Seven Benefits Of Using Technology In Digital Marketing

Digital transformation is a reality in the market and society as a whole. With innovative solutions and an increasingly connected world, more and more of our day-to-day activities have become virtual. Evidence of this is the successful use of technology in Digital Marketing. 

The very concept of marketing has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. Today, it is critical to use technology to generate more qualified leads and increase sales. Still, not everyone understands the depth of impact of this new era of innovation. 

With that in mind, here we highlight the seven main benefits of technology in Digital Marketing. So, enjoy reading and take these ideas to your company! 

Process Automation 

Technology has taken traditional marketing beyond the local market. With the reach of social networks and good positioning in search engines, it is possible to expand the scope of business and conquer new customers. However, one of the great benefits is precisely being able to do this in an automated way. 

With marketing and customer management solutions, companies can reduce the repetitive workload in marketing. The team starts to focus on more essential tasks while technology takes over the role of more generic activities. 

The approach of leads, for example, is automated through automatic emails, chatbots, messages on social networks, etc. This brings us to a second important point. 

Personalized Approach 

More than simply sending the same message to all potential customers, the technology allows for personalization. By categorizing leads according to their profile, we create groups to communicate in a specific way. 

The sales funnel strategy, for example, helps to identify which stage of each customer’s purchase journey is at. From this information, we can create Inbound Marketing content that addresses the specific needs of each lead. 

In Bootcamp: Marketing and Sales, we delve deeper into the importance of inbound marketing in IT companies and how to have a personalized approach from process automation; check out the topic: Demystifying Inbound Marketing in IT companies.

Technology automates marketing at a high level while humanizing the dialogue with each person or company. 

Buyer’s Persona 

Technology helps to collect valuable data through the internet. This means understanding more deeply the consumer(s) profile of your company’s products and services. If the marketing team wants even better results, it is possible to define the Buyer’s Persona. 

This concept refers to a fictional character who brings with him the profile, habits and preferences of your potential customer. This is crucial information for anyone who wants to develop an efficient strategy. 

The use brings benefits to both: Inbound and Outbound Marketing. After all, nothing better than knowing details about the behavior of our audience. An important tip is to create more than one Persona, depending on the segmentation of your customers. 

Flexibility For The Business 

Using technology in Digital Marketing means adopting innovation as part of the company’s philosophy. Over time, more processes can be absorbed by the solutions adopted, which means new opportunities. 

Overall, this is an important step to drive digital transformation in business. The trend is for the company to expand its ability to identify new consumer demands. 

By doing this quickly, it is possible to conquer more and more space in the market. 

Cost Reduction 

Every strategic change requires an assessment of the financial impact it can bring. In this case, the scenario is extremely interesting. After all, using technology in Digital Marketing means eliminating rework, automating processes and optimizing sales. All this tends to reduce costs in several aspects. 

For example, customer acquisition cost ( CAC) should be lower, as the company invests less to convert sales. With more qualified leads, it’s easier to close a deal. Also, building customer loyalty tends to be smoother when we have the feedback we need to improve our approach. 

More Efficiency In Management 

Efficient management can achieve the objectives set out in the planning. The advantage of having technology has the necessary tools to monitor the marketing team’s processes in depth. 

This means, for example, accessing a dashboard that shows performance data and generates reports for managers. Calculating CAC and other KPIs is no longer manual and has become automated. 

From time to time, we may reassess our strategy based on quantified results. In other words, you can view marketing with great transparency and drive continuous improvement. 

Integration With Sales 

Remarketing is a concept that has been gaining visibility in the market. After all, technology allows for true integration between marketing and sales. The reason is simple: they are complementary departments which must act based on the same objectives and which can benefit from the same information.

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