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Windows 10 has been Microsoft’s operating system standard for six years. Now the group wants to introduce a new generation of software. A long-cherished project was thrown overboard for this.

Since its introduction in summer 2015, Windows 10 has been expanded and improved again and again. But many innovations have taken place “under the hood,” so to speak. And despite the regular updates that the system has received, little has changed in terms of its basic functionality and look – until now.

Because on Wednesday evening, Microsoft sent out invitations to a “digital event” to take place on June 24 to the media. Led by CEO Satya Nadella and Product Manager Panos Panay, Microsoft’s managers will unveil “the next generation of Windows” on this day, the letter of invitation said.

The announcement is not surprising. As part of his keynote at Microsoft’s Build developer conference, Nadella said that he had been testing the new Windows for months. He also said that an update for Windows would be introduced shortly, one of the largest in the past ten years.

Nadella promised developers worldwide a “new, open platform to develop, sell and monetize applications,” which suggests that Microsoft is also introducing a new Microsoft Store with the latest Windows version.

A New Look And A Rejection

While such innovations are mainly relevant for app developers, the new look of the PC operating system should catch the eye of all users. According to “Windows Central, “the update is being developed under the code name “Sun Valley” and is intended to provide a fresh look with rounded corners in the start menu and other windows. According to the report, the modernized design should be incorporated as consistently as possible into all operating system levels.

However, the Windows X project fell by the wayside. Microsoft originally wanted to supply dual-screen devices such as its Surface Duo with this version of Windows before it came up with the plan to turn it into a kind of entry-level Windows, analogous to Google’s Chrome OS, close. In mid-May, the group then hid the message that the project had been abandoned in a statement about the latest major Windows 10 update.

However, the message also said, looking forward: “The 10X technology should not be limited to a subgroup of customers.” That is why the experience from the development of the obsolete operating system is wanted “in other parts of Windows and the company’s products.” “take. This probably also meant the upcoming new Windows.

What Will It Be Called?

Since the invitation speaks of a “next generation of Windows,” Microsoft is giving free rein to speculation that the update could end the era of the “Windows 10” brand. Apart from the so-called “Build” numbers, consecutive digit sequences that have been used in Windows updates in recent years, there has never been a Windows 10.1 or something similar. Despite regular updates, Windows 10 remained Windows 10 over the years. That was precisely Microsoft’s declared plan.

But that could be over with the next big update. So far, Microsoft has kept it top secret whether this will happen and what the next Windows will be called.

This also applies to the date on which the software is ultimately to be released. Since hardware and software providers need time to adapt their products to extensive updates, it can be assumed that the release is planned for autumn, well in advance of the Christmas business.

If you like, you can use the presentation of the new Windows on June 24 from 17 o’clock. 

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