access data should be saved if these are accessed. Then they do not need to be entered again the next time you log in.

This method is highly convenient but also very risky. Access data stored by the browser is almost public. Hackers have no problem finding them out. Therefore it should be avoided. Therefore, even small companies and freelancers should prefer to use a secure password manager.

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