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Picuki is a great tool for viewing Instagram. Instagram is the most powerful and leading social media platform globally. Millions of people download and use Instagram. Some people even maintain at least two to three accounts on Instagram. Some others do not create an Instagram account but still use it to view all the reels and posts with the help of third-party tools like Picuki.

Picuki is incredibly famous for its Instagram usage. It offers to view content on various public accounts of Instagram. You can download the images, videos, and stories posted by the users. You can only download the public accounts’ content with Picuki, but it cannot provide private accounts’ stories and posts. 

Many people download the Picuki app to watch Instagram stories, reels, etc. All celebrities and influencers keep their accounts public so anyone can watch all the trending stories and reels on their pages. However, one should have an Instagram account to access other profiles’ data. With Picuki, you can see your favorite IG profiles’ stories, images, and reels anonymously and without registration. 

This tool has a feature to download photos and stories from Instagram accounts, but Instagram does not allow users to download content from Instagram. You can download photos of public accounts in Picuki, whereas we can only screenshot them in the original Instagram app. 

Let us go into details of Picuki. How does it work? What are the benefits of Picuki? We shall discuss many other details in this article.

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What Is Picuki?

Picuki is an alternative tool to view Instagram public accounts through hashtags or usernames. It has many features. We can save the photos and edit them in our way. We can use this tool without logging in and explore the latest trending reels. We can check any public profile on Instagram by searching with their username. Trending profiles and the latest hashtags feature on the website’s main page. 

Picuki interface is user-friendly and simple to use. The webpage has a search bar where we can search for the profiles. The website claims that anyone can view, edit, and share the posts and stories of public Instagram profiles. They even claim it will not be affiliated with Instagram. This tool is an Instagram viewer tool where you can access Instagram public accounts anonymously. 

How Does Picuki Work?

Picuki is easy to access. Here is how the amazing web application works. As we all know, it is an Instagram public profile viewer where we can edit and download Instagram stories, photos, and videos. Please follow the steps carefully to access the content on any IG profile.

  • Just open the website picuki.com on any web browser.
  • If you don’t find it on Google search, click www.picuki.com  
  • As the website opens before, you will find categories like Search box, All, Profiles, and Hashtags. 
  • And also, on the homepage, you can see trending Instagram profiles and hashtags.  
  • Most popular hashtags feature at the bottom of the website.  
  • Click on any profile or hashtag or type the username or hashtag in the search bar.
  • You will be redirected to their profile.

Example: @katyperry

Katy Perry is a famous singer, songwriter, and public figure. She has a celebrity public IG account where she has millions of followers. 

You can find stories, tags, posts, followers, the number of followers she follows, stories, and highlights on her account.

Posts the account holder posts will feature on the page with tags, descriptions, and photos or videos. Every post has a download option. To download the desired content, click on the download button.  

Instagram does not allow or give viewers any kind of download feature except screenshots on the official Instagram app. With the help of this tool, you can download photos, stories, and reels by clicking the download button. If you do not want to download anything, just click and view the desired posts several times. You can easily trace your favorite profiles without spending much time.

8 Best Alternatives To Picuki

Instagram is a popular social media platform where influencers, celebrities, brands, businesspeople, and companies publish various posts. So many third-party websites allow people to view Instagram accounts secretly without logging on to the official app. Among such websites, Picuki is one of them. There are many other alternatives for viewing Instagram. We will discuss them here.  

#1. Instaxyz 

Instaxyz is similarly working like Picuki and has been extremely fast and secure. Here too, we can download content like stories, reels, and photos from public profiles. It’s been very popular, but it doesn’t give an editing feature for photos and videos like Picuki. 

#2. Gramhir 

Gramhir has many more features than Picuki though the page is remarkably similar to Picuki. The main aspect of Gramhir is that it analyses the profiles and helps boost the followers. It is more useful for marketing strategies and research. Gramhir analyses the posts on your profile and the likes and comments you get and notifies you occasionally about everything, whereas Picuki does not offer such a feature. 

#3. InstaDP 

InstaDp is another web application where this is exactly like Picuki. InstaDp provides viewing and downloading of photos, videos, etc. It is safe to use, as per the reports.  

#4. SimiHub 

SimiHub is another tool equally popular as Picuki but lacks in searching with hashtags though it views, edits, and downloads all the public accounts’ content. SimiHub is the most used application for viewing Instagram stories and videos. 

#5. IMGlookup 

Most alternatives allow accessing only public accounts, whereas IMGlookup can monitor private accounts too. But we have to login into Instagram to view the private accounts. So, users need an Instagram account to access this feature. Without an account, you cannot explore private accounts. 

#6. Vidmate 

Vidmate is not considered an alternative to Picuki, but Vidmate is widely considered the greatest tool for viewing many social media platforms in one place. 

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more can be viewed with this application. It has a mobile app, too, but it can be downloaded from a third party.  

Official platforms claim that it is unsafe to browse with Vidmate, but as per our sources, nothing dangerous has happened, and you need not worry while accessing Vidmate. 

You can download the stories by copying the URL; if you log in with your credentials, you can use Instagram here itself. The download option is available on every post. If it is a video, it will provide quality and resolution checks to the viewers. 

#7. Share Karo 

Share Karo is another tool where you can download Instagram videos and photos in this India-made application. 

#8. CleverPet 

CleverPet is another Instagram viewer where you can watch videos and photos and edit them. Like Picuki, it is a free download application, but you must give the search bar the source URL. After that, it can download the content to the desired location. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Picuki A Safe Tool For Accessing Instagram Public Profiles?

Yes, Picuki is a very safe IG viewer tool.

2. Is Downloading Content Illegal On Picuki?

No, it is not illegal, as this tool offers to access only public account posts where users officially post them on Instagram. Nothing is wrong with it when we use those posts appropriately. 

3. Can Picuki Lets Its Users Access Other Social Media Platforms?

Picuki only lets its users access Instagram stories, photos, and videos. 

4. Is Picuki Compatible With Mobile Devices?

Yes, you can access Picuki on smartphones.

5. Does Picuki Open Instagram Private Profiles?

No, it does not have that feature to access any private profiles. The posts on private profiles are not visible on Picuki.

6. Does Picuki Allow Posting On Instagram?

No, it does not allow you to post anything on Instagram. You can only view, download, and edit any content. 


Picuki is a great tool for viewing Instagram public accounts’ content. You can explore all the public accounts on Instagram with this tool. You can view, download, and edit the stories, posts, and videos of public profiles on Instagram using this tool. On official Instagram, we cannot download stories, videos, etc., but with Picuki, you can download all the trending videos and posts.  

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