Webmail.Sunpharma: Email Login, Reset Password, Mobile App [Complete Guide]

Web-based mail Employees of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited use the platform Sun Pharma. Access to business email and other pertinent services is made available. If you work for a company, use your username and password to access Webmail.sunpharma.

As an alternative, you can use sunsso.sunpharma.com to access Sun Pharma’s safe and comprehensive platform for a range of services and applications. To gain access to the services you require, please make sure you are using the correct credentials. 

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Who Is The Owner Of Webmail.Sunpharma?

Dilip Shanghvi is the proprietor of Webmail Sun Pharma. He is the managing director of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and the company’s founder. Sun Pharma was founded in 1983 by Indian billionaire businessman Dilip Shanghvi. 

Sun Pharma has grown to be the biggest pharmaceutical firm in India and the fourth-biggest specialty generic pharmaceutical company worldwide under his direction. Products from the firm are available in several therapeutic areas, such as dermatology, neurology, cardiology, oncology, and psychiatry. 

The vision and business energy of Dilip Shanghvi has been instrumental in Sun Pharma’s success. 

What Is The History Of Webmail.Sunpharma?

Sun Pharma, also referred to as Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, has a stellar track record of expansion and invention. Now let’s explore its journey:

  • Establishment and Formative Years (1983): In Vapi, Gujarat, India, Dilip Shanghvi established Sun Pharma in 1983.
  • The business began with a two-person marketing staff and just five psychiatry items.
  • Despite its modest origins, Sun Pharma rose to prominence and took the lead in the market across a number of therapeutic areas.
  • Fast Growth and Initial Public Offering (1990s): Sun Pharma filed for its IPO in 1994.
  • In just two years, the company’s sales network had grown to include 24 nations by 1996.
  • Sun Pharma’s quick expansion was facilitated by its dedication to quality and innovation.

Acquisitions And Global Reach

  • In addition to its organic growth, Sun Pharma made strategic acquisitions. In 1995, it bought Knoll Pharmaceuticals’ bulk medication production facility in Ahmednagar.
  • Chennai-based Tamil Nadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals Limited (TDPL) was purchased by Sun Pharma in 1997.
  • The purchase of Ranbaxy in 2015 changed everything, becoming Sun Pharma, the biggest pharmaceutical business in India.
  • In the US, Sun Pharma grew to be the biggest Indian pharmaceutical company.
  • It established itself as the fifth-biggest specialized generic manufacturer in the world.
  • Sun Pharma receives about 70% of its revenue from overseas markets.
  • With more than 60% of turnover coming from them, the US and India continue to be its biggest markets.
  • There are forty-three manufacturing plants located in Europe, the US, Asia, Africa, Australia, and India.
  • As of right now, Sun Pharma is India’s biggest pharmaceutical company.
  • It is ranked as the world’s fourth-biggest specialist generic pharmaceutical business.
  • A broad range of therapeutic specialties, including neurology, cardiology, dermatology, cancer, and psychiatry, are represented in the company’s product line.
  • Sun Pharma, which employs people from more than 50 different countries, is still a big power in the pharmaceutical sector.

How To Login To Webmail.Sunpharma?

Use these procedures to log intoWebmail.Sunpharma:

  • Visit the MySunPharma Login Page to access MySunPharma.
  • Type in your password and username.
  • Select “Login.”

Sun Pharma Webmail:

  • Launch the web browser of your choice (such as Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome).
  • Visit Sun Pharma’s webmail login page.
  • Enter your password and username in the designated login field.
  • From the drop-down menu, pick “Login.”

Sun Pharma Secure Online Platform:

  • Use your login credentials to access a variety of applications and services at sunsso.sunpharma.com. 

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How To Reset MyWebmail.Sunpharma Password?

Use these methods to reset your Sun Pharma Webmail password:

  • Go to the Sun Pharma portal’s Change Password page: Modify your password.
  • Give the relevant details
  • Current Password: Enter your old password here.
  • New Password: Make a fresh password, which needs to contain at least eight characters.
  • Verify Your New Password: For verification, enter the new password again.
  • Press the submit button to store your modifications.

