The Comeback Of Postal Mailing

The corona pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy. Contact restrictions have cut off many ways of marketing. When there are trade fairs and other marketing events, again it is still in the stars. Although social media, email and search engine marketing were among the most popular advertising channels even before the pandemic, post-mailing remained subordinate. But in the meantime, entrepreneurs have recognized the potential of advertising letters and the associated purchase of addresses. 

Where Do I Get The Correct Address Material From?

One way to generate contact data is to buy addresses. Address trading has become increasingly popular, especially since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Above all, companies appreciate the uncomplicated processing and the range of available information. This means that you do not have to search the Internet for suitable addresses yourself but can obtain a corresponding offer. So you save time and money if the data is a reputable supplier purchase.

How Do I Choose The Right Address Provider?

Choosing a suitable address dealer or list broker can present you with unexpected challenges. The market is big and opaque. The risk of getting into contact with a dubious provider is high if you are new to address trading. Here it is helpful to compare the various list brokers. Good accessibility by telephone, a company headquarters in Germany and adequate information about data protection are quality features. It should also be checked whether in the German Dialog Marketing Association, DVD for short, there is a membership. It would be best if you were not afraid to call different address publishers to get a more comprehensive picture in this respect. Let yourself be advised individually, inquire about the correctness of the data and how to deal with errands. A reputable dealer has up-to-date address material, and we will meet you with offset addresses if the rate of errors is too high. In summary, when buying addresses, you should make sure that it is a reputable provider. This means that you will have fewer problems with the GDPR afterwards.

Is Address Trading Even Legal?

It should be noted that address publishers also sell addresses of companies or even private individuals protected by the General Data Protection Regulation. But this is not automatically illegal. Recital 47 of the DSGVO uses direct marketing as a legitimate interest equal. In turn, Article 6 (1f) concedes that a legitimate interest can invalidate the interest of the person concerned, which is worth protecting.

Nevertheless, there is growing uncertainty in many places about which advertising measures are still allowed. Companies fear that contact could result in legal consequences. You are not entirely wrong with that. Email and fax advertising, for example, is prohibited unless express advertising consent has been given. This usually takes a back seat because there are other ways to draw customers’ attention to a new product or service. On the other hand, the sales letter is ideal for acting in compliance with data protection regulations and offers a multitude of advantages.

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The Advantages Of Postal Mailings

Post-mailing is now experiencing a renaissance. More and more companies are finding that a sales letter has clear advantages over other marketing measures. The legal situation also plays a role here because sending advertising letters is much less problematic in data protection law than email advertising. The addressee does not have to give consent for a print mailing. The reason for this is that there is a predominantly legitimate interest.

Stand Out From The Crowd.

Also, the increasing excess of email advertising has had a sobering effect. Many people, whether private individuals or companies, in most cases, hardly show any interest in an advertising email. These usually end up in the spam folder unopened. A letter, on the other hand, has a more substantial effect. Advertising letters usually remain in possession of the addressee for a more extended period and can trigger buying impulses months later. A letter is awe-inspiring because of its value and the advantage of being tangible for a potential customer. There are no limits to the design possibilities due to special printing and folding techniques, and visual and haptic stimuli well receive them.

A print mailing can also contain digital elements such as a QR code and can therefore be used across media.

With Letters To A Greater Reach

Furthermore, a sales letter also reaches people who have hardly any contact with digital media. This would mean that various people would fall through the cracks in an email campaign. With letters, you have the opportunity to address a wide range of people and thus expand your customer base.  

What Needs To Be Considered When Using Sales Letters

Despite the straightforwardness of postal mailings, there are one thing or the other to consider to be legally on the safe side. The cover letter should indicate where the addresses were obtained from. This allows the addressee to contact the provider and ask for the data to be deleted. Besides, it should be made clear to the recipient that there is a right of objection at any time.

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