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123Movies or 123moviesonline website has amazing and functional features which drag movie lovers towards it. To get a vivid view of the 123Movies website, read further to know about the most popular illegal free streaming site.

Many free movie streaming websites compete to reach the height of success with their various and versatile features. But not every website can reach the top as they go through a lot of opposition from respective governments of the countries in which it is unlawful to capture or stream copyrighted content for free. 

Despite this, many other free streaming websites, 123movies, received a lot of applause from the public and have become the popular websites extensively searched on the web. One such very famous movie streaming website that lets users watch or download their favorite content for free is 123Movies.

123Movies website was launched globally approximately in 2016 as a small website with a limited number of films. As per the reports from trusted sources, its main base of operation is in Vietnam. It swiftly developed into a leading website and is regarded as the world’s most illegal website based on the nature of the content available on it. 

123Movies website has a whopping 98 million users across the world. 123Movies website is considered illegal, so it is banned and blocked in many countries like India, China, United Kingdom, Russia, etc. The website’s admins made it available with changed domain names or in the form of proxy/mirror sites.

About 123Movies Website

123Movies website is an illegal movie streaming website with a well-designed interface and a huge database collection of movies, TV shows, web series, and documentaries belonging to many Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and many regional languages.

It is a storehouse for many pirated movies. 123Movies is banned in countries where pirating is illegal. Initially, the 123Movies website was known by the domain names ‘Gomovies’, ‘Memovies,’ ‘123Movieshub’, and it underwent a ban in 2018. But it existed through mirrors and proxies and is still a very popular search term on google trends.

The content on the website is classified under different categories based on the language, genres, dubbed versions etc. Besides movies, the 123Movies website also offers TV shows, cartoons, anime, and motion pictures worldwide.  123Movies publishes the information related to the movies such as IMDB rating, cast, etc. 123Movies website provides many magnet links with different video resolutions and compatible file sizes.

Unlike other video streaming giants like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc., which allow users to access them only after purchasing a membership plan, the 123Movies website offers the same content without imposing any charges. Registration is not mandatory, and one can freely browse the desired content without any restrictions. Movies and other content can be downloaded and watched offline.

Best Features Of The 123Movies Website

123Movies website is an international torrent website with many striking features that are the reason for huge online traffic to the website. It is not enough to create a website but maintaining and updating it with innovative ideas strike the difference. 

123Movies has got all the prominent features which give the movie lovers a great experience, and it is a perfect choice for the people who desire to watch the latest movies for free. The exciting features of the website are mentioned below.

  • 123Movies website has an attractive homepage with an apt interface that gives a crystal clear understanding of the website’s usage.
  • The prominent feature that takes the website to the next level is advanced search tabs, giving the users easy accessibility to the content.
  • 123Movies website has a vast collection of movies and TV shows worldwide in different languages. Western cinemas, Asian and Japanese shows and motion pictures are also present on the website.
  • There is no requirement for the registration or subscription to access the content of the website. The desired content can be streamed online or can be downloaded and watched later at free of cost.
  • If you find the language barrier, you can watch your favorite movies or shows in unknown languages with the help of subtitles available in English, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Telugu and so on.
  • The content on the 123Movies is filtered and classified based on the nature of the content and genres. The types of genres available are action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, drama, family, suspense, thriller, horror, fantasy, mystery, game shows, fiction, biographies, documentaries, sports, music, romance, mystery, etc.
  • The categories available are top-rated, famous, best viewed, IMDB ratings, latest blockbusters. The video formats you can watch the movies are 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD quality, Full HD, Ultra HD, etc.
  • Browsers from countries like UK, America, China, Hong Kong, Canada, India, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia, France are big fans of the 123Movies website.

Working 123Movies Proxy & Mirror Sites In 2021

It is well-known that illegal torrent sites are regularly scrutinized and blocked by Internet Service Providers or Anti-Piracy teams. 123Movies website is no exception to it as the website hosts pirated content. The original domain name of the website 123Movies.to is changed over time to 123Movies.is. 

The original websites are blocked in many countries, leading to the rise of many mirrors and proxies. They have similar content and offer all the features of the original website. So they are regarded as clone sites. You do not feel that you are using a proxy site. The below-given list of proxy or mirror sites is working and is fast.

  • 123Movies.is
  • 123Movies.unblockall.org
  • www.123Moviesandtv.com
  • www2.123movie.mn
  • www2.123movie.mn
  • www9.0123Movies.com
  • www1.123Moviess.online
  • https://123Movieslife.net
  • https://123Moviesonline.cc
  • https://123Movieshub.it
  • https://is123Moviesfree.com
  • https://123Movieshub.info
  • https://123Movieshd.be
  • 123Movies.actor
  • https://ww4.123-movies.com
  • https://123Moviesgot.com
  • www1.123Movies.best
  • www.123Moviesfree.ws
  • https://123Movies.domains

Popular Movies Available On The 123Movies Website

  • Justice League Dark: Apocalypse war
  • Toy story
  • The lion king
  • Angry Birds
  • Hamilton
  • Frozen
  • Avengers: End game
  • Doctor Strange
  • Transformers: The Last Knight
  • Maleficent
  • American Sniper
  • Tenant
  • Hamilton
  • GreyHound
  • The Voices

All the movies listed above are superhit blockbusters and are with an IMDB rating above 8

Popular TV Shows Available On 123Movies Website

  • Swamp Thing – season 1
  • Breaking Bad – season 1
  • Game of Thrones – season 7
  • Deadliest Catch – season 15
  • The Boys – season 2
  • Better Things – season 3
  • The Terror – season 1
  • Euphoria
  • Vikings
  • Britannia
  • Dead To Me
  • Mandalorian
  • When They See Us
  • Chernobyl
  • The Umbrella Academy

The famous TV shows listed above have an IMDB rating of more than 8 and can be watched online or downloaded from the website.