As an alternative, you can try the following technique if you can’t remember your password:

  • Visit the Sun Pharma Login website.
  • Click the link labeled “Forgot Password.”
  • Put in the email address you registered.
  • From the menu, select “Submit.”
  • To reset your password, look for a link in your email.
  • For information on changing your password, go to the email.
  • Don’t forget to keep your new password private and secure! 

Is There A Mobile App For Webmail.Sunpharma?

Here are your options if you want to use Sun Pharma Webmail on a mobile device:

Webmail.SunPharma App:

  • Go to the app store on your smartphone and download the official Webmail.Sunpharma app.
  • Launch the application.
  • Enter your Sun Pharma Webmail login credentials to log in.
  • Take advantage of safe mobile email access.

Web browser: 

  • You can also use your mobile web browser to access Webmail directly. Sun Pharma.
  • Go to the Webmail Login Page for Sun Pharma.
  • Put in your password and username.
  • Select “Login.”

Sun Pharma Secure Online Platform:

  • Use your login credentials to access a variety of applications and services at sunsso.sunpharma.com.
  • Select the most convenient approach for you and maintain connectivity even when you’re not at your workstation! 

What Services Does Webmail.Sunpharma Offer?

For workers of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, Webmail Sunpharma offers necessary services. Here are a few of its salient attributes:

Email communication: Webmail Sunpharma gives employees access to their workplace email accounts. This makes internal communication inside the company easy.

Secure Access: Email, documents, and other pertinent services are just a few of the company resources that can be accessed securely thanks to the platform.

Password management: To ensure security, employees can reset or modify their passwords as needed.

Integration with Other Apps: Sun Pharma personnel may utilize Webmail Sunpharma to integrate with other internal tools and apps

Some Popular Products By Webmail.Sunpharma

A wide variety of pharmaceutical goods are available from Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited in a number of areas. Let’s examine a few of their noteworthy products:

Specialist Drugs: Sun Pharma specializes in specialist drugs for international markets, especially in the fields of oncology, ophthalmology, and dermatology.

By using distinct dose forms, these specialty medications improve patient convenience and meet unmet medical needs. A well-known brand in the  US, Sun Pharma has introduced a number of specialized items there.

Medications that are Generic: Sun Pharma is a global supplier of premium branded and generic medications. Their broad range of work encompasses several therapeutic areas, such as:

  • Psychiatry
  • antimicrobials
  • Neuroscience
  • Heart Disease
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Diabetes in Medicine
  • gastrointestinal surgery
  • Eye care
  • Kidney
  • urology
  • Skin Care
  • pulmonary oncology
  • Dental Supplements

In numerous nations, Sun Pharma is regarded as one of the top businesses in these therapeutic domains. Over-the-counter (OTC) Drugs: Sun Pharma provides a selection of consumer health items.Well-known OTC brands include:

  • For sore throat, take faringosept.
  • Rejuvenating (multivitamins)
  • Volini (a topical pain reliever)

Global sales are conducted for additional category-defining products such as Coldact, Flustat, Brustan, Painamol, Paduden, Aspenter, Aspacardin, Nudrate, Fortifikat, Gestid, and Chericof. Sun Pharma manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which are utilized in intricate formulations. They have more than 380 APIs on their list, which are marketed to clients in more than 60 countries and used internally.

APIs are produced in plants located in Australia, Hungary, the US, Israel, and India. Anti-Retroviral (ARV) Drugs: Sun Pharma offers a large selection of ARV drugs that the WHO has approved.Their goal is to increase affordability and accessibility, particularly for different national AIDS treatment programs in Africa.


Webmail.Sunpharma is a major player in the worldwide pharmaceutical market thanks to its dedication to innovation, quality, and patient care.Sun Pharma’s rise from humble origins to its current position as a major player in the world of healthcare is a testament to its constant dedication to quality and innovation. 

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