What Does ISTG Mean In Text?

Do you know what ‘ISTG’ means? If you don’t, let’s see what it is about. The modern era has modern languages and many more deep-meaning words that half of the population doesn’t know what they are. 

Catchy phrases are more accessible to learn than trying to understand these teens’ texting language, which is one of the feelings of the older generation. But it is essential to learn these short texts, and we should note them.

All the shortcut words and abbreviation sentences started with Gen Z kids, and now it is apparent that everyone uses those shortcuts in messaging.

Messaging languages might be complex sometimes, but it doesn’t mean messages should be shortcuts. It is tricky for the older generation to use the smartphone, and with these new shortcut messaging languages, it’s tough to catch up.

There are many similar shortcuts that no one would expect them to use, as everyone can understand. So cutting off the sentence and turning it into something that some people don’t understand is very funny, but that’s a deep joke.

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What Exactly Is ‘ISTG Meaning In Text?

We make different kinds of emotional messages with our friends or family. If we are too excited, some natural shortcuts may come out of it—similarly, some enthusiastic sentences can be diverted into abbreviations by any of us.

So basically, ISTG means “I SWEAR TO GOD!!!” Is it interesting? Yes, from now on, ‘I swear it’ can also be used as ISTG, like some lazy language, but a brilliant expression. It’s slang used between teens or kids when they are messaging.

When someone wants others to believe what they are saying is true and on the point that they are telling the truth, only you have to believe in a slang they casually use, I swear it’s true, or I swear I am telling the truth when messaging is turned into ISTG in a shortcut way.

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Different Form Of Examples For expressions And Reactions That ISTG Can Be Used

  1. Using ISGT when angry: ISTG!! If you don’t listen to me, I will kick you out.

The anger expression is used when someone wants to say that they are compelled to do this if they are not listening to them to make them believe. Make them understand they are angry and will do what they say in context expressions.

2. Using ISGT when happy: I will hug him if he comes and proposes, ISTG.

The context is when a person expresses they are genuinely happy for something to happen and joyful over the situation. People use this super happy expression when they are very happy. 

3. Using ISGT when Complimenting: ISTG!! She is so beautiful.

We can use it as an expression when complimenting someone to sound more authentic. It is a casual way to express how one feels when they see something pleasing to their eyes.

4. Using ISGT when in Frustration: That street is filthy ISTG. I can’t even cross a road.

When we are irritated or frustrated, the expression has to feel like we can’t bear it and look at it more really—addressing a situation we can get through.

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Other Shortcuts & Abbreviations Like ISTG

There are different kinds of texting abbreviations to follow and to keep up with. The codes given below are some of the most used abbreviations when texting. 

Texting has developed and changed into many versions that one can or cannot grasp because they are emerging daily, like new words, code, or abbreviations. Some are easy to understand, while others need to be more focused on emerging texting methods and ways to text. Let’s see some used texting abbreviations below:

  • OMG: oh my god
  • IDK: I don’t know
  • IKR: I know, right
  • IRL: in real life
  • FR: for real
  • DGAF: don’t give a f
  • LOL: laugh out loud
  • LMAO: laughing my ass off
  • IMO: in my opinion
  • BTW: by the way
  • LMK: let me know
  • DM: direct message
  • BRB: be right back
  • ASAP: as soon as possible
  • POV: point of view
  • NBD: no big deal
  • TTYL: talk to you later
  • FYI: for your information

And there are many more, and there will be even more in the coming ages. Gen Z teens and kids use the texting abbreviations above in some corporate companies because they are easier to understand than typing long texts.

The shortcuts may sound lazy, but they are the most helpful way to communicate easily without misunderstanding sentences. They can text friends and colleagues. It is challenging at first, but in the coming days, you will understand everything and type them according to your wish.

Texting is a central part of our daily lives. From morning until sleep, we text for our work to complete inside or outside the house and in our lives. The context may not connect sometimes, but this is the easy way with simple words. If you are still not able to understand, it’s time to put an effort into learning about these abbreviations.


ISTG is one of the many famous abbreviations you can find while messaging a teen or kid nowadays. It’s like texting some codes, but in conclusion, they are the actual words typing in shortcuts to avoid texting too much and express the feeling. 

It may not be the exact words sometimes because so many older generations need help understanding the meaning behind the words of the shortcut, which sometimes confuses them. But as so many are using the language these days, everyone is familiar with these codes or texting abbreviations by this time.

Following and keeping tabs on changing texting methods or messaging is correct, but it will make the ways easy for you and those who keep texting daily. The teens are fasting in improving and collecting, making this easy method that reduces time and energy.

Learn it and use it. ISTG meaning is the most used texting abbreviation. It can be easily understandable, and sometimes it’s also very accurate to use in some situations and convey correct feelings that we are feeling and honest reactions.

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