What Is The Best Way To Unblock The 123Movies Website?

There are many ways to unblock an illegal website, but the best possible way to unblock is by using a reliable VPN or a Virtual Private Network. A VPN service has many uses which help the users not only to unblock the website but also to protect personal information. 

It blocks viruses and malware that may deteriorate the condition of the devices. It gives the different IP addresses and rescues you from the surveillance of cybercriminals and hackers. It avoids data leakage. It helps to download the desired content faster comparatively. It also works as an ad blocker

The proxy/mirror sites cannot be trusted as third parties from unknown places host them. The income to run these websites is generated through the intrusive ads that pop up while browsing the website. They cause a lot of annoyance and may inject unwanted software into the devices. It is always safe and secure to purchase and install trustworthy VPNs on your devices. 

It is not recommended to surf illegal websites like 123Movies as it is unlawful and risky. You have to be well prepared and well equipped to safeguard yourself from online threats. If you are still tempted to visit the 123Movies website, you can consider the best VPN services given below with a money-back guarantee policy.

  1. Express VPN
  2. Surf Shark VPN
  3. Nord VPN
  4. Tunnelbear VPN
  5. Windscribe VPN
  6. Ultra VPN
  7. Cyberghost VPN
  8. Private VPN
  9. IP Vanish VPN

Is It Legal To Watch Or Download Content From The 123movies Website?

According to copyright law 1957, it is illegal to tamper with the copyright infringement and an act under prosecution. If caught in the act, you can be jailed for 3 years or fined up to 2 lakhs. 123movies website does not have a proper license, and it uploads copyrighted content and lets the users watch the content for free. There may be many advantages to using 123movies, but there are an equal number of disadvantages that disturb your peace and put you in peril. 

What Are The Best Legal And Illegal Alternatives For 123Movies Website?

The websites homogeneous to 123Movies are quiet in large numbers and contain almost all the website features. Below are a few illegal alternatives for the 123Movies website.

1. Yes Movies

Yes, movies can be considered one of the best alternatives for 123movies website as it provides the movies with an IMDB rating and features similar to the 123Movies website. It has genres such as comedy, drama, thriller, horror, family, suspense, romance, fiction, etc. It also offers many Asian TV shows.

2. Putlockers

Putlockers has many special features which are not inferior to 123Movies’ website. It has a distinctive search bar that lets the users avail the desired content without any fuss. The overall design of the website is simple and easily accessible. It has huge data distinguished under suitable sections. It is considered as one of the top 250 websites by Alexa.

3. Fmovies

Fmovies is another prominent website that allows users to watch and download free HD movies, TV shows, and web series. It also provides subtitles to your favorite movies in unknown languages. There is no need for registration to access the Fmovies website. 

The services provided by it are completely free. It is the best choice for movie lovers who want to watch the latest blockbusters for free.

Users can consider many other free alternatives in place of 123Movies. You can go through them if you are interested. 

They are Los movies, Vex movies, Cmovies, Yo movies, Popcornflix, Primewire, Movie Watcher, Bmovies, Vumoo, Housemovie.to, etc.

We always encourage you to prefer the legal video streaming websites, which also have all the special features of 123Movies. They are safe and risk-free. They follow all the copyright rules laid down by the governments. To mention a few for your reference.

Here are some of the legal alternatives to 123movies

1. Netflix

Netflix is very popular and one of the biggest video streaming giants. It contains a huge database of movies, TV shows, and web series in HD quality. It is available in the form of an app and so can be accessed on Android devices. The charges are also reasonable.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is another reliable option for 123Movies as it offers movies, web series, TV shows in international and regional languages in full HD quality. The movies are entitled with ratings, cast, production department, movie duration, subtitles, and many more. It has considerable data for the viewers. There are monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans.

3. Disney Hotstar

It is an apt choice for the users who are dire fans of Disney as it contains all the content related to Disney. The website is well maintained and updated when needed. It has three types of membership plans as per the convenience of the users. It has dubbed and dual audio versions. It provides subtitles and other related information about the movies. It is a complete series of the Marvel cinematic universe. It is worth giving it a try.

Other legal alternatives to be regarded are HULU, Zee5, Sony LIV, Jio cinema, Youtube TV, Voot, etc.

Similar Other Alternatives To 123Movies

These below websites have user-friendly interfaces and prominent features same as 13377x torrents. Some of them are mentioned below.

Wrapping Up 123movies

Our main aim is to carry out a detailed study on searched topics and describe the pros and cons related while accessing them. We take it as a privilege to share the knowledge we acquired on important topics that interest us the most by the users.

At the same time, we consider it a responsibility to let our users know the negative consequences of browsing an illegal website like 123Movies. We do not encourage or recommend you browse illegal websites as it is a crime, and we always strive to abide by the law. Please watch your favorite movies or tv shows online by considering the legal choices mentioned in the article.

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