Robots In Care: Necessary Care For Implementation

With the second wave of digital transformation, relying on robots in customer service is increasingly common. These machines bring excellent resource optimization — from time to costs. However, care must be taken when adhering to this technology

Check out in the following article all the benefits that robots bring to customer service; see what the differences between chatbots, virtual agents, and human kindness are; learn how one tool complements the other; follow the step-by-step guide to implement robots in your company and discover which sectors already benefit from this technology. Good reading! 

The Benefits Of Using Robots In Customer Service

Artificial  Intelligence  (AI) has advanced increasingly and is considered part of our daily lives, being present in different ways in everyday life.

So much so that a survey carried out by the company Frontier View, at the request of Microsoft, points out that, using all the resources available today in Artificial Intelligence, Brazil could grow twice as fast by 2030.

This would be based on generating more skilled jobs, business growth, and production optimization, in addition to involving issues such as cost reduction and market circulation.

Another critical point is that, after the pandemic, companies would be more subject to the use of technologies, as they see that they can use these solutions and obtain positive results.

Whether the forecast will happen is unknown since it would require the adhesion of the public and private sectors. However, one thing is sure: AI has promoted significant changes in several sectors, including customer service. 

The Artificial Intelligence

In this area, we can highlight the robots — chatbots or virtual agents —which optimize costs and services to deliver a good customer experience. But before investing in the best option for your company, it is essential to think about a fundamental factor: knowing how the public would adapt to this new way of being served. 

After all, if the goal is an excellent experience, it is necessary that, in addition to implementing the technology, the entire service workflow must also be structured. Thus, any gap can be filled, combining machines and people to offer the best to consumers.

Only after that will the company enjoy all the benefits of using robots in attendance. 

Integration Across Different Platforms 

The use of robots greatly optimizes the sector. However, not all issues can be resolved with its implementation. In this sense, it is possible to integrate them with other channels so that the service proceeds to an actual operator. 

So, even if it takes a little longer, the possibility of the customer being satisfied is excellent. After all, your problem, which was bigger and not automatically solved, was duly forwarded to a resolution. 

In addition, robots are not just for serving your customers. They can also be integrated into your company’s various systems, such as CRM or management. In this way, it can help optimize internal processes, consequently interfering with your company’s productivity.

Agility In Service 

The agility of robots in service is one of the significant advantages of adopting this system in the company. After all, the customer who gets in touch will not wait in a queue to be served due to the lack of someone available.

In other words, the service is done autonomously, as the robots are based on previous configurations to solve the maximum number of questions that customers can present. 

In addition, by presenting ready-made solutions, the robot can solve many simple questions and guide the consumer instantly to the action they should take. With this, the customer acts without delay, having greater possibilities of satisfaction with the company. 

Cost Reduction

Another advantage is the cost reduction for the company. After all, with an intelligent service system, it is unnecessary to have so many people in the sector. These people may be directed to more strategic activities for the company. 

In addition, the initial investment can be recovered over time, even with the necessary maintenance and updating of the system. 

Another critical point is that this economy allows the company to invest resources in other areas and apply them in technology to have the requirements for the ideal service.  

Customer Retention 

A company that serves well is likely to retain more customers. Therefore,  investing in service robots is a way to make the user experience better and faster.

Thus, the level of satisfaction tends to be high, making the company well-regarded by consumers, who are more predisposed to maintain their relationship with it. 

Availability 24/7 

Counting on robots in service means being available. That is, you won’t need a large team attending 24 hours a day or fail to solve your customers’ questions because it’s a weekend. 

The person will be served with robots at any time or day of the week. This makes her experience with support even better, especially when there is a rush to resolve issues or questions. 


In addition to solving doubts and transmitting information, robots can also be deployed to perform other essential functions for a company. One of them is after-sales research. With it, the customer can detail their experience and transmit complaints or suggestions. 

In this way, robots can collect and transmit this data to the company, allowing it to understand in detail how the customer sees the brand and how he wants to be treated through his comments. With this, it is possible to establish new marketing actions and develop new products and services. 


A significant advantage of robots is that they can serve any business. Your business does not have to be exclusively online to enjoy the benefits. 

With good planning, robots can adapt to various business models, fulfilling the service through different channels, such as the website or WhatsApp. They can be programmed to give purchase suggestions and inform discounts, something interesting for stores that sell through this application, for example.

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