Moviesmon Or Moviesmon. com : Download 300MB, 480p, 720p Hindi Dubbed Movies

Moviesmon or Moviesmon. com is an infamous video streaming website known to upload movies, tv shows, web series in the pirated form.  

Recreation is the primary source of rejuvenation for anyone from busy work life. People enjoy traveling, playing outdoors, visiting parks, going to cinema theatres to watch movies, and many more. But this is not the situation right now. 

Since the pandemic began, everyone is voluntarily locked down in their houses, unable to go even to the cinema halls. This condition led to the rise of many video streaming websites which stream the latest blockbuster movies, tv shows, web series, etc. 

Most of the video streaming websites are illegal as they upload pirated content for free. The onset of pirated websites began a few decades ago, but the upsurge has occurred in the past two years. 

When the miscreants discovered the pirated website business was booming, they planned to bring up many more. One such website which started recently but has grown exponentially is Moviesmon or Moviesmon. com.

About Moviesmon Website

The Moviesmon website began in the year 2019 and became a prominent one among its peers. This website is famous as the Netizens are strongly attracted to it as it promises striking features and great content. The website is designed based on the requirements of the users. 

The website has undergone ban over time in many places as its content is procured through illicit ways. Strict laws are enforced against such unlawful activities, and those websites are continuously under surveillance. When the service providers or cyber team blocks the website, the website URLs are changed into different domain names with the same content. 

The Moviesmon. com website has vast data of 50,000+ movies, tv shows, web series, etc. Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi, South Indian movies in languages Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and other regional language movies in Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali are obtainable from Moviesmon. Com pirated website. Favorite movies can be downloaded or watched online. 

The movies or tv shows can be watched or downloaded in selected video quality and sizes. The Moviesmon website has leaked movies from significant production houses, which caused billions of dollars of loss to the film industries.

So we request you not to encourage such websites, which are the root cause of severe damage. Instead, opt for legal alternatives like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Sony Liv, etc., which are equally good.

Website Stats Of Moviesmon Website

The statistical data and the estimated net worth Moviesmon. com website are derived from the global, which estimates the global rank of the websites based on the inflow of traffic to the websites, and the revenue earned by the websites are reviewed by the website through an automated estimation relied on data ranking, page views, daily visits by the users.

The global rank given by is 163,787, and the number of pages visited daily by a user is 7.8, and the time spent on average by a single user daily is 6:00 minutes. The estimated worth of Moviesmon as per, a website that calculates the net worth of websites globally, is USD 34,744

The income generated through advertisements is USD 42,120 annually and approximately 2.83 million visits per year. The information given is surveyed in July 2021, and we do not hold responsibility for its accuracy.

Moviesmon Similar Domain Names Working In 2024 [List Updated]

Moviesmon illegal website has grown to glorify heights in a short span, so it is banned in many regions. The owners of the website immediately brought out a few clone websites with changed domain name extensions. 

  • Moviesmon .club
  • Moviesmon .info
  • Moviesmon.vp
  • Moviesmon.web
  • Moviesmon .fund

Outstanding Features Of Moviesmon Website

  • The Moviesmon website came up with many striking and attractive features that greatly help users reach their desired content. 
  • website consists of movies belonging to a wide variety of film industries stretching from south to north and east to west of India. You name a language, and you can find movies and tv shows related to it, thus covering a vast range of films.
  • The movies available on the website are dual audio, Hindi dubbed, 300MB movies, web series, etc. you can select the video quality and size of the movie you would like to watch or download.
  • Related information to the movie such as the name of the director and producer, cast, the duration of the film, IMDb rating can be seen. Subtitles are also given for a few Hollywood movies.
  • Based on the internet packages, users can adjust the video qualities. Video formats like 360p, 480p,720p, 1080p, mp3, mp4, full HD, ultra HD movies are available on this website.
  • 300 MB movies are the latest trend in these websites as they occupy limited space and can be easily downloaded on android phones.
  • The homepage of the website is user-friendly, with many attributes making it more flexible for the user. There is a search bar on the top where users can type the desired movie name, or if you go down, you can find many categories into which the vast content is classified.
  • The complete content such as movies, tv shows, web series, songs, short videos is available free of cost. You can either watch them online or download them and watch them at your leisure.
  • However, you must bear in mind that browsing or downloading any content from such websites is against the law and a punishable offense.  

