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Kickasstorrent website was founded in the year 2008 which consisted of a directory of torrent files and magnet links that can be downloaded by using a Bittorrent client. KATCR became the top-rated torrent site among its peers until the US authorities shut it down in 2016.

The peer-to-peer file-sharing website is prominent for massive multimedia content like movies, tv shows, web series, anime, documentaries, software, games, apps, etc.

Due to a vast database and frequent data updating, KAT became the most visited website with one million daily users. When the well-known torrent site, The Pirate Bay, was shut down in many countries, Kickasstorrent came into the limelight to replace TPB.

When Kickasstorrent reached its peaks with great content and fabulous services, the site had to face the blow from the ISPs. 

But the site’s staff came up with many proxy and mirror sites of Kickasstorrent, which replaced the vacuum created by the website’s shutdown. In this article, we try to reveal the history, working status, proxy and mirror sites, download process, methods to unblock KAT, and its other alternatives.

Know About Kickasstorrent 

Kickasstorrent is a popular torrent site that is known for providing versatile content online. The site hosts both legal contents as well as copyrighted content for free. The registration process is not mandatory. The site can be accessed by anybody from any part of the world. 

Kickasstorrent is available in 45 languages providing a hassle-free experience to users from different world regions. The site is well maintained without the problem of facing annoying breakdowns. The site has fewer ads, unlike many other torrent sites. 

After occupying the place of Pirates Bay, KAT reached its peak and gained a lot of appreciation from the netizens. The interface is as simple as ABC, which any person with basic internet knowledge can use. 

Many torrents are updated on its homepage daily. The floods may include both pirated and non-pirated content. So, as KAT witnesses pirated content on its database, it was banned in many major countries in 2016

But later on, many web users established proxy sites and mirror sites, replicas of the leading KAT site. There are a lot of benefits to using proxy/mirror sites. They are,

  • Multiple numbers of proxy sites are available.
  • They act as a bridge between the users and the sites they visit. So, it is implied to the outsiders that the users see a proxy site but not the main website. 
  • The online activity of the users cannot be traced.
  • ISPs and other hackers cannot locate you as you will be given a different IP address and a different location as they both are the primary ways to find and block a website on your browser by the Internet Providers.
  • Although the proxy sites run on different servers and are administered by other people, the content is the same as the original Kickasstorrent website.
  • You will not feel that you are using a proxy site as the layout, design, and content are identical to the leading KAT site.

Working Kickasstorrent Proxy Sites In 2021

Given below are the 100% working proxy sites of Kickasstorrent.

Proxy Sites List Speed Working Condition Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Very Fast Yes Fast Yes Fast Yes Average Yes

How To Download Movies From Kickasstorrent?

Below is a detailed description of how to download a movie from Kickasstorrent proxy safely and securely. The current condition of KAT is offline. So, the best way to access it is through a proxy site.

Before clicking on any of the proxies given in the article, ensure that you installed any torrent client such as Bit Torrent, Utorrent, Bit Comet, etc. To browse the site safely, purchase and install a reliable VPN service on your device. 

  • Open any of the Kickass proxy sites on your web browser.
  • Type the title name of the movie in the search bar and hit the button.
  • You can find a list of torrent files representing your search on the home page.
  • Go through the details such as file size, video quality, movie description, etc., to choose the right option for you.
  • Then click on the magnet link that is given below the file. You will be directed to the torrent client installed on your device. Either copy the link and paste it into the torrent client.
  • Then click on the option for the movie to be downloaded on your device.

Note: Use an ad blocker to block unnecessary pop-ups and annoying ads.

Easy Methods To Unblock Kickasstorrent

Generally, torrent sites can be accessed freely without any subscription charges, and they are vulnerable to illegal activities. Also, ISPs will trace your activity and shut down or block the website.

So to escape from such surveillance, you need third-party services which give you anonymity. One is a paid service, and the other is a free or non-paid service.

  1. Virtual Private Network.
  2. TOR browser.

1. Virtual Private Network

Many VPN services are available online at efficient prices. A VPN service is beneficial in many ways if you are a regular torrent user. VPN is a private network that carries your online activity through secret tunnels where the information is encrypted. Enable a VPN service before browsing KAT

Enroll in a different IP address and another location where the site is not blocked. ISPs cannot track your activity if you browse the website through a VPN. VPN gives you super security and provides safety from illegal cyber activities. Superior VPN services like 

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN 
  • IP Vanish VPN 
  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Surf Shark VPN 

They are reliable, compatible, and instrumental to unblock Kickasstorrent.

2. TOR browser

TOR is a communication software that works on the nodes of the internet and redirects the traffic between the nodes. It is a non-paid service to some extent. The onion routing technique of TOR helps in hiding your identity. It prevents spying and surveillance of ISPs. The only drawback with TOR is the speed with which it works.

Top 5 Alternatives For Kickasstorrent

There is an umpteen number of torrent sites available online. Still, all may not replace Kickasstorrent as it is well-indexed with popular and newest torrents and has many valuable features that help navigate the website with ease. Below is the gist of the top 5 famous torrent sites that are equally effective in functionalities and content available to the Kickasstorrent site.

1. 1337x

1337x is a well-renowned website for many movies, tv shows, games, apps, and many more, which can be downloaded or watched freely. This famous torrent site evolved into an independent place after the shutdown of the original 13377x. Many clone sites for 13377x were formed, but all could not withstand the blow of ISPs

Only 1337x amazingly stood the competition and continues to extend its free services to its worldwide users. It might be banned in many countries, but it still runs through its proxy and mirrors. It has an attractive web page where the content is classified into different sections based on the type of content present. 

2. YTS

YTS or YIFY is one of the best alternatives for KAT as it has precisely the same features as Kickasstorrent. YTS is best known for providing HD-quality content to its users. YTS was shut down after some time due to the presence of illegal content on the site.

But many proxies and mirrors of YTS have emerged with the same features and content. YTS is a preferable option for KAT.


RARBG is a Bulgarian website known for free trending movies, tv shows, games, software, etc. This peer-to-peer file sharing website which works on the Bittorrent protocol, is a perfect alternative for KAT. It is well designed and indexed with multiple torrent files intrinsically. The content on the sites can be easily located without any fuss.

Although the site is banned in countries like America, Spain, Bulgaria, UAE, Netherlands, and 11 other countries, the admins made sure to provide the proxies of yts, which are the clones of the main website.

4. Limetorrents

When we talk about the best torrents of the world, Lime torrents occupy the place among the top 5. This is a unique website with special features. The layout is beautiful and is embellished with the latest and earliest content. 

You can find movies, tv shows, web series, games, software on LimeTorrents. It has a unique feature called the ‘health bar,’ which suggests and differentiates between safe and unsafe content. You can find fresh content updated every two hours on LimeTorrents.

5. Nyaa

Nyaa is another famous torrent site that is primarily admired in Japan for its friendly interface. The site is best known for animated movies and shows. The torrents are classified based on the date of their upload. There is an option where the floods can be selected based on the user’s comments, date, size, peers, seeds, etc. Nyaa is a go-to website in place of Kickasstorrent.

Similar Other Alternatives To Kickasstorrent

Let’s Conclude Kickasstorrent

Kickasstorrent is not a wholly illegal website as it consists of both legal and pirated content. But it was shut down by the authorities in 2016. It is not in working condition at present. But the content of the site can be accessed through proxy or mirror sites. 

To access them safely, specific important measures are to be taken. The most important of them is using a good VPN service while browsing torrent sites. It not only protects your identity but also prevents malpractices that affect the valuable content store on your devices. 

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