Snapchat Story Viewer | Top 10 Snapchat Viewer Apps To View Stories & Profiles

Are you here to check out the best Snapchat story viewer apps? You are at the right place. In this article, we will let you know some of the best Snapchat story viewer apps. Snapchat is an incredible platform for teenagers to connect with friends. It has recently become the most successful social media platform, with over 2 million users. 

Snapchat is not only used for chatting or posting stories. It provides many features which teenage people love. Finding a girl who still needs to install Snapchat on their devices has been hard. It has a bag full of amazing features to attract youth. Youths love to spend time on Snapchat. 

Many people take pictures on Snapchat, add beautiful filters and stickers, and post them. Snapchat has another feature many people are attracted to, which is the Snapchat story. Many people add a picture or take a snap, post some uniqueness, and post them in a story. It lasts for 24 hours in the profile, and friends can view it in your profile. 

The purpose of this blog post is to help you to view a Snapchat story from various platforms. It’s been viewed in the snapshot at the top of our profile or even clicked on the user’s profile. 

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There are many ways to view the Snapchat story. Let’s go into the details.

What Is A Snapchat Story?

A Snapchat story is an image, video, or a collection of snaps you post on your Stories feed. We may see the Stories feature on many other social media platforms, but Snapchat’s Stories feed has been very special and loved by many teens. You can use many filters, texts, colours, and stickers in captivating stories. 

Top 10 Snapchat Viewer Apps For Profiles & Stories In 2024

Snapchat story viewer is the main theme of this article. We have many Snapchat story viewer apps available on the internet that help to view the Snapchat stories of others anonymously. They are third-party apps that help view the Snapchat story of friends or anonymous users. We can also use them to view other profiles also. Given below is the list of a few Snapchat story viewer apps.

1. Snapchat++

You can use this app on Snapchat to watch the stories on Snapchat. It is a replica of the original Snapchat but a third-party app. So, on this Snapchat++ app, we can chat, take snaps, and post stories like the main one.

2. Spyphone

A Spyphone tracker is software used to spy on any device. It works for all IOS and Android users. Spyphone is a top-notch app for spying on any app. It helps to view stories on Snapchat and the users who installed it. 

3. Mspy

Mspy is another software used to view stories on Snapchat and monitor activities. Parental control is available for watching kids’ activities on this app.

Using this Mspy, we can track anything, like all details such as texts, encrypted data, etc.  

4. Cocospy

These days, many spy tools are gaining popularity on the web because spying has become fun for many. People want to know what’s happening in others’ personal life. The Cocospy tool is a gem used to view Snapchat stories and work as a device monitor. It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Cocospy can spy on many other apps as well. On Snapchat, you can view the list of friends, chats, who unfollowed you, and many more.

5. Spyzie

Spyzie can spy on others’ accounts when you install its software on your device. This application is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Spyzie is trustworthy software that helps to view the Snapchat stories of friends and others. You can view Snapchat stories of unknown and blocked users too.

6. Auto Forward

In today’s web market, many spy software are available for monitoring social media apps. One such software app is the Auto-forward software using which you can check the stories without the user’s knowledge, and they are not notified when you watch Snapchat stories. Auto Forward is compatible with both IOS and Android.

7. Truth Spy

Truth Spy is a famous spy tool widely used to monitor all applications. Truth Spy is downloaded by many people, mainly those who want to monitor someone else’s activities.

This app is not even visible to the device owner because it’s installed and monitored by someone else. This software works on both Android and IOS, even third-party websites too.

Download the Truth Spy on the device which you want to monitor. After downloading, install the software and enable it. You can monitor every device movement, like checking the stories, chats, snaps, or galleries.

8. Xmobi

One of the people’s favourite software for spying is Xmobi. You can watch and monitor someone’s mobile activities for free without their knowledge using Xmobi. Xmobi is an excellent application. It notifies you when the installed device is active on Snapchat or any other app and gives them details of every activity.

9. Spyic

Here comes the best in the business. Spying is one of the best and most well-known spy software by people worldwide. It works just perfectly. It helps you see photos, private chats, profiles, stories, and videos.

Once you download and install the software on the target device, no one can trace it, or its existence is invisible to anyone except you. 

10. Mini Spy global

Mini global software is compatible with almost all devices. It gives complete details about Snapchat chats and stories. Like any other spy software, this one, too, can’t be traced once it is installed. Using this spy software, you can also check the texts, gallery, or even private gallery. 

How To View The Snapchat Story On Snapchat?

As mentioned earlier, Snapchat is a humongous success among the youth. They are really into this app, especially girls. They take photos, post them in their stories feed, and share them with friends. Younger people are well aware of this incredible app, and those who are unaware read further how to check the stories on Snapchat.

Follow the steps to view snapchat story

  • Install the Snapchat play store or IOS.
  • Log in with your credentials if you have an account; create one. 
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • You can see the Snapchat homepage on your device. At the top of the page is a Stories section where you can view the stories of your friends and other users.  
  • You can also post your story in the same place.
  • Click to view the users’ stories.

Can We Check Snapchat Stories Without The Owner’s Knowledge?

Yes, we can view Snapchat stories without the user’s knowledge. Many applications are available on the net to view Snapchat stories anonymously. We can check the stories on Snapchat, but the users get notified. Please do the following trick to avoid letting your friend know you viewed their story.

  • Keep the device in airplane mode and open Snapchat.
  • Click on the story which you want to see. 
  • By doing this user isn’t notified. 
  • Create a fake account, log in with the credentials, and visit your friend’s story and view.


Snapchat Story viewing can be done in different ways. Many applications and software are available for viewing the story. We have briefly described many third-party spying apps that help you view the users’ stories anonymously. 

However, viewing someone else’s stories without their instance is not good. We must respect one’s privacy and suggest to our readers not to spy on someone. 

If your intent is positive, you can proceed. Hope our readers like the article and please give us feedback, which greatly benefits us in publishing articles on various topics. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible To View Snapchat Stories Without A Login?

The answer is No. It is only possible to check Snapchat stories by logging in. But with Spy software apps, you can monitor anything on the device. 

2. Can Users Check Who Viewed Their Snapchat Stories?

Yes, the users can check the people who viewed the story., 

3. If Someone Blocked My Account, Can I Watch Their Post And Stories?

No, if they blocked you on Snapchat, they no longer appear, and you can’t see their stories and post further.

4. Can Anyone Hack Snapchat?

No, Snapchat is end-to-end encrypted, and they have taken all the necessary precautions to provide a secure Snapchat. So hacking Snapchat isn’t possible.

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