Google Chrome, What The New Browser Omnibar Will Look Like

A new omnibar is coming for the Chrome browser: let’s see together what all the features coming from Google are

Google Chrome enriches its possibilities. The browser presented a new omnibar function, which promises to significantly shorten the times of a whole series of searches. 

Specifically, Chrome can search within the history, favorites, and open navigation tabs. All use three specific shortcuts. 

With this feature, the user can save time locating the content he had in mind. Just use the shortcuts @history, @favorites, and @tabs combined with the right keywords to quickly find everything you need.

Google Chrome Unveils A New Feature

Google’s numbers are appalling in every way. Google Chrome is no exception: to date the most widespread and used browser in the world. Over 64% of desktop and mobile users downloaded Chrome last year. An impressive percentage, especially compared to the various competitors: Safari stands at around 19%, and Edge just over 4%. 

Just Google Chrome has unveiled a new feature that could further increase its success. A tool that aims to simplify various search areas: from bookmarks to history, without forgetting the search in tabs. 

This function touches the omnibar of the search engine developed by the Mountain View giant. More precisely, the omnibar of the desktop versions of the Chrome browser is available for Windows, macOS and Chrome OS operating systems. 

Mobile devices have yet to be touched by the news. At the same time, several insiders are ready to bet that Google’s new omnibar will soon be available on Android and iOS. They provided, of course, that you go through the Chrome browser.

How The New Google Omnibar Works

Chrome’s new Omnibar lets you search your bookmarks. But also of your history and from the open browsing tabs. 

To do this, it is possible to use three shortcuts developed by Google, which can be called up by typing the @ symbol and, subsequently, three specific keywords. By typing @favorites, you can search within your favorite pages. 

Typing @chronology searches within the pages opened in the last few hours (but also in the previous few days or even in the last few weeks). Finally, by typing @schede, the search is organized directly within the navigation tabs. 

Before the shortcut, the user can write the keywords he has in mind following the classic Google search standards. For example, it is possible to carry out searches such as: 

– @favorites weather information

– @rome restaurant history

– @schede best smartphone

In all three cases, Chrome will search only within the “space” indicated by a shortcut. Moreover, there are currently three shortcuts, but nothing prevents new ones from being presented in the future. 

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