www.aka.ms.yourpc: Link Android Smartphone With Your PC

Microsoft has set up a website at www.aka.ms.yourpc that allows customers using the system to receive notifications on their mobile phones. This capability is beneficial if you are running the latest versions of Windows on your computer. 

This feature works with Windows OS to establish the necessary connection between your computer and smartphone. All connected gadgets like (Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and others) are instantly added to your Microsoft account after entering your login information on the www.aka.ms/yourpc web page or application.

This allows you to sync data and settings between those devices. The Phone Companion app is one of the top 10 popular apps on the market, and Microsoft develops a wide variety of software

We will discuss how to use www.aka.ms.yourpc to connect your computer to your phone most effectively and efficiently. But this won’t be an issue if you have an Android phone and a Windows computer. Microsoft has better access to sync with its Link to Windows and Phone Link programs.

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Advantages Of Connecting A Windows Computer To Your Phone?

There is no better reason to connect your phone to a computer. By linking the two devices, users can complete many additional tasks. Have you considered using a PC to reply to a text message from WhatsApp to your phone? This can be achieved by connecting gadgets. The Windows Your Phone app is the most effective integration for Android users.

  1. To begin with, the most essential benefit is that users can quickly move files from their phones to their PCs. Save yourself the hassle and use an easy and fast way to drop and drag all your important files instead of sending them to you.
  2. Messages sent through WhatsApp, other messaging apps, or text messages can all be easily viewed and responded to by Android users through a computer notification pop-up. Users can reply to or check messages as well as open the app.
  3. Users of Android phones can now instantly access over 2000 photographs from their phones on their PCs.
  4. Copying and pasting content between devices should use the cross-device copy-paste feature. Don’t try to skip it. You can transfer files from your PC to your Android phone or any other phone.
  5. Voice calls became available along with personal computers. They can answer calls using their PC’s speakers and microphones. So you can stop holding your phone close to answer calls.
  6. Users can use their PCs to access apps loaded on their phones quickly. Using a large computer display and keyboard, you can use programs for conversation, games, browsing, and more if you can access a computer and the Internet. Multitasking is also possible.

For the features to work, you must configure the device and then adjust its settings. Note that these benefits are only available on Android phones. Apple’s security prevents Microsoft from connecting to iPhones from Apple.

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Download And Connect: Aka.ms/yourpc App For Android Smartphone

By following the instructions you mentioned, it will be very easy for you to download and connect to The Android App www.aka.ms.yourpc:

  1. Everyone first goes to www.aka.ms.yourpc URL. The download link will take you to the Microsoft Store if your smartphone is ready.
  2. Then “Google Play Store” will open where you can download and set up “Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows PC”.
  3. To install the Microsoft app on your phone, please click the “Install” option.
  4. After that, please click the Microsoft app and select “Do you have a QR code on your PC?” or click the “Sign in with Microsoft button” option to link via the QR code.
  5. After you log in to your Microsoft account, please select “Continue”.
  6. After that, select “Allow” from the pop-up menu.
  7. To view and send the message, click “Allow” in “Your Phone Companion”.
  8. Allow “Your Phone Companion” to manage and make calls.
  9. “Your phone’s companion to access your contacts” should be enabled.
  10. Allow “Your phone companion to access your contacts” by turning it on.
  11. If you don’t need battery optimization, click “Continue” in “Stay Connected”.

Requirements For Linking www.aka.ms/yourpc

To connect your phone to your laptop or PC, we will cover them in this part, so check the following list of prerequisites before proceeding.

Phone Companion Application

On your smartphone, install the most important software. By visiting www.aka.ms.yourpc, you can get it immediately. You can access Microsoft’s official website and download it without any problems by clicking on this link. However, download it from your phone’s Play Store via this link on Microsoft’s website.

Companion Software On Windows OS

The second most important app you need is to check if your Microsoft Windows Phone app has a companion app. Fill the search bar with “phone link”. If it appears in the search results, select the icon. If not, you can get the icon by updating Windows to the most recent version. It is considered compatible with Windows 10 and later versions only.

Wi-Fi Connection

A good and reliable internet connection is the third most important feature for your devices, the ability to link your phone directly to your PC and use all its apps and functions on your laptop or PC.

Issues Faced While Using www.aka.ms.yourpc

Here are several solutions to fix the problem with your computer and website:

  1. Make sure the same Microsoft account is logged in to both devices.
  2. Verify the internet connection once again to determine its functionality.
  3. Also, disable your laptop or PC’s battery saver. Occasionally, all networking connections are terminated.
  4. Please remove the “Do Not Disturb” setting from your phone.
  5. Verify that you are visiting only the official website, www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc.


The features of Windows OS from Microsoft are incredible. This saves user’s time by removing the need to download third-party programs. Use a PC to connect their phones and then do any phone-related tasks. Get the software for PCs and smartphones at www.aka.ms.yourpc.Use the link www.aka.ms/yourpc to view and download the required software for both your smartphone and PC. 

Take advantage of Windows Microsoft capabilities that allow you to connect and replicate devices. Pairing the two devices is easy using the Phone Link app on your Windows PC and the Windows app on your Android phone.

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