How To Check Twitch Logs In 2023: (Complete Guide)

A Twitch logs is an entire chat of a particular person in a Twitch chat while gaming or streaming. People, especially teenagers, and youth, are interested in online streaming and video games. In the last decade, streaming games are getting very popular among youth. Post-pandemic, the number got doubled, and Twitch logs became famous worldwide. Many are familiar with online streaming games. 

Few avoid chats between games, but many would love to chat in between as the entertainment gets doubled. The Twitch chats are hilarious; few comments are positive, and a few have negative shade and are in indecent language.

Many online gaming platforms give chat features to bring all the gamers and followers to one place with a Twitch log. While watching online streaming videos or games, the rectangle or vertical box on the right side or downside of the screen is used to chat with gamers. 

We can check all the comments in this section without interrupting the video or game. We can scroll for comments of favourite people and chats of other users posting different comments. Some chats are inappropriate as friends and strangers discuss, fight, and abuse each other. 

Twit chat is a famous tool for many online streaming gamers. Users can give their opinion online while the game is going on. Streamer gets alerted by the user’s reactions. It provides a positive vibe for the streamer. Sometimes in Twitch chat, streamers get hurt by the user’s annoying and hurtful comments in the middle of the game. 

But negative comments are hurtful, but we should focus only on the positive ones. You must take care of your Twitch chat. It’s been totally in the hands of the streamer and moderator.

People talk during the streams via Twitch chat, with little focus only on chats, and the main feature for a streamer is he can take suggestions from Twitch chat users from the comment box and proceed further. 

It’s been a great feature and totally changed the whole game experience for the streamer. Still, sometimes they must pay for it because they lose concentration with hateful comments and abusive language by some Twitch chat users.

Today we go through this exciting topic in our blog. 

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What Are Twitch Logs?

A Twitch log is an entire chat of a particular person in a Twitch chat while gaming or streaming. Twitch chat is a good feature that engages many users in one place without any country barrier. When we are interested in any game, we check the streaming game or a video and post comments on that page. Both streamers and viewers can participate in a discussion on the same page through a chat box.

So, in a Twitch chat, many users post comments. The Twitch log only picks one particular chat history from the entire chat, whether positive or negative comments by a user in that Twitch chat. Streamers can check the users posting harmful and indecent comments in Twitch chat and remove them from accessing the page.

How To Check Twitch Log Chats?

People know different methods to check Twitch chat logs, and there are many ways to check, but in this, we will tell you in detail about how to check the Twitch logs in Twitch chat.

1. Searching With Command Prompt

The most common method is searching with a command. Go to the page and search in the command box.

If you need the entire history of a particular person in the Twitch chat, then type the user id from which they have been giving feedback.


Many people know this chat box and study their comments while streaming or later. All comments are posted under the series. You can scroll and study them.

2. Study The Twitch Chat With VOD Playback

When the streaming is going on, it will be stored in the channel for some days in VOD, which means video on Demand. If you want to check the chat, visit the VOD from your channel and check the conversations made by the various users in the comment section. We can check specific user chat in this video playback as it runs highlights of the game or video already over.

We can view the entire video and check every chat of that video. However, it may consume more time than usual. If you want to check every detail, you must check the full video without a miss. This will be very helpful for checking comments and games, and many users use this process to view the video and comments. 

Both streamers’ and viewers’ comments are floated at the same time. If someone posts hard and vulgar language comments in the chat, the moderator will delete those comments to keep the page healthy. So, if you make any harmful comments, the moderator will remove them, and you can’t find those comments again while watching VOD.

3. View Twitch Chat With Third-Party Chatbots

There are many ways to check the chats in Twitch from Twitch clients. Among such applications, one of them is Chatty, which is a third-party application called Twitch chat client, which is a Java based application. Chatty gives you many more features than the usual one. The Chatty lets you check all the chats, and you can also download the streaming chat history. 

You must download Chatty to our devices and install it to use this feature.

After installing the active bot, it will link to the Twitch account, and you can check every detail of the chat by monitoring it. A few alternatives for Chatty are Stream Labs and Nightbot.

4. Access Twitch Logs With Moderator View

The moderator can access the Twitch chats and Twitch logs at any time. If you have moderator access, you can check any profile, access the chat pages, and check every comment as you have moderator privileges.

Moderator himself keeps an eye on every chat. For mod view, go to the page where you can find the sword icon in the bottom corner. Click on it and check the chats of users who love the stream.

What Is The Need To Check Twitch Chats?

  • It’s up to the opinion of the viewers about checking Twitch chats. As far as we know, suggestions made by viewers are more valuable. When streaming is going on, we focus on the goal, but we may miss some critical points. So those who are watching the stream can have a better idea than those who are gaming.
  • Many people are very much keen on streaming. So, they will check the chats, keep the suggestive chats, and follow the process.
  • It gives a clear idea of the next move. 
  • Streamers want to know the audience’s pulse and what they like and don’t. When you are a famous streamer, your viewers and followers keep on sky-level expectations of you. Streamers must follow those chats to live up to those expectations.
  • Audience love reactions towards streamers make a big difference to them. 
  • Many intelligent viewers spend their time and give valuable and authentic suggestions.
  • A key feature is to keep your profile clean, find spam or users who made inappropriate comments regarding you, find them, and delete or ban them so that they can’t access your page anymore. Few users want to disturb your focus and spoil everything, so they keep posing some annoying comments so that you may lose focus, and your followers, too, may get offended by those acts. So, review it while streaming and block those users who make such comments. They are no longer seen in your chat section or cannot post anything.
  • Viewers / general audience ask random questions regarding the stream, giving the streamer a great feedback advantage and better insight.


Twitch log is nothing but an entire conversation of the user of a particular broadcast. Streamers and moderators can access the Twitch log from the chats for better feedback on the streaming. Comments may boost the experience of gaming and streaming. Hope you like the article.

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