MyStalk – Anonymous Instagram Content Viewer & Downloader

MyStalk is an anonymous Instagram content viewer. It lets you view content on public accounts without creating an account on the official IG website or app. You can secretly view and download the desired content, such as photos, reels, and IG stories, using MyStalk

The official Instagram doesn’t allow its users to download or save videos or photos of others to their device storage. It is against their terms and conditions. However, anonymous IG viewing apps like MyStalk permit you to download pictures and reels of your favourite celebrities, influencers, and brands without compromising the picture quality.

Sometimes you may want to search for your secret crush or download your friend’s photos unknowingly, or you may want to view somebody’s IG story without letting them know, or if you are a parent and want to monitor what your kid is posting on his IG account secretly. MyStalk IG viewer is a simple solution to all the mentioned minute issues.

Considering the above mentioned issues, let us dive deep into the article’s main theme, MyStalk, a reliable IG viewer that assures complete anonymity while browsing public IG profiles. We will also help you note its features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages, and accessible alternatives.

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What Is MyStalk?

MyStalk is an online platform that helps users view and download Instagram content such as stories, reels, and photos without revealing their identity. However, users can only access the content on IG public profiles, not private accounts.  

The users can easily navigate through the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the website. The users need not register or create an account on the MyStalk website to avail themselves of its benefits. It is a simple tool with tremendous advantages providing anonymous access to the IG public profiles of your favourite ones.

This app is a trustworthy tool that does not collect the user’s data but provides privacy and free access to public IG profiles. Many use this anonymous third-party tool to monitor their competitors’ brands, products, and businesses or to view IG stories without revealing their identities. MyStalk is not only reliable but also swift in providing intended results.

How Does MyStalk Work?

MyStalk is an easy-to-use IG viewer tool with a simple interface that lets users view stories and other content of public profiles secretly. You might be having speculations on how to use this website. We have got you covered. Follow the simple steps given below.

  • Open the website Mystalk.net on your web browser.
  • You can directly access the website without signing up or creating an account.
  • On the website’s homepage, you will find a search bar in which you enter the name of the IG profile you want to view. You can also enter hashtags or related keywords in the search space and push enter.
  • You will get results related to your search and click on the desired profile to view their posts and stories anonymously.
  • To download your favourite story or post, click on it and then click on the download button to save it to your gallery or device storage.
  • The account owners do not know you are viewing or downloading their content.

The following are the services MyStalk offers to its users.

  • Users can view and download photos, reels, and stories of IG public accounts anonymously.
  • You can also view highlights and IGTV.
  • It analyses the trending hashtags and your brand’s performance against your contemporaries.
  • It analyses posts from your feed.

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Best Features Of MyStalk

MyStalk is a convenient and smooth IG story viewer online website that provides 100% anonymity while accessing others’ public IG profiles. You can access the content without registering on the official Instagram website or app. MyStalk has gained much popularity among the public for its versatile features.

User-friendly interface: MyStalk has a simple and straightforward interface that helps with easy navigation on the website. Users can easily browse through the pages of the website.

View Instagram stories anonymously: MyStalk allows users to view Instagram stories without letting the account holder know who viewed their stories.

View content on Instagram public accounts: Users can view content such as photos, videos, highlights, and brands of public profiles without creating an account.

Download and save IG content: Using MyStalk, users can download and save their favourite content in good picture quality.

Hashtag search: Hashtag search or keyword search is also available on the MyStalk IG viewer tool.

Why Do You Need An Instagram Viewer Like MyStalk?

The answer is simple. Any Instagram viewer tool lets you secretly view or download the desired content on public IG profiles without needing an official IG account. However, IG has millions of profiles, and many like to access IG content privately without leaving a trace.

Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to download posts of others to their device. You can take screenshots of the content you are fond of, but the pictures aren’t good quality. 

However, IG viewer tools like SmiHub, Imginn, Picuki, Insta Stories, Dumpor, Savefrom IG, StoryInsta, Saveig, StoriesDown, and MyStalk work similarly by allowing the users to view and download the desired content in original quality. 

Some Instagram users use the IG viewer tools to download their favourite celebrities’ pictures to create fan accounts. Thus, they hope to gain likes and followers on their accounts.

 These third-party tools are very helpful if you use them for noble purposes, but some stalkers use these tools to download the content for inappropriate usage. It is not only unethical but also a punishable crime. 

A few people use the tools to view the stories of their favourite people but do not want to let them know. So many people use these IG viewer tools for various purposes depending on their requirements.

Pros And Cons Of MyStalk


Here are the well-known advantages of MyStalk.

  • You do not need an official IG account to access the content on public accounts.
  • Download and save your favourite photos, reels, and stories to your device storage anonymously.
  • No subscription charges or hidden fees are imposed on its users.
  • Watch any number of Instagram stories for free with 100% anonymity.


MyStalk also has its share of disadvantages you should consider before accessing it.

  • You encounter a lot of annoying advertisements while browsing the website.
  • Some features of MyStalk are not as reliable as they claim.
  • As it is a third-party website, it is not completely trustworthy.
  • You may feel it tedious to cater through the IG profiles and keep track of them.
  • You may use a VPN and change your IP address to use MyStalk.
  • You must be very cautious while using IG anonymous viewing tools as they make you vulnerable to cybercrimes.
  • You can find multiple MyStalk websites online, so it becomes difficult to find the original one.

Reliable Alternatives To MyStalk IG Viewer

Besides MyStalk, several IG viewer tools unknowingly allow users to view their favourite content. Every IG viewer tool is unique, with flexible features. But every tool runs to allow their users to view and download the desired IG content of public profiles. Here is a list of some of the MyStalk alternatives. You can use these alternatives freely without a subscription or registration.

  • Anonygram
  • Ghosty
  • InstaLooker
  • Soomz
  • Private Viewer
  • SmiHub
  • Dumpor
  • InstaGrami
  • My Secret
  • Picuki

Wrapping Up

MyStalk is an Instagram viewer tool that lets users freely access content on public accounts without registering. It also lets you view IG stories and download the desired content without leaving any traces or allowing the account holder to know who browsed their posts. 

Thus, you can be sure of 100% anonymity while viewing your favourite posts. However, always be cautious when using MyStalk on your devices, as it is a third-party tool that cannot assure you of data security. We have also mentioned a few other intuitive alternative IG viewer tools with similar functionality like MyStalk yet unique features.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is It Possible To View IG Stories Anonymously Using MyStalk?

Yes, MyStalk assures you complete anonymity while viewing IG stories of public accounts.

  1. Can I Download Photos And Videos Of Private Instagram Accounts?

No, you cannot view or access private IG accounts using MyStalk as you are only permitted to access the content on public profiles only.

  1. Do I Need To Take A Subscription To Browse MyStalk?

No, MyStalk is free, and you don’t need a subscription.

  1. Can I Search For My Favourite Profile By Hashtags?

Yes, you can search IG profiles using hashtags and related keywords.

  1. Is It Necessary To Have An Instagram Account To Access MyStalk?

You do need an official IG account to access content on MyStalk.

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