Online Tutoring: What Does It Bring?

Tutoring no longer has to take place on-site, as it was used to. Especially in times of Corona, online tutoring is more in demand than ever: You either learn on your own, for example, in the form of interactive games that entertainingly convey the content, or you meet online with a tutor who can respond to the individual needs of the tutoring students. Doesn’t it matter which concept you ultimately choose – the question is what online tutoring achieves: Can learning gaps be made up with the help of online tutoring? This question will be explored below.

On-Site Tutoring Is Still Widespread

Tutoring is generally a big topic in this country: Recently, parents have invested a total of 900 million euros in additional tutoring hours after school. As previously mentioned, online tutoring is on the rise. However, around 1.2 million students still study with an on-site tutor in the afternoons.

However, many children do not find this idea particularly attractive since the concept corresponds in principle to that of the school that the child has previously attended for six hours or more. However, if the tutoring takes place online on the computer, it is much more interesting for the children.

The Choice Is Enormous

The selection of available offers, if you decide that the child should do the tutoring online, the choice of available offers is sometimes so confusing that you don’t even know which one is the right one.

For example, some platforms offer learning videos for various school subjects but do not go into the learning plans of the individual federal states, which are known to differ. In contrast, some providers structure the content based on the curricula so that students from all federal states can learn the “right” material.

How Much Does Online Tutoring Cost?

On-site tutoring lessons are not particularly cheap, which is why they have so far only been reserved for children from better-off families. However, online offers that you can take advantage of are usually associated with significantly lower costs. For example, some suggestions only cost around seven euros per month. It would help if you decided individually how much you want and can spend on tutoring. If the financial aspect is not so important, one should logically choose the provider that promises the most significant learning success.

Is Online Tutoring Equally Suitable For Everyone?

Taking best online courses platform is a good option for catching up on one or more school subjects. However, it is essential to remember that not every offer is suitable for every child, which means that you have to find the right offer – and this can sometimes be difficult given the vast selection. In any case, you should respond to the child’s individual needs when you are looking for the right platform.

A certain degree of personal responsibility is also essential since you have to make up for the gaps that have arisen “yourself” – of course, with the help of the respective platform. Furthermore, you have to know where there are gaps, and a few strategies for finding the connection again are helpful. If these points apply, learning in online tutoring can even be fun and help the child get better grades.

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