15+ Best *FREE The Pirates Bay Alternatives In 2024

The Pirates Bay is a popular torrent site where users can search for, download, and contribute magnet links and torrent files, facilitating peer-to-peer file sharing among BitTorrent protocol users. However, it is essential to note that copyrighted material is illegal in many countries and can result in fines or other penalties.

About The Pirate Bay 

One of the most well-known torrenting websites in the world, The Pirate Bay offers thousands of torrents for games, music, TV series, and movies. It’s a dependable torrent website with a large support community and enough proxies and mirrors to withstand government shutdown attempts. Still, it’s worthwhile to investigate alternatives to Pirate Ba y.

Fans of Pirate Bay might be accustomed to going to the website, not being able to find the torrent they’re looking for, or discovering out of the blue that the platform is unavailable because of legal restrictions. The Pirate Bay is a well-known brand in the torrenting community. 

However, the site is not always accessible because of ongoing takedown attempts and regional blocks. You must locate a different torrent website if The Pirate Bay is unavailable or contains the content you are looking for.

To assist you, we have examined and tested hundreds of torrent websites to identify the top substitutes for Pirate Bay. However, we advise utilizing NordVPN before you visit any of these torrent websites.  

How To Download The Pirates Bay?

  • Installing a BitTorrent client is the first step in downloading files from The Pirates Bay. After that, visit Pirate Bay to look for and download the files of your choosing, including software, movies, TV shows, music, and video games 1. To download files from Pirate Bay, follow these steps:
  • After downloading it, install a BitTorrent client (like qBittorrent, \Torrent, Vuze, Deluge, BitComet, or BitLord).
  • Look through Pirate Bay for the files you wish to download.
  • Next to the torrent file you wish to download, click either the ” et This Torrent” button or the magnet icon.
  • Your web browser will prompt you to save or open the torrent file. Select the “save” option to store the file.

To save the torrent file, choose a destination folder on your computer.

It should be noted that a significant portion of The Pirates Bay content is copyrighted, which may be prohibited by law or the rules of your internet service provider. Moreover, files downloaded via torrents might be infected with malware and viruses that harm your computer. 

Adult content is frequently found in the advertisements on Pirate Bay. Pirate Bay use is in your danger. Using a virtual private network, or VPN, is advised when torrenting. Because NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy, top-notch encryption, and dedicated P2P servers for seamless downloads. Be careful

15+ Best The Pirates Bay Alternatives 

This list of the top The Pirates Bay alternatives was created after we put some of the top torrenting websites to the test. We’ll review each option in this section, emphasizing their benefits and drawbacks, best features, and operational mirror sites. Remember that while some torrenting websites are private, most are open.

1. 1337X

A reliable substitute for The Pirates Bay, 1337x has more than 53 million monthly visitors and a vast collection of torrents. Most content types, including adult, documentary, and app content, are available. It is lacking in games, though. Its vibrant community, which frequently updates its torrents and welcomes reviews, is appealing. In this manner, you can determine the quality of a torrent.


  • a sizable torrent file library
  • user-friendly interface
  • fast download times
  • Numerous recent publications
  • Outlawed in the US, Canada, Australia, India, and the UK


  • Minimal content for video games
  • Many nations, including the US, Canada, India, and the UK, have blocked it.

2. YTS Torrents

One of the most fabulous substitutes for The Pirates Bay, YTS is an excellent website for movie downloaders. We discovered that the website offers the most recent releases in HD quality, even though it has no other torrents except movies.

In contrast to other torrenting websites, we tested its interface and discovered that it was incredibly user-friendly. Unlike most websites with ugly lists of torrents, movie covers are how YTS organizes their torrents.

They also have respectable numbers. Our tests show that YTS has 75 million monthly users and an average download speed of 3–4 MB/s. Additionally, the overall design is flawless, and there aren’t many ads on it.


