Project Management Tools If Trello Isn’t For You: 7 Alternatives In Comparison

When it comes to project management software, few products are better known than Trello. Still, it’s not the perfect tool for everyone. We have put together seven alternatives to Trello.

Trello is an online Kanban tool that integrates many functions in a minimalist layout. If you click on a Trello card, more information will be shown. You can see who is working on the project, apply filters and labels, assign due dates, upload file attachments, and collaborate with your team. You can move cards around to show where the task is in your planned workflow. In IT teams, Scrum users often set up workflows with Trello boards: For example, they use the columns Product Backlog, Sprint Planning, Current Sprint, In Process, and Done.

Many of Trello’s features are based on extensions called “power ups”. “ If you want to use more than one of these powerups, Trello will cost you between $ 0 and $ 9.99 per user. The powerups enable users to access alternative views, such as Gantt charts and task lists.

Trello teams can leave comments and “@” – mention each other. There are also collaboration powerup tools, including video conferencing tools like those in Google Hangouts and join. Me.

Trello also offers other communication tools such as voting on cards and Slack integration. The free version of Trello allows files up to 10MB in size to be attached. You can also link files from popular file-sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive. A paid upgrade allows you to attach files up to 250MB and add power ups for more advanced cloud file-sharing capabilities. In Trello, authorizations and recurring tasks can be set after upgrading to Business Class.

Users also have access to reporting functions such as burndown charts, flow charts, dashboards, and status reports. Trello uses the Harvest Power-Up for all-time recording. Harvest is free for one person and two projects, after which it costs twelve dollars per person. Trello offers a developer API area where users with programming skills can develop apps and plugins.

In addition to its many functions and advantages, Trello also has its shortcomings. In the free tool, most parts have to be paid for through powerups. According to some users, Trello may experience slow loading. Others complain that email notifications are sent long after a task has been changed (especially on very busy boards). Furthermore, customer service is often rated negatively. If users want advanced security features such as SSO, two-step authentication, or the encryption of stored files, the enterprise version has to pay $ 20.83 per user.

But is Trello the best tool for your business, or is one of the competitors better suited to managing your projects? We at Capterra looked at alternatives:

The Best Trello Alternatives


Do you like the idea behind Excel but don’t necessarily like how it works? Then you should take a look at Airtable. This project management tool is structured like a spreadsheet but without complicated functions and formulas. Everything from photos to employees, notes, contacts to appointments can be tagged, filtered, and organized in an easy-to-understand system.

Typically, CRM software and project management tools shouldn’t overlap (customer relationships and projects usually have very different lengths), but Airtable is an exception to this rule (especially given the price). This is due to the dynamic spreadsheet functions of Airtable: Spreadsheets are ideal for project management and for keeping track of customers. Airtable’s organization and labeling functions create a powerful tool for customer and project management.

However, Airtable offers more than just a spreadsheet view. Users can use filters and convert tasks to a Kanban board or a gallery or calendar view. Airtable offers its users drag-and-drop functions for file attachments, @comments, and filtered views. Airtable uses manual time recording and enables recurring tasks via Zapier and scheduling via drag-and-drop.

Outstanding Functions: Lots of tagging and filtering options for editing team data

Major Integrations: Box, GitHub, MailChimp, Slack, and Salesforce

Price: Airtable is free for unlimited tables, 1,200 entries per table, 2 GB of attachments, and a two-week revision and snapshot history. Upgrades are available from $ 10 per user per month, billed annually.


With nearly 4000 reviews on Capterra, Asana is one of the most popular and well-known project management tools. The application has also been available in German since 2017.

Asana delivers almost all of the features Trello users want. For example, it offers multiple views, including lists, calendars, Gantt charts and dashboards, and Kanban. Users can drag and drop files onto tasks, with files of up to 100MB allowed. There is no memory limit. Users can set recurring charges and collaborate in task and project conversations with team members and providers alike.

Outstanding Features: Huge number of integrations

Important Integrations: Dropbox, HipChat, Jira, Zendesk, Zenefits

Price: Asana is free for up to 15 users and offers unlimited projects, tasks and conversations. An upgrade costs 9.25 euros (9.99 dollars) per month, allows a total number of users, and provides premium features such as custom templates, private teams, advanced reporting functions, and premium support.


Avaza fills the gap between project management and remote work tracking software, making it a great job management tool for under 50 employees. The application is particularly well suited to bring the project team into contact with external customers. Avaza users can share boards with third parties. Customers can quickly see how much time has been spent on a specific project or task, monitor project costs, receive and pay invoices, and sign up for automatic task notifications.

If you work with several freelancers or mainly use hourly rates, the dynamic time recording functions of Avaza are particularly interesting. Users can estimate how much time they have needed for a specific task and, with the help of the stopwatch function, determine how many hours they have spent on a project. In addition, several timesheets can be entered at the same time and submitted with different billing rates.

Outstanding Functions: Outstanding functions for project-related time recording

Necessary Integrations: Basecamp, Insightly, QuickBooks, Trello, Xero

Price: Avaza is free for a single user who can edit timesheets, five invoices per month, five active projects, ten customers (guest accounts), and unlimited project staff. Organizations can upgrade to two users, 20 active projects, and total customers for $ 9.95 / month. For $ 19.95, you get five users and 50 active projects, and for $ 39.95, you get ten users and an unlimited number of projects.


ClickUp isn’t just a Trello alternative. It’s a project management tool that uses artificial intelligence. Users love the tool released 

  • The price is right.
  • An upgrade costs only half as much as with Trello.
  • There is a very active and helpful team behind the program.

As with Trello, users can filter cards in the tool, create comments, tag them, display them in threads, and mark them as solved. Users can also use rich text, view collaboration in real-time, and switch between board views. ClickUp’s handling of account permissions is excellent. Administrators can assign authorizations based on the project hierarchy – at the level of organizations, teams, projects, or tasks.

ClickUp relies on integrations such as Dropbox for file sharing, Google Calendar for calendar view, and Harvest for time recording to compensate for missing functions. To pay for these missing functionalities, ClickUp offers some AI features in the beta version, including tasks for deadline predictions, resource management, and the effort of functions.

Outstanding Features: Future Predictive Models Using Artificial Intelligence

Necessary integrations: GitHub, Google Apps, Harvest, Slack, TimeDoctor

Price structure: Free for one project and 100 MB of storage space. Upgrade for $ 5 per user per month for unlimited storage and unlimited projects, apps, custom fields, and workflows.

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Kanban tool

Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Cisco, and Expedia (and 25,000 other companies, large and small) use the Kanban tool. Kanban Tool is available both locally and online.

Daily offsite backups, 99% uptime, SSL and HTTPS encryption, and real-time data replication make it a solid and reliable tool for all companies looking for secure Trello competitors. Kanban Tool focuses on security and offers extended reporting functions, for example, for the analysis of workflows or lead and processing times, time reports, and file attachments with image previews. As with Trello, the age of the cards is also displayed visually.

Just like other Kanban programs, Kanban Tool is designed for collaboration. Users get real-time updates when their team changes cards and can turn email notifications on or off. Custom fields allow you to sort and monitor all cards in the way that best suits you and your team.

Outstanding Features: Excellent security features and local options

Necessary Integrations: Box, Bitium, OneDrive, Outlook, truDigital Signage

Price: Free for two users and two boards. Upgrade for $ 5 per user per month for unlimited boards and attachments or $ 9 per month for additional tracking and reporting capabilities.


Yalla is a project management tool and a Trello alternative with a modern user interface and a focus on productivity, usability, and various functions. If you are looking for software that does more than just project management functionality, you should consider Yalla. The tool offers customizable customer relationship management functions and workflow templates.

Yalla offers guest accounts for project management. For customer communication, the tool provides time recording functions and an integrated communication platform similar to Slack. Yalla is also very user-friendly. Kanban cards can be moved using drag and drop. You can also drag and drop Gantt charts, calendar events, or tasks you want to prioritize.

Yalla is all about simplicity. The application and website dispense with most technical terms and provide a helpful superhero guide to help your team get work done on time without compromising budget and quality.

Outstanding Features: Easy to Use: If you can use Slack, you can use Yalla too.

Major integrations: FreshBooks

Price: Free for three users and three projects, including time recording, CRM, team calendar, and chat. Upgrades are available from $ 7 per user per month and offer an unlimited number of projects and premium features such as guest accounts, unlimited file storage, and custom sales funnels.

German Alternative To Trello


Zenkit is the German alternative to Trello and even has an import function so that customers can switch from Trello to Zenkit. At the end of June this year, the software manufacturer from Germany announced that the software is also available in German (and in 7 other languages).

Zenkit is designed to be user-friendly and attractive. The tool offers companies a customizable task management tool with a dashboard that can be used as a Kanban board, list, calendar, table, or mind map. All views are already available in the free version. Functions include a calendar, activity tracker, labels, to-do lists, a global search function, comments, and notifications.

Some users complain that the relatively new tool still has bugs. Unlike Trello, attachments cannot be attached to individual comments. Instead, users find all attachments together on the top level of a card.

Outstanding Functions: German language, data storage in German data centers, and beneficial and fast customer service

Necessary Integrations: Zenkit can be integrated with many apps through Zapier, e.g., Evernote, Slack, HipChat, Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive

Price: Small teams with up to 5 users receive the tool free of charge (unlimited collections, 5,000 items, and 3 GB of data storage). The plus version is available for 7.50 euros per month and users and includes a total number of collections, 50,000 items, 6 GB of data storage, and more than five users.

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