How To Download Movies From Moviesmon Website

The process to download movies or anything from the Moviesmon. com website is straightforward. If you have basic internet knowledge on browsing the website, then the remaining process is effortless. Moviesmon. Com is an illegal website as it contains pirated content. It is generous but not trustworthy as people in disguise operate it. 

It is always a genuine threat to the users as third parties run it, and it is a haven for cyber fraudsters and hackers. They constantly seek opportunities to steal the information of the innocent people who surf the website for movies. So, to alert you on the risk of using such websites, we can educate you properly. 

To escape from their bait, we recommend you install a reliable VPN service that protects your data and devices and helps you download the content as quickly as possible.

But we reiterate that the best possible way to safeguard your data is by switching onto legal alternatives to watch movies that we will discuss further. Follow the guiding steps to download a film from Moviesmon website.

  • Before you browse the Moviesmon. Com website, enable a VPN installed on your device.
  • Open the website on any web browser.
  • Go to the search bar on the top right of the home page.
  • Please search for your favorite movie, or you can locate it from the categories given below.
  • You will get the link related to the film and select the video format and size you want to download.
  • Now click on the download button for the movie to be downloaded.  

Various Type Of Categories Available On Moviesmon

There is no doubt that the Moviesmon. Com website has an extensive collection of movies in different languages. The surprising element is the content on the website is arranged under various categories to search for the choice of interest quickly.

  • Bollywood movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Assamese movies
  • Bengali movies
  • Bhojpuri movies
  • Gujarathi movies
  • Marathi movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Kannada movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Arabic movies
  • Pakistani movies
  • 18+ movies
  • Movies by year
  • Web series
  • Tv shows
  • Songs
  • Trailers
  • Short videos

Type Of Movie Genres Available On Moviesmon

Movies of different genres are available on the Moviesmon website, satisfying the requirements of the users. They are 

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Comedy
  • Cartoon
  • Suspense
  • Horror
  • Biopics
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Entertainment
  • Romance
  • Animation
  • Fantasy

Latest Movies Leaked On Moviesmon Website

Moviesmon website leaked many pirated movies within a day of their release or even before they hit the theatres. It is an unlawful act and must be prohibited. The movies leaked on the website are as follows.

  • The Outpost
  • Detroit
  • Man of God
  • Nobody has to know
  • Crime Petrol
  • Sniper The White Raven
  • The Reef Stalked
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • The Batman
  • Death on the Nile
  • Unboxed
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • The Batman
  • Death on the Nile
  • World Ends at Camp
  • The Lost
  • The Gray Man
  • Uncharted
  • Jurassic World Dominion
  • One Moment
  • River Road
  • F3: Fun and Frustration
  • Karthikeya 2
  • Sita Ramam
  • Liger
  • Major
  • Acharya
  • The Adam Project
  • Crimes of the Future

Legal Alternatives Of Moviesmon Website

The famous OTT platforms offer entertaining elements such as movies, tv shows, web series directly to the viewers through the internet by bypassing other connections like cable, broadcast, satellite television platforms. To avail of their offers, you need to purchase various subscription plans as per your budget. They are safe and legal to watch. Here are a few OTT giants you can give a try.

  • Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Jiocinema
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Hulu
  • Sun Nxt
  • Sony Liv
  • Zee5
  • Voot

Is It Legal To Watch Or Download Movies From Moviesmon Website?

It is illegal and punishable to watch or download movies from the Moviesmon website. According to the copyright act 1957, the culprits can be put behind bars for 3 years or fined up to 5 lakhs. Famous actors are taking the initiative to educate the people about the severity of the felonious acts.

Few Illegal Websites Like Moviesmon Website

There are hundreds of unlawful websites which provide content similar to the Moviemon website. But it is a crime to browse them. They are mentioned below.

How Many Movies Can Users Download Per Day?

There is no limit on the number of movies you can download per day. The number depends upon your internet package, data storage capacity, and patience.

Wrapping Up Moviesmon

Moviesmon is an illegal movie streaming website. Regardless of enormous content and striking features, browsing is unlawful and a genuine threat to your devices and data. Always be on guard by installing a trusted VPN service on your PC if you want to visit the website. We strive for the welfare of our enthusiastic readers by inculcating the proper perspective towards illegal sites like Moviesmon. We live to abide by the laws of the government and encourage our audience to do so. 

Disclaimer: does not encourage piracy and other illegal content. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a severe offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. The information we provided in this article is for creating awareness and educational purposes.

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