Google Photos Is Chargeable: These Are The Alternatives

So far, pictures from smartphones could be stored free of charge on Google Photos. This ended on June 1, 2021. We’ll show you alternatives.

The unlimited free storage space on Google’s cloud storage service Google Photos is history. Since June 1, 2021, Google has packed its free storage space under one roof. Specifically, this means free 15 gigabytes per Google account for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. This means that there is a transparent storage limit for Google Photos. Only owners of a Pixel smartphone can still save unlimited snapshots online.

If you still want to use Google Photos, you can choose between different payment models. 100 gigabytes per month cost 1.99 euros. A maximum of 30 terabytes can be booked. Here the cost is 150 euros per month. Probably the most sensible thing to do is to subscribe to two terabytes for ten euros per month.

In addition to Google, other providers also offer similar solutions. We have the overview.

Amazon Photos

What many AmazonPrime customers may not even know: They already have an alternative cloud solution. If you have a Prime subscription, you can save and sort your pictures on amazon Photos at no additional cost. There is no capacity limit or loss of quality when uploading. With videos, however, it looks different. Only five gigabytes are accessible here. For more, you need a paid subscription – regardless of whether you are a prime customer or not. For 100 gigabytes, 1.99 euros per month are due. For one terabyte, it is 9.99 euros per month.


The former competitors and GMX other, which are now part of 1 & 1, also have their cloud offering. Both providers offer 50 gigabytes of storage for 99 cents a month. According to the company, there is enough storage space for up to 10,000 photos and around four hours of video material. 1 & 1 clarifies that operations are carried out from Europe and that the highest standards in this country when it comes to data protection are also adhered to.


The American image and video platform Flickr is particularly popular with photographers. Once registered, up to 1,000 photos and videos can be added to the cloud storage for free. However, in-app advertising must also be expected in the free version. If you don’t want advertising and more storage space, you should opt for a premium account. For $ 6.99 a month, there is unlimited storage and no more ads. Another advantage of Flickr is that the media are already created in a precise feed and can be shared directly and publicly if necessary.

Microsoft OneDrive

Similar to Amazon Prime, users who already have an Office 365 license can benefit from this. Storage space is already made available for them on the Microsoft servers. So you can use OneDrive at no additional cost. Overall, there is a terabyte of free storage for a single standard license. If you have a family license, you can even look forward to six terabytes. In this case, the total memory per person is also one terabyte, i.e., 1,000 gigabytes. What is missing are further editing options for the images. If you want to store and organize your photos, the Microsoft offer is ideal.


If you have no problem using multiple services but don’t want to spend extra money on them, you should look at Cloudevo. The free software bundles various cloud providers in one central location. For example, the 15 gigabytes from Google can be linked to one of the 22 supported providers such as Dropbox or Onedrive. For this, Cloudevo then creates a virtual hard drive in the appropriate size.

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