How Augmented Reality Is Impacting The Eyewear Industry

Augmented Reality (AR), a groundbreaking technology that seamlessly integrates the digital and physical worlds, has become a catalyst for innovation across various industries.

From leisure and recreation to business, AR is becoming widespread. It enhances our perception of the real world by overlaying digital information onto our physical environment. This immersive technology has witnessed widespread applications, from gaming and education to healthcare and traffic management. Its ability to seamlessly blend the virtual and real worlds has made it a game-changing force in the technological landscape. Whether you’re chasing a Pokémon around your local area or trying on dresses from a supplier 100 miles away, AR is changing your life.

One sector that stands out in harnessing the transformative power of AR is the retail eyewear industry. The relationship between AR and eyewear is revolutionizing the way consumers explore, choose, and interact with their glasses. From virtual try-on experiences to in-store interactive displays, AR is enhancing many facets of the eyewear shopping journey. This shift is not merely about digitizing the process but fundamentally transforming the way consumers engage with eyewear.

Here are three ways in which this is manifested.

Virtual Try-On Experiences

One of the most prominent ways AR is reshaping the eyewear industry is through virtual try-on experiences. Customers no longer have to wander from store to store looking for the right pair of glasses – by simply sitting at home, they can try on glasses online, choosing from a huge selection of styles. Whether that’s sports glasses by Oakley or stylish Ray-Ban Aviators, you can see exactly what you look like in the latest pair.

It works by leveraging your phone or laptop camera, taking a live image of you, and then imposing the glasses on your face. AR technology places one of hundreds of styles on the bridge of your nose and then manipulates them as you get a side view, front on, and whatever else you wish. You can even snap a picture to send to a friend of you in the very latest Oakley Effingwell shades!

Enhanced In-Store Experiences

In-store experiences are undergoing a revolution with the integration of AR, and the retail eyewear sector is no different. AR is transforming retail stores into interactive spaces where customers can access information about various frames, compare styles, and receive personalized recommendations.

This immersive in-store experience not only elevates the shopping journey but also empowers consumers with information to make well-informed decisions. With that in mind, AR is driving down refunds and returns, as shoppers can be more informed on the purchases they’re making. Also, even if a product is out of stock, AR can allow a customer intimate access to it, much like the virtual try-on facility at home.

Glasses Offering Limitless Potential

The change isn’t all about how you buy glasses but also how you use them to interact with the world. Smart glasses such as Xreal’s Air 2 Ultra offer AR capabilities, something that could be significant if developers get on board. Imagine walking down a street whilst on vacation and being able to tap into information about everything you turn and look at. The technology allows for a head-up display, not unlike those in video games or seen in 80s films such as Terminator and Robocop.

The possible applications are frightening; AR glasses could be used to deliver information at sporting events, even providing replays of plays that happened moments ago but projected onto the actual pitch. Tourist traps could deliver AR-guided tours and the history of buildings. You could even watch live reenactments of famous moments from history at certain sites. Whilst these are ideas that developers need to tap into, the technology is already there, waiting to be used, in the form of the Air 2 Ultras.


The intersection of AR and the eyewear industry is an evolving and exciting place, reshaping the retail landscape in unprecedented ways. From the buying experience to how they could impact everyday life, changes are happening on a daily basis, and in terms of AR, the eyewear industry is likely never to be the same again.

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