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Webland login is a website that provides access to land documents in Andhra Pradesh. In Andhra Pradesh, WebLand AP is a useful resource for land records and property information. WebLand AP provides services like land purification, thorough reporting, mutation applications, and more for landowners, buyers, and researchers. 

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Guide To Register A New Account In Webland AP

It is simple to create a new account on WebLand AP. Take these actions:

  • Go to the Official Website:
  • Click this link to open the WebLand AP portal.

User signup: 

  • Locate the signup area on the portal.
  • Give important information such as your district, name of the zone, name of the village, account number, and, if relevant, Aadhaar number.
  • Enter the captcha code and your mobile number.

Secure Access: 

  • Completing the registration guarantees safe access to individualized services and land data.
  • Don’t forget to safeguard your login information for later use. 

Services That Are Accessible Through Webland Ap

The WebLand Login AP portal offers numerous services pertaining to land records and property information in Andhra Pradesh. The main services you can use are as follows:

Webland Purification of Land Records: 

  • By cleaning up current data, this service guarantees accurate and current land records.

WS Pahani: 

  • Gain access to comprehensive land records that contain boundaries, survey numbers, and ownership details.
  • Obtain reports pertaining to the allocation and distribution of land.
  • Webland Access in-depth reports on land holdings, ownership, and other pertinent information with Sarkar Bhumi (Detailed Report).

Applications For Land Mutation: 

  • Apply for a change of ownership of land and follow the progress of your application.

E-Pattadar Passbooks: 

  • Use this service to get digital copies of your land ownership documents or passbooks.

District Aadhar Statistics: 

  • Get information about the land and property in your district through statistical statistics.
  • For landowners, purchasers, and anybody else interested in land records, the WebLand AP portal provides a number of services.

Steps To WebLand Login Account On AP

To create a new WebLand Login AP account, take the following actions:

Click this link to access the official WebLand AP site. You can make a new account using the choices on the login page. You can sign up using any of the following channels:

  1. Account Number

Choose this choice if you currently have a land account number.

Put in your account number, village name, zone name, and district.

Enter your mobile number and finish the captcha.

  1. Aadhar Number: 
  • Choose this option if you would rather use your Aadhar number.
  • Put in your Aadhaar number, village name, zone name, and district.
  • Enter your mobile number and finish the captcha.
  • To establish a new account, click either “Register” or “Submit” (depending on the form).
  • Do not forget to save your login information.
  • Do not forget to safeguard your login information. After registering, you can use the WebLand AP portal to access a number of land-related services.

How To Reset Passwords On WebLand Login Account?

  • The procedures below can help you reset your WebLand AP password if you forget it:
  • Click this link to access the official WebLand AP site.
  • Look for the “Forgot Password” option on the login screen. Press it.
  • Observe the instructions:
  • Instructions will be sent to you by email or cell phone verification.
  • Reset your password by following the instructions.
  • Don’t forget to safeguard your new password. You may also look through the official user manual for more assistance if you run into any problems. 

What Services Can I Access After Resetting My Password On WebLand AP?

After resetting your password on WebLand AP, you can access a range of services related to land records and property details in Andhra Pradesh. Here are the key services available to you:

Webland Purification of Land Records:

  • Ensure accurate and up-to-date land records through this service.

WS Pahani:

  • Access detailed land records, including ownership information, survey numbers, and boundaries.

Land Distribution Report:

  • Obtain reports related to land distribution and allocation.

Webland SarkarBhumi (Detailed Report):

  • Access comprehensive reports on land holdings, ownership, and other relevant details.

Mutation Applications:

  • Apply for land mutation (change in ownership) and track the status of your application.
  • Issuance of E-Pattadar Passbooks:
  • Obtain digital land ownership documents (passbooks) through this service.

District Aadhar Statistics:

  • Access statistical data related to land and property in your district.
  • WebLand AP offers a variety of services for landowners, buyers, and anyone interested in land records.

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Explaining How To Apply For Land Mutation Using WebLand AP

Use WebLand AP to apply for a land mutation by doing the following steps:

Enter your username and password to access the WebLand AP portal.

Click the “Mutation” tab on the dashboard.

You may submit a mutation application in one of the following ways:

  • Online Application for Mutations:
  • Click the button labeled “Online Mutation Application.”
  • Complete the necessary fields.

When completing the application procedure, don’t forget to supply proper information. Your requested modification will be handled by the appropriate authorities when it is submitted. 

Documents Are Required For Land Mutation Application

  • There is specified documentation that you must submit with your application for land mutation. The following are the crucial records needed to apply a land mutation:
  • The transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer is attested to by the sale deed, also known as the transfer deed.
  • It contains information about the property, the people engaged, and the sale process.

Certificate of Death (if applicable):

  • Please include the death certificate if the mutation results from the owner’s passing.

Current Passport-Sized Image:

  • Include a current passport-sized photo of the candidate.

Registered Documents: 

  • Any further pertinent documents that are registered in relation to the property.

First Information Report (FIR) scan, if applicable:

Provide a copy of the FIR if there are any court cases or criminal cases involving the property.

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the bank, if relevant:
  • Get an NOC from the bank if there is a loan against or a mortgage on the property.
  • Don’t forget to check with the local revenue or land administration agency to confirm the exact criteria. A seamless land mutation process will be facilitated by providing correct and comprehensive documentation.

How Can I Track The Status Of My Mutation Application On WebLand AP?

Use WebLand AP to monitor the progress of your land mutation application by doing the following:

  • Enter your username and password to access the WebLand AP portal.
  • Click the “Mutation” tab on the dashboard.
  • The “Mutation Status” button should be clicked.
  • After entering your acknowledgement number, select “Search.”

The status of your request for a mutation will be displayed to you. Pay attention to any notifications or updates pertaining to your application.  


WebLand Login serves as a valuable platform for accessing land records and property details in Andhra Pradesh. Whether you’re a landowner, buyer, or researcher, WebLand AP offers services such as land purification, detailed reports, mutation applications, and more. By leveraging this portal, users can navigate land-related processes efficiently and stay informed about their property holdings.

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