The Best Educational Apps You Have To Try in 2022

If we have learned anything from the last couple of years, technology in education is here to stay. You and your family can now learn pretty much anything from the comfort of your own home. So here are the best educational apps that you absolutely must try.


This learning to read app contains over 40,000 books, audiobooks, and videos to make your kids fall in love with reading. The app can be used on all devices and is available for IOS and Apple. In addition, there are multilingual texts for multilingual families or families who want to learn another language. As your kids read, they will receive badges for achievement on the app, which incentivize them to continue reading. Track your kids’ progress through the app so you can be part of their reading journey. Set your kids up with a love of reading for life with EPIC!


Preply is an online learning platform providing access to native-speaking tutors in over 15 different languages.  Enjoy learning Spanish, French or Chinese and study at your own pace through tailored lessons to suit your and your family’s needs. You can benefit from the free trial before committing to regular classes. There is an app available for both IOS and Android. 

CodeSpark and CodeAcademy

CodeSpark is a coding app designed to teach your kids basic problem solving and critical thinking skills and creativity and other life-long valuable skills. Kids will play exciting games and challenges and won’t even realise they are learning coding skills. The interface is interactive, intuitive and word free. 

CodeAcademy is the adult version of CodeSpark, although they are unrelated in terms of provider. CodeAcademy provides course bundles that allow you to choose the direction of your study and targeted lessons will enable you to work through one concept at a time. Whatever course you choose, each class is broken down step-by-step into bitesize, easily digestible units. At the end of each class, there is a short quiz. 

Dragon Box Math

Math gets a bad rap and is notoriously difficult to teach and learn, whatever your age! Dragon Box allows kids to play games and complete exciting challenges and activities. There are no quizzes or assessments, so they won’t even realise they are learning! The interface is interactive, brightly coloured, and distinctly non-mathy. Your kids will be glued to a screen but learning along the way. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a portable school, teacher classroom. This comprehensive learning app for kids of all ages, has a huge video library with hundreds of topics, school subjects and additional resources for learning, practice and revision. Kids can watch these videos and then answer practice problems and questions. The app uses a personalised learning dashboard so you and your children can track work done and progress. It includes school subjects, but kids can also prepare for tests and exams. And the best bit? It is 100% free.

Science 360

This is a learning and discovery app for all things science. It is funded by the National Science Foundation to provide all science geeks with the information and knowledge they seek. It is free and available for IOS and Android.

Get Ahead

And get you and your family learning online with an app. They are entertaining, engaging and accessible from almost anywhere on the planet.

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