How To Stop Incoming Calls Without Blocking?

There are ways to silence your phone without blocking callers or resorting to airplane mode. The best option depends on whether you want to silence all calls, unknown callers, or calls from specific people. There are a few ways you can use it to halt incoming calls without blocking them. Let’s look at some practical approaches:

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Simple Steps On How To Stop Incoming Calls Without Blocking

Activate Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode

The majority of smartphones come equipped with a Do Not Disturb mode. When turned on, this mode mutes all incoming calls, messages, and alerts to ensure you’re not bothered by them.

  • Open Settings on your Android smartphone to turn on DND mode.
  • Seek out the option labeled “Sound” or “Sound & Vibration” (the precise name may differ).
  • Locate “Do Not Disturb” and turn it on.
  • Choose the individuals and applications for which you wish to grant exceptions by swiping to the Exceptions tab.
  • Turn off “Ring on repeated calls” to stop spam calls from getting past DND mode. Calls Without Silence calls from unidentified or unknown numbers. In this manner, unsolicited calls won’t wake you up.

Recall to add significant people to your allowlist so you don’t miss any critical calls. Turn on call forwarding to temporarily divert incoming calls to a different number (like voicemail). In this manner, calls won’t come in directly to your device.

Check the settings on your phone or contact your carrier to set up call forwarding.

Turn On Call Barring

  • Call barring prevents certain kinds of calls, such as outgoing and international calls.
  • Examine the settings on your phone to enable selective call blocking.

Using Your Telecom Operator, Activate DND

  • Some carriers offer more DND functions. Contact your telecom provider to find out whether they provide customized choices.
  • Every approach has benefits and drawbacks. Choose the option that best suits your circumstances and needs. 

Are There Any Apps To Stop Incoming Calls Without Blocking?

Not many apps are made expressly to mute calls without blocking them. These apps frequently allow for stopping, so it can be challenging. But there are a couple of choices available to you on both Android and iPhone that provide a comparable outcome:

The most convenient approach to muting calls is to use Focus or Do Not Disturb Mode. This capability is available for iPhone and Android devices alike. Important contacts can frequently have exceptions made so they can still be reached.

Calls from Unknown Numbers might be silenced on certain phones if the number isn’t saved in your contacts. This may be useful if you frequently receive spam calls from unidentified numbers.

Call forwarding allows you to program your phone to route calls at particular times to voicemail or another number. This will stop your phone from ringing, but it won’t end the call.

A word of caution regarding apps that allow call blocker programs: They may allow you to build a “whitelist” of allowed numbers, but few apps are made specifically for that purpose. All others would be rendered silent. Use these apps cautiously since some may ask for permissions you don’t feel comfortable giving.

It’s advisable to explore your phone’s built-in functions before searching for third-party applications.

Here Are Some Of The Third-Party Apps That Allow You To Stop Incoming Calls Without Blocking

Several third-party apps are available to assist you in stopping incoming calls without entirely banning them. These apps offer tools for efficiently managing incoming calls, identifying spam, and filtering undesirable calls. Here are a few well-liked choices:


Hiya provides services and tools for mobile devices. It assists in recognizing and preventing spam calls, enabling you to prevent annoyances without permanently blocking numbers.

Hiya is an effective app that can recognize and stop unsolicited calls. What you should know is as follows:

  1. Hiya assists you in recognizing incoming calls from unknown numbers using Caller ID. It lets you know who is calling and why, allowing you to choose whether or not to answer.
  2. By blocking spam calls and SMS, you can stay safe from fraud, telemarketers, and scammers.
  3. Utilizing Reverse Phone Lookup Hiya lets you seek up unknown numbers and share your experiences with them if you come across them.
  4. Hiya protects you from unsolicited calls using real-time spam reporting from a community of over 300 million users through Community-Based Spam Reporting.
  5. With Privacy’s assistance, Hiya does not utilize or sell user information to any parties for commercial gain. The app keeps your calls and data secure.
  6. accessible on the iOS and Android operating systems


This is yet another useful piece of call-handling software. It has amusing features like recording messages to answer spam calls and filtering spam calls. Thus, you can prevent spam calls from bothering you without totally blocking them.

  1. The multi-award-winning program RoboKiller elevates spam blocking to a new level. This is what it provides:
  2. RoboKiller stops 99 percent of spam calls and texts with Spam Call and Text Blocker. Robocalls and other phone frauds are eliminated.
  3. Use Answer Bots to trick con artists by playing recorded messages featuring characters like Kermit the Frog and Ice T. While protecting yourself, waste their time.
  4. With Scam Protection at your disposal, RoboKiller stops spam calls with audio fingerprinting and predictive analytics. It offers mental tranquility.
  5. Assisted by Community-Based RoboKiller, it has over a million users, which makes it a formidable tool for blocking unsolicited calls.
  6. accessible on the iOS and Android operating systems 


Truecaller is a commonly used tool for spam and caller identification. Users can report new spam numbers, and it keeps a sizable database of known spam numbers. Truecaller can filter calls so you can choose whether to answer or ignore them.

  1. The smartphone app Truecaller allows you to block spam calls and recognize unknown callers. 
  2. It is available for iOS and Android smartphones and has more than 400 million users globally.
  3. The following are some of Truecaller’s salient features:
  4. With the help of Caller ID, even if the caller is not on your contacts list, Truecaller provides you with their name and photo. By doing this, you can prevent calls from being returned by telemarketers or spammers.
  5. Call Blocking With Truecaller allows you to prevent calls from particular numbers or from numbers that other users have flagged as spam.
  6. With the help of SMS blocking, Truecaller can also block messages from spammers in addition to blocking unsolicited SMS messages.
  7. Text messaging allows you to send and receive text messages using Truecaller’s integrated messaging software.
  8. With the help of Call Recording, You can record your phone calls with Truecaller Premium. (Not accessible in every nation)

Although Truecaller is free software, a paid version is available that has more features, like the ability to check who has viewed your profile and remove ads. It is entirely up to you whether or not to upgrade to the premium edition.


Whichever option you choose to stop incoming calls without blocking will depend on the reason behind and duration of your call silencing. Call Forwarding comes in handy if you can’t be reached by phone at all, but Do Not Disturb mode is a fantastic general alternative. You can check online or consult your user manual for precise instructions for your phone model.

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