  • There is a ton of HD content in the library.
  • has a few older, difficult-to-find titles
  • Downloads are compressed, so low bandwidth is not an issue.
  • 3–4 Mbps download speeds are typical.


  • restricted to downloading movies
  • Content protected by copyright.

3. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is one of our top alternatives to The Pirates Bay since it’s a great place to find new releases. Most titles will download quickly thanks to the smooth interface and excellent seeder/leecher ratio on fresh torrents.

According to our tests, the average download speed is between 3 and 4 MB/s. Additionally, it provides many search options and has slightly less than 20 million monthly users across all mirrors. Because there are few seeders for older torrents, it ranks lower on our list of the best torrent sites.


  • Includes torrents for games, movies, software, and books.
  • good (3–4 Mbps) download speed
  • Easy-to-use interface featuring single-click torrent downloads


  • Obtrusive advertisements
  • There are fewer seeders in older torrents.

4. Torlock

Verified secure torrents that contain what they claim are available through Torlock. Reputation as a secure torrenting site stems from a previous campaign in which users were promised $1 for each reported fake torrent. Although it’s unclear if Torlock is still engaged in this, it sounds like a fantastic project.

With a current impressive catalog in both movies and series, Torlock is a specialized distributor. With nearly 7,000 series torrents and about 50,000 movie torrents, the platform is a fantastic substitute for The Pirate Bay. Additionally, the platform features a helpful and user-friendly interface.


  • Campaign to eliminate phony torrents (every torrent is verified)
  • Excellent UI with a ton of torrents for games, apps, anime, and movies
  • contains anything related to technology under the News tab.


  • Aggressive advertisements

5.Torrent Downloads

If you want to download free books, the best torrent site to visit is Torrent Downloads. Thousands of books in every genre, including memoirs and fiction, were discovered. IIt’salso a wise pick if you enjoy anime and Asian television series. We found Torrent Downloads to be a very user-friendly and ad-free platform.

It is also a fantastic choice for harder-to-find titles across all genres. Therefore, try Torrent  Downloads if you’re looking for an old video game and are looking for it on other well-known game torrent sites.


  • Reputable website for hard-to-find books
  • extensive library with a great selection of software packs
  • Lots of Asian content; well-structured interface with sections dedicated to books, TV series, movies, and other media


  • 2–3 Mbps download speeds are slow.
  • blocked in numerous places

6. KickassTorrents

Having been operational since 2010, Kickass Torrents was formerly the most well-known torrenting website worldwide. Although the purported proprietor was detained in 2016 and seven Kickass-related domains were taken by US authorities, imitators and torrent aficionados have established clones that potentially harbor illicit torrents.

One of our top alternatives to Pirate Bay is KickassToreents because of its extensive library and abundance of seeders for more recent releases. Additionally, download speeds are pretty decent. But as soon as we started looking through recently updated torrents, an intrusive pop-up advertisement—which we never really liked—opened in a different browser.


  • The vast collection of games, apps, eBooks, anime, movies, TV series, and music
  • frequent updates, the newest episodes and films
  • thriving torrenting scene with a large number of seeders


  • Overbearing commercials
  • Content protected by copyright.

7. Nyaa Torrents

Nyaa Torrents is a fantastic substitute for Pirate Bay because it is a treasure trove of anime TV series, films, images, games, and music. Although the quality of the seeders is generally low, it offers a relatively wide selection of different anime titles. The download speeds are surprisingly quick, though, particularly considering how little-known the website is.

There are two sections to this torrent site: Fun (NSFW anime that is safe for work) and Fap. Though Fap offers hentai and mature content, Fun is your typical anime website. Technically, these two operate under the same domain.


  • Excellent website for fans of anime searching for new releases
  • An easy-to-use interface featuring a category filter comprising anime, live-action, literature, and additional options
  • a large amount of Asian content


  • Overbearing commercials

8. Glo Torrents

Glo Torrents offers a vast collection of content, including games, books, PC software, movies, TV shows, and music. For those who prefer not to download files, a streaming option is available. Glo Torrents is a deserving contender for our list of the top Pirate Bay substitutes.

It also features an active community forum where you can discuss problems with previously uploaded torrents, ask questions about upcoming features, report fraudulent torrents, and other topics. You can also apply for permission to upload torrent files to the website. One of the better substitutes for RARBG is Glo Torrents.


  • Versatile torrent platform featuring a vast collection of torrents
  • You can request authorization before uploading your torrents.
  • Fast download speeds due to a reasonable seed/leech ratio


  • The site attempts to launch a lot of pop-ups
  • Displays numerous explicit pornographic advertisements (NSFW).

9. Demonoid

Demonoid is a torrent website that looks more like an old-fashioned forum site but has a vast library and good functionality. Keywords or titles can access files from the Torrents tab. You can adjust the quality, language, and category filters to get precisely what you’re researching for.

Aside from the images, our main problem is the absence of the need for more seeders. While torrent downloads are comparatively simple and quick, they will take longer than on many other torrent websites. Demonoid does feature a torrent upload feature and its forums. But to use either, you’ll need to become a website member.


  • Almost a million torrents are accessible
  • and provide software, games, anime, books, movies, TV series, and documentaries.
  • Blocks connections to malicious torrent files


  • Not the most visually appealing interface
  • Membership is required to access the forum.
  • There are only a few seeders.

10. IsoHunt 

IsoHunt is a clear-cut, simple-looking torrent website. Its library is quite extensive, and new entries are being added daily. HD titles are straightforward, and the seeding is higher (hundreds to thousands). For this reason, IsoHunt is on our list of the top substitutes for Pirate Bay.

Our main complaint with IsoHunt is that occasionally, clicking a link will cause a new tab to open. Usually, the tab opens up an ad, which is highly bothersome. Nevertheless, this is how they maintain the website, given that there are no visible advertisements on the page itself.


  • The extensive content library is neatly organized.
  • Torrents for TV shows, eBooks, software, movies, and games that have recently been updated
  • Excellent download speeds


  • Invasion of advertising

11. IP Torrents 

IP Torrents is a private torrenting website that receives approximately five million monthly visitors. Because it is personal, you must have an account to gain access. You can obtain a membership by accepting an existing member’s invitation or donating $20 in Bitcoin.

IP Torrents is one of the most popular private torrenting websites. As a result, it has an active community and an extensive library for all types of files. Another benefit of personal torrenting sites, such as IP Torrents, is that they typically do not contain advertisements or malware.


  • An extensive collection of movies, games, and books
  • More secure than a public torrenting site
  • Interact with other users in an active community.


  • Payment ($20 in Bitcoin) or an invitation is required.

12. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a great torrent site for finding songs and albums. It has one of the largest torrenting music libraries, and you can find both obscure and classic songs. Torrentz, on the other hand, has slow download speeds (1-2 MB/s) and is ad-ridden. Furthermore, the website is frequently unavailable.


  • Download speeds are slow (1-2 MB/s).


  • Too many advertisements
  • The website frequently goes down.

13. Dirty Torrents

Dirty Torrents is well-known for aggregating content from significant torrent websites. It displays the most recent torrents from all over the internet in real-time on a clean, ad-free website.

It’s also worth noting that the site displays the top content per category in the previous 24 hours, keeping users up to date on what’s new in the TV, gaming, and app industries.


RARBG is yet another major player in the torrent world. And, like the one above (KAT), it has been through a lot of thick and thin online.

 This Pirate Bay alternative has a simple user interface, an enormous torrent library, and reliable information about each torrent (which simplifies file verification before downloading).

Films frequently have screenshots and a poster on the page rather than on separate links to other sites. Furthermore, music files contain the album cover, and programs include the software image.

15. Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker is another straightforward torrent file search engine covering a wide range of sources, including lesser-known and language-specific sites.

What distinguishes this torrent search engine is its torrent site index, which is frequently updated with the most recent torrent proxy sites and the most popular torrent indexes.

16. EZTV

EZTV specializes in television shows. You can find shows from various old and new shows and filter them by quality, release date, genre, and other factors. There are also movies available. Just be aware that new shows are frequently copyrighted, so downloading them could land you in hot water.

The site also has an active community, forum, and FAQ page. They were helpful to me because they helped me find torrents that I couldn’t find elsewhere. It also includes a privacy checker that protects your location and identity from prying eyes. However, a VPN, such as Express VPN, provides more comprehensive protection, and I recommend using one instead.

17. Extratorrent

  • In November 2016, Extra Torrent surpassed The Pirates Bay as the second-largest torrent directory, satisfying the needs of numerous users searching for a suitable substitute.
  • Three mirror domains and EExtraTorrent’s primary domain were lost in March 2017. Luckily, backup domains with the same simple UI were still available.
  • Despite all the difficulties, ExtraTorrent has maintained a strong viewership, even though some users have begun looking for ExtraTorrent alternatives.
  • It is currently one of the most popular alternatives to Pirate Bay and has a highly user-friendly interface. The website also has a vibrant user base and offers a vast range of content.
  • Extra Torrent was well-known even before The Pirate Bay and other large torrent websites closed.

 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does The Pirate Bay remain operational?

Yes, there are still torrents available on The Pirates Bay. However, it is not wholly secure, so it’s advisable to join a strong VPN before using it. However, you should use a Pirate Bay substitute if it’s unavailable in your area. Being one of the biggest torrent sites, governments, and ISPs take notice of it and attempt to take it down. Because of this, it is either prohibited or blocked in some regions of the world.

2. Is Using The Pirate Bay Safe?

It’s not 100% safe to use The Pirate Bay, like any other torrent website. As a result, I suggest that you use The Pirate Bay with a robust VPN. When you use a VPN, peers downloading and uploading the same torrent cannot see your IP address. Your IP address is always visible when you use a VPN to encrypt and hide your data, leaving you open to cyberattacks.

3. Should I Use The Browser From The Pirate Bay?

Released in 2013, the Pirate Bay browser underwent its most recent update in 2019. There are no records of it, so it is no longer accessible. You can use any safe and secure browsers in its place, though. To elude censorship, the Pirate Bay Browser amassed over a million downloads in the months following its launch.

4. Is It Okay To Use The Pirate Bay?

The laws governing your nation determine whether or not The Pirate Bay is legal. It is advisable to consistently verify local laws concerning torrenting and visiting websites that may be restricted due to legal concerns (such as The Pirate Bay). Using a strong VPN is always a good idea when browsing The Pirate Bay and torrenting. You’ll stay secure online with it.

If that is the case in your area, it should be legal for you to access and browse the library. But, regardless of your location, what you do on the website could be against the law. Since many of the sites are copyright-protected, downloading and sharing them is prohibited.

5. Why Is The Pirate Bay Requesting A VPN?

Using a VPN on The Pirates Bay (and other sites like it) reduces your vulnerability to online threats. With its military-grade encryption and no-logs policy, a VPN will conceal your data, allowing you to torrent safely and anonymously. If you do not use a VPN, anyone downloading and sharing the same torrent as you will be able to see your IP address, which may reveal personal information. As a result, you are vulnerable to online attacks, so keep this information private.

The Final Word

Despite its enormous popularity, governments and ISPs regularly target The Pirate Bay to block it. If you cannot access The Pirate Bay, you should look for other torrent sites.

Alternatives to The Pirates Bay that offer a vast array of torrents and a variety of content are listed here.We tested them extensively, and they’re all of good quality. All these websites don’t completely need to be more secure, though, so if you use one, I suggest using a VPN like ExpressVPN. With its no-logs solid policy, fast speeds, and security features, you can download torrents quickly and safely.

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