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The term “Rizz” or Rizz Meaning describes a person’s ability to entice or enchant a love partner. The Oxford English Dictionary publishers declare that ‘Rizz’ is the word of the year for 2024, and it is also the newest slang phrase to take over TikTok.

With so many acronyms, slang terms, and abbreviations used online—and it seems like more are generated every day. It’s easy to become confused. Furthermore, some terms might be confusing to even the most skilled internet users.

However, don’t worry as we tell you everything about the word “Rizz”. From this blog post, you learn the meaning of “Rizz” and how people use it in their daily conversations.

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Rizz Meaning Explained 

On the internet, the word “rizz” is used to characterize someone’s smooth seduction techniques and attraction. “Rizz” has very recent origins and is derived from the term “romantic charisma. For instance, “She’s got so much Rizz, all she had to do was look at her,” or “he’s got serious rizz” or “he tried to rizz me up.” On social media, “Rizz” is frequently mistaken for African American Vernacular English (AAVE).

How To Use The Term “Rizz”?

The word “Rizz” refers to “style, charm, or attractiveness; the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner” and is a prevalent internet slang used by Generation Z (Gen-Z).

An example of how to utilize the Oxford Word of the Year 2023 is “That man got some real rizz”. The top four candidates, “situationship,” “Swiftie,” and “prompt,” included Rizz.

Here are a few examples of “rizz” in use:

  • “Bosco was trying to rizz up with Lena. It didn’t seem to go well.
  • “They have this unexpressed rizz. They simply radiate charm in every way.”
  • “I heard him practicing his rizz for when we hit the bar later.”

Another Way To Use The Term “Rizz”

The Spider-Man actor Tom Holland was questioned if he had rizz at the start of 2023. Rizz can also refer to the capacity to “pull” attractive people or so-called “baddies,” to coin another new slang word. Should you successfully “rizz” this alluring individual, you would become a legendary figure known for having “bagged the baddie.” You would have “fumbled a baddie” if you had failed.

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How To Use The Term “Rizz” On TikTok?

The term “rizz” has received almost 36 billion views on TikTok. It’s also commonly used to characterize someone who is incredibly charming or persuasive in expressions like “rizz god” or “rizz king”. Thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms, the term entered the everyday conversation of teenagers. states that live streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat popularized the term “Rizz” in 2021, and it was awarded the word of the year in 2023.

The word “rizz” is also thought to have originated from the word “charisma,” which means “a special magnetic charm or appeal.” Someone who exudes charisma in their communication is said to possess “rizz,” which makes them seem appealing or captivating. Even if you don’t think that individual is attractive, that can still be the case. You should flirt with someone if you want to “rizz” them.

What Does ‘Rizz up a Girl’ Indicate?

In general, “rizz up” refers to charm, so when a guy says he’s going to “rizz up a girl,” he’s getting ready to show her his best moves. It describes not just his getting prepared but also his verbal flirting with the woman he wants. This kind of behaviour has been called wooing, pursuing, or swagger in the past.

Types Of Rizz On Social Media?

The term “Rizz” first appeared on social media sites, especially TikTok. Younger generations are becoming more and founder of it. Although the word “rizz” has many different meanings, it is frequently used to refer to something attractive, thrilling, or pleasant. It can function as a verb, adjective, or noun.

“Rizz lines” are witty, frequently corny one-liners that are intended to break the ice and leave a positive impression on someone. You can utilize these lines in a variety of social situations, including online dating and chats.

Unspoken rizz: This term describes the underlying feelings or energy in a circumstance that are not stated out loud but are nevertheless perceptible.

W rizz: W stands for Win. So W rizz is a win rizz. When a guy flirts with a girl, and the girl responds positively, ending up giving him her number, it works if you are good at flirting and can make your intentions clear without coming across as weird! You possess rizz. It is a W rizz.

L rizz: L stands for Loss. So L rizz is a Loss rizz. When a guy tries to flirt or seduce a girl, and the girl backlashes or behaves uninterestedly, then the guy ends up with an undesirable outcome. Flirting usually leads to dating, and that’s when possessing rizz is vital! Should your flirting skills be lacking, you can find yourself classified as the kind of rizz that nobody wants. This is L rizz.

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How Do You Say Rizz on Social Media?

Positive experiences: When describing a situation or an occasion that makes you happy, excited, or positive, use the word “rizz.”

Fun activities: Rizz captures situations that are vibrant, active, or bursting with vitality flawlessly.

Mood: You can use Rizz to express a specific mood or vibe that you’d like to.

Why Do The Terms “Rizz or Rizzed Up” Have A Negative Connotation For Kids?

“Rizz” and “Rizzed up” are slang terms mainly used by younger generations or Gen Z. The negative connotations of slang terminology may arise from the perception held by confident parents and educators that they are improper or indicative of inadequate language proficiency.

Furthermore, “Rizz” is frequently connected to romantic relationships and flirting, which may not be suitable for kids to talk about or utilize. Parents and educators can believe that talking about these subjects with young children is inappropriate or that it could encourage actions that should still be appropriate for their age and maturity level.

In addition, kids cannot fully comprehend the meaning of slang terms and unintentionally misuse them, which could cause misunderstandings or offence.

How To Identify If Your Child Is Using These Terms?

You can find out if their child is using slang words like “Rizz” or “Rizzed up” in a few different ways:

This approach is straightforward but not very useful, yet it can still assist you in figuring out. Thus, listen in on the talks your kids are having with their pals or on the internet. Ask them to clarify any slang terminology you are unfamiliar with if you hear them being used.

Keep an eye on your child’s social media usage and be alert for any unfamiliar slang terminology or expressions. Discuss slang phrases and their meanings with your youngster honestly and openly. Make sure they understand how important it is to speak clearly and with proper terminology in various contexts.

Wrapping Up

“Rizz” is a slang phrase for someone who attracts or seduces women effortlessly. It stands for “charisma,” in brief. The younger generation is the one who uses the word most frequently, assessing their own and their colleagues’ capacity to draw in and win over women. To put it simply, “Rizz” refers to a certain confidence and social competence that makes it easy for you to win people over in social or romantic settings.

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