Easy Hacks To Make Your Macbook Battery Last Longer Than Usual

Macs are indeed mighty and performance savvy devices. But, there’s a howling concern for every mac user – the battery life.

Many Mac users complain about their short-lived battery. To be precise, nearly half of the Mac users.

So, is there any way this problem could be tackled?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways. And this article is all about these hacks.

Keep scrolling down to learn about clever DIY hacks to improve your Mac’s Battery life.

Turn Down The Screen Brightness

The first thing that you can try is lowering down the brightness of your screen.

Of course, this is a no-brainer, but a lot of Mac users often fail to comply.

See, the problem is higher screen brightness would consume more power to keep the display running. And consequently would drain your battery faster.

So, it’s better to work at a lower brightness setting whenever it’s possible.

Turn Off Keyboard Backlight

Unless you’re working in the dark, there’s indeed no need for using the keyboard backlight.

Although the feature may look cool to somebody new to Macs, it is noteworthy that keyboard backlights can consume a lot of battery.

Besides, reports also suggest that backlit keyboards can also stress user’s eyes more quickly.

So, that’s another reason to turn off the keyboard backlight apart from saving your battery.

Remove Unused Apps And Clean Up

Another effective way to increase your Mac’s battery performance is removing unused apps and clutter.

Often these unused apps keep running in the back and keep consuming your cache memory and the battery power.

With easy-to-follow steps to clean your Mac, you can quickly declutter your device and improve your battery life.

And did we mention, decluttering would also improve your Mac’s performance significantly?

Turn Off Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Keeping your connectivity drivers on would also consume a lot of power.

Although when connected to a network or another device, it is imperative to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But, in other instances, it would just keep your drivers busy searching for devices or networks to connect.

And, as a result, it would keep draining your battery.

So, in short, unless you are to connect your Mac to a network or another device, it is better to keep these drivers turned off.

Turn On Power Saver Settings

Did you know your Mac comes with a battery-saver mode?

The mode actually helps optimize your battery consumption by optimizing its performance, brightness, and other features.

Apple included this feature to help users smartly optimize their battery performance.

So, if you’re not using any performance-hungry application, it’s better to switch to the power-saver mode.

Update Your Mac To The Latest Software

Most developers create software to minimize energy consumption as a part of their product design operations.

And, the best part is, with every new update the power consumptions is ought to be improved.

So, if your system is running an older version of macOS or any of your apps and software are outdated, try updating them to improve your battery life.

If your battery life still does not improve, you can always contact support services to fix the problem.

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