Hard Work Premium Eco Case: An iPhone Case For The Environmentally Conscious

Sustainability is quickly babbled on, but it needs to be lived: Anyone who separates rubbish, uses reusable bottles, and otherwise thinks about the environment daily can set another example with an iPhone case like the hard work Premium Eco Case.

Why should an iPhone case specifically appeal to environmentally conscious tech fans? The Premium Eco Case from harder consists of completely compostable materials, resources such as oil and energy are used responsibly during production. Nevertheless, the Premium Eco Case effectively protects your expensive iPhone from the adversities of everyday life.

Win-Win Situation: Good For The Environment, Your Wallet, And Your iPhone

Mind you, the hard work Premium Eco Case is not made of recycled plastic – that would be a cheap trick. Instead, the Hanoverians from hardware rely on a special material that guarantees complete biodegradability. Hard work puts all the cards in front of you on the table: The Premium Eco Case is made of charcoal, bamboo, calcium carbonate, marble, cellulose, and PBAT. PBAT? Yes, even the Premium Eco Case cannot do without plastic. PBAT, however, is a biodegradable and compostable plastic.

Thanks to the innovative mix of materials, the custom-made case does not just gradually dissolve. Like any other high-quality protective case, it protects your iPhone from scratches, scuffs, and other flaws during its lifetime. The Premium Eco Case does not begin to decompose until it is underground. In about two to three years, it is completely bio degraded there – in your compost heap, this process accelerates to eight to twelve months. You can safely dispose of the Premium Eco Case in your compost alongside windfalls, coffee grounds, leaves, and other organic waste.

What is good for the environment is also good for your iPhone: The hard work, Premium Eco Case, is made to measure and protect your Apple smartphone all around. The connections remain freely accessible, and wireless charging continues to work. The hard work Premium Eco Case is not too thick and lets your iPhone shine as a designer piece even with the case.

You Have To Know That About The Hard Work Premium Eco Case.

  • The hard work Premium Eco Case is environmental protection in practice. It is completely biodegradable after disposal.
  • An innovative mix of materials ensures the best (environmental) protection and a clear conscience: The case consists only of charcoal, bamboo, calcium carbonate, marble, cellulose, and PBAT.
  • You do not generate plastic waste – there is no complex packaging in the interests of the environment.

The hard work Premium Eco Case is available in fresh colors – suitable for the environment and green thinking. You can choose between yellow and green. The Premium Premium Eco Case is currently cheaper – instead of 24.90 euros, the case costs you in all variants only 18.90 euros.

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