Find An X3 Pro Smartphone With A Microscope Camera.

How do you get another expensive smartphone among the people in the competitive market? The manufacturer Oppo has an idea.

Smartphone? Everyone already has. But not one with a microscope camera, which is also finding more and more customers in Europe. The good thing is: Apart from the relative niche special camera, the Find X3 pro has a lot to offer.

There is a fast new central processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 888. Oppos flagship is one of the first devices to come out with it. However, users only notice a significant difference from their predecessors when using a device that is several generations old smartphones. Another advantage of the Find X3 Pro is its successful design. The back of the glass gently flows around the camera. As a rule, you won’t see that anyway, because most people prefer to put a smartphone that costs 1150 euros in a protective cover.

What you see is the screen. And thanks to Oled technology, it can also be seen, is brightly colored and bright – appropriate for the price range. As one of the few smartphones, the Find X3 pro is already ready to use real 5G. Vodafone has put the technology into operation at around 1000 masts. Otherwise, 5G has been chiefly based on the previous 4G technology and only uses 5G to transport data.

In addition to the microscope camera, there are three other lenses on the back: a super wide-angle camera, a wide-angle camera, and one with a telescopic lens, which can only be magnified twice. They offer a good level of quality. Of course, most of the talk is about the microscope camera. As impressive as insights into the world of the small area, experience has shown that the aha effect wears off quickly. It is not suitable for professional applications, neither in terms of magnification (60x) nor quality. On the other hand, the battery technology is compelling: the mobile phone fully charges in 35 minutes.

Overall, it shows why Oppo, which, like the brands Oneplus and Realme, belongs to the BBK Group, rose to number four among the smartphone brands in Europe in the first quarter of 2021. The cell phones are well made and convince in terms of performance. In addition, competitor Huawei suffered significant sales losses because it could not use Google apps due to the US-Chinese trade dispute.

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