Pixwox: Download Instagram Stories, Photos, Videos In 2024

Pixwox is one of the best third-party tools that allows a user to view and download Instagram stories, posts, and followers unknowingly to the account holder. Internet stalking is very obvious these days because everyone wants to know about what others are doing.

Without even the hint of who is seeing them and who is downloading their stuff, these tools help in internet stalking people on social media. With the emergence of technology and the internet, so much new and weird stuff is also taking place on social media platforms.

What do you expect when you want to stalk a person on the internet without them knowing and wanting their photos or details? There is not much to think of, but to know about the person or to see any feedback anonymously can be the correct answer.

Let’s have a look at what Pixwox features are and what it offers to users online. Also, have a look at other similar apps like Pixwox.

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How Does Pixwox Work?

Pixwox is very easy to use; even a beginner of the internet can use this app very easily without any interruptions. They need a steady internet connection and an account name. They need to be looked at.

If you have an account name that you are trying to look for, search it through the app. That’s how easily it offers extraordinarily comfortable navigation in the app. The application only has a few extra features that confuse beginners.

Easy working process and download facility in which users can download the posts of public accounts with high quality. The account holder needs to learn about who visited their history and who downloaded their stuff.

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How To Download Pixwox?

  • Open the application store or any other app store on your mobile phone
  • Search the app Pixwox
  • When the app is found, click on the Install app
  • When the app is installed totally on your mobile, open it
  • Upon opening the app, users can search for the account and use it

How To Use Pixwox?

  • After the completion of installation, you can use the application
  • A text box in which you can enter the required account name can be seen
  • Upon entering the name that you want to view, the details can be seen
  • Then, you can open the account and view the details anonymously.

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Best Features Of Pixwox IG Photo Downloader

User-Friendly Interface

User-friendly interface that makes the access of the page smooth. There will be no jinx in the usage of the app: user-friendly interface and very accessible navigation into the further options.

No Subscription

There is no need for registration or creating an account to use the features of this app. It’s free to use and easy to navigate. You can also download anything freely with any charges.

Quality Downloader

Users can download high-quality photos and media content from the public accounts they want to view anonymously. Downloading can be fast and effective as it downloads speedily and can have downloads on your device without any lack of options.

Perfect Viewer

Users can view anything without the account holders knowing about the details of the regarded person. They can view everything from this app, like the comments, the story highlights of the account, and many more.


It’s very safe to use because it only allows the user to view the content from the public accounts. Private accounts on Instagram are protected and cannot be considered. It also clears the data and downloads that the user made from its database.


The users can also interact with the public account, like seeing the comments and viewing them. Interact with the stories that the owner of the statement made and many more.

Best Alternatives For Pixwox

Pixwox is said to be easy and free to use, but some alternatives for Pixwox help as best as this app does. You can find some of the options given below:

Story Saver For Instagram

This app will best work in viewing and downloading stories for Instagram accounts, and that too anonymously. You can download the content and view their comments. You can download the app from any app store.

Fast Save

Same as Pixwox, you can download and view the content, and it’s safe and maintains a clean security that allows users to work in peace without any obligations. The app is available and can be found in any app store.

4K Stogram

It is a perfect alternative for Pixwox and works the same, gives accurate results, and speed down the content best for business and stalking purpose. It can be available and downloaded from the app store.


With the help of this app, users can download anything from stories to reels from the Instagram account and can save them on their own devices. The fast and quality downloader, too, is applicable for the usage of users who want the content to be downloaded.


By using the app, users can manage and download the stories on their devices and can add any text to their stories. The app can be available and can be found in any app store on your mobile.

Final Words

The Pixwox application is available for anyone and is used to view and download the media content in the accounts from Instagram. It is straightforward to use. It is accessible to anyone who uses the internet.

Small or start-up businesses can also use this app because it helps view customer reviews, ratings, and feedback on their product or service. They can also see the comments from different accounts and review them for their development purpose.

Finally, the app is practical and can be used for genuine purposes as the users can only download the stuff from public accounts. They cannot do anything for the private funds as they are locked and cannot be viewed from any application.

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