50+ LimeTorrents Alternatives In 2024 [Verified & Working]

For movies, TV series, games, apps, software, anime movies, and much more, LimeTorrents is the official torrent provider. You can search for all these torrents at LimeTorrents using the advanced search option or by going straight to the top torrents and the most recent torrent category. 

Based on a system offering its own compiled and user-contributed torrents, LimeTorrents is an independent torrent search engine that does not host the torrents of other torrent providers. Additionally, it enables users to download appropriate and legitimate free torrent files.

LimeTorrents We strictly prohibit searching for inappropriate torrent files here. You are free to distribute the torrent files among the LimeTorrents. Register on LimeTorrents to begin uploading torrent files at no cost. People who have used LimeTorrents torrent sites understand how incredible the site is. Even the torrents obtained from LimeTorrents are accurate and confirmed and provide breakneck download speeds that are rarely seen with torrent files obtained from other websites. 

LimeTorrents offers free torrents of movies, television shows, games, software, eBooks, and other items that are otherwise superior and inaccessible online. Is Limetorrents no longer available? Are you looking for other ways to get access to limetorrents? However, finding the best lime torrent alternative these days is extremely difficult.

Fortunately, limetorrents operators and other torrent fans have been assisting us with the latest limetorrents proxy and mirror websites from time to time. Lime torrent mirror websites have the same information, indicators, updates, and new content. The only difference is that they work under a different name.

You will find limited alternatives and similar sites in the following guide. Furthermore, we have discovered the best lime torrent alternatives listed below.

List Of Limetorrents Proxy Servers [100% Working]

Here is a collection of Limetorrents proxy sites that we hand-picked from the internet. The Limetorrents proxy site list below is regularly updated and verified by us. All Limetorrents mirror and proxy sites can be accessed via your browser.

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25+ Limetorrents Alternatives In 2024

1. Extratorrent

The most popular independent torrent search engine in the world, ExtraTorrent, is part of the BitTorrent network. It is renowned for providing users with original torrent files at no cost.

Using ExtraTorrent has several benefits, primarily its sophisticated search engine system. With just a few words, users can effortlessly search and explore their preferred torrent with our search system—the best and most convenient way.

Currently, it is one of the world’s largest torrent file directories. Apart from offering a mechanism for obtaining torrent files, ExtraTorrent allows its users to upload and distribute their torrent files. The primary benefit of utilizing ExtraTorrent is that it is one of the few popular platforms that consistently offers the newest and most up-to-date content.

2. Yify Torrents

One of the most well-known torrent portals on the internet, Yify Torrents (also known as YTS), has millions of torrent files in its index. But don’t even consider using Yify Torrents to obtain registered software, games, music, TV series, programs, or anything else because it only deals with movies.

When it comes to movies, only then can you be sure that YifyTorrents will give you access to the most significant films and even the most recent videos in real-time. The primary benefit of utilizing YTS is that it is one of the few top platforms that consistently offers the newest and most original content.

The ability to download torrent files in excellent print resolutions of 720p, 1080p, and even 3D quality is another fantastic feature of YifyTorrents.

3. IsoHunt

One of BitTorrent’s approved peer-to-peer torrent systems is IsoHunt, an online torrent provider. It is an online index of thousands of torrent files available for download in various categories, including books, software, apps, movies, music, and videos.

Here, users are free to explore torrents indefinitely and download as many torrents as they like without any limitations on the number of files that can be uploaded.

IsoHunt has a system for uploading torrent files, so anyone who wants to share their files is always welcome. The torrent file-sharing system is not limited to the torrent file-uploading system alone. It allows users to create torrent files and then distribute them to others. IsoHunt’s system elevates it to the level of a global torrent service provider.

4. The Pirate Bay

Anyone can obtain torrent files on the user-contributed Pirate Bay website for movies, music, games, books, registered software, and more. It’s claimed that the best place to obtain torrent files for practically nothing is The Pirate Bay. The lack of meta links for users is the sole drawback of utilizing The Pirate Bay.

Instead of downloading the file, the torrent client automatically fetches it whenever a user tries to download any torrent. The Pirate Bay then compels the user to download it straight away. Therefore, from this angle, The Pirate Bay is less user-friendly than the other websites.  


Torrentz. to is the most robust and dependable torrent search engine worldwide. It was formerly the top torrent search engine. It is a massive platform continuously gathering billions of torrