10 Problems Apple Smartwatches Have

Apple’s Smartwatches have had a wide range of success since their launch in 2015. While they have been praised for their sleek design, user-friendly navigation, and impressive health tracking capabilities, there are still some problems that the Apple Watch has yet to overcome. 

From limited battery life to Bluetooth disconnects and beyond, here are 10 problems with Apple Watches that need to be addressed.

  1. Limited Battery Life: 

Perhaps one of the biggest issues of the Apple Watch is its limited battery life. Even with the latest series 6 watches boasting an 18-hour battery life, it’s still not enough for many users who find themselves needing more power throughout the day.

  1. Glare From the Screen: 

For a fair few users, they find the reflection from the screen to be incredibly distracting while using the watch and difficult to read in certain lighting conditions.

  1. Expensive Price Tag: 

Many people have expressed concerns over how expensive Apple Watches can get with all of their features included, especially when compared to competitors in the same space like Fitbit or Garmin.

  1. No Always-On Display: 

Although you can expect your watch to turn on when you raise your wrist or tap it lightly, having an always-on display would make it easier for users to keep track of time without having to wake up their device every time they want to check the time quickly.

  1. Unreliable Heart Rate Sensor: 

While many users rely on heart rate sensors for tracking data during exercise or sleep monitoring activities, not all heart rate sensors are reliable on every model of Apple Watch due to inaccuracies in readings or delayed changes in measurements being recorded by the watch itself.

  1. Few Health Monitoring Features: 

When compared to other fitness wearables such as Fitbit and Garmin, Apple Watches lack several key health monitoring features such as blood pressure monitoring, sleep staging analysis and stress management tracking capabilities and more comprehensive activity tracking options than what’s available currently on an Apple Watch.

  1. Unintuitive User Interface:

The user interface for navigating through menus and settings can often be confusing and uninviting for many new users picking up an Apple Watch for the first time which makes use hard at first until you familiarize yourself with how settings work on an Apple Watch after a few weeks of owning one.

  1. Bluetooth Disconnects: 

One major issue that has continued to plague owners of an Apple Watch is that Bluetooth connections stop working randomly for no apparent reason leaving people unable to connect their devices even when everything appears fine from both sides. 

For example, when Bluetooth keeps disconnecting macOS Ventura when you connect the watch with Mac.

This leads them to be unable to take advantage of certain features like sending messages using their watch until it’s reconnected again, which can be very inconvenient depending on where you’re at any given moment.

  1. Inability To Make Calls Without iPhone: 

Despite being able to sync contacts from your phonebook into your watch, unfortunately, you won’t be able to make calls directly through your watch without having the iPhone around nearby because of limitations with current technology used to making this feature available.

  1. Limited Third Party Apps: 

As expected, popular app selections found on phones don’t transfer over directly onto smartwatches due to technical limitations meaning there’s only a select number of apps available to use if you want to add extra functionality.


These are just some of the issues faced by owners who purchased these devices from the tech giant. It’s clear that despite its impressive design specifications, there is plenty room for improvement before everyone is fully satisfied with what Apple is offering in terms of wearable technology. Hopefully, future iterations will address these ongoing point concerns to ensure ultimate satisfaction for current and future customers alike.

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