See Now How Artificial Intelligence Benefits Basic Sanitation

Basic sanitation is one of the pillars of any country’s social and economic development, as it promotes quality of life, preserves the environment, and stimulates tourism. However, this set of essential services still faces challenges in reaching all people, which the combination of Artificial Intelligence and sanitation promises to solve.

The main obstacles faced by companies responsible for basic sanitation in cities range from enabling the correct distribution of quality water to monitoring waste and failures that may affect the environment. The use of AI, which simulates human reasoning, helps to simplify these processes. In this post, we tell you the main applications of Artificial Intelligence in basic sanitation.

Monitoring And Management Of Loss Indicators

According to a study, using data from the National Sanitation Information System (SNIS), the loss of water was 38.45% — a high number considering that water scarcity has affected different regions in recent years.

AI technology helps to reduce this problem. With the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) combined with sensors, it is possible to monitor water pressure and quality, as well as access data that indicate abnormalities and the existence of losses, for example. Thus, waste can be identified and corrected quickly.

IoT or Internet of Things ( Internet of Things ) refers to the network of physical objects embedded in sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices. These devices range from household objects to industrial tools. Cars and virtual assistants are examples of this technology.

As we have already discussed here, IoT can be understood as devices and objects connected to a network. The purpose of this technology is to enable integration and cooperation between the tangible and the digital.

More Efficient Management Of The Water Supply System

Essential sanitation companies deal with many customers, ensuring that water reaches all consumers’ homes suitable for human use and consumption. Controlling the activities of water treatment and distribution stations can become unfeasible by manual means.

With an intelligent system installed at strategic points within the supply network and connected to online servers, the company has access to a large volume of data on water distribution. This means more practicality to control where the water is being distributed normally, with what quality and eventual intercurrences – factors that allow a more efficient supply.

Real-Time Insights Generation

Systems with AI work in the collection and analysis of data. In this way, technology favors the generation of insights in real-time. By predicting consumer behavior, the company can propose measures to save water in times of water crisis, for example. Therefore, it is more practical to find solutions to possible problems.

Possibility Of Performing Predictive Analytics

Anticipating problems is essential to ensure quality service to your consumers. The data obtained through intelligent systems make it possible to carry out predictive analyses, that is, identifying future results. For example, you can predict the probabilities of leaks and act before they happen.

Infrastructure Improvement

Another relevant application of AI in basic sanitation is the improvement of its infrastructure. By adopting Artificial Intelligence, the company can monitor the efficiency of pumps that drive water, make its distribution possible, check the energy expenditure necessary to provide the service and identify and replace faulty equipment.

To apply AI in sanitation, it is essential to have the support of subject matter experts. 

Ignoring the benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence in basic sanitation reduces the quality of this service. This is because the company is held hostage by outdated systems that do not allow extensive activity control, which leads to financial losses due to the inappropriate use of its resources and consumer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, investing in this technology helps the business act more strategically and efficiently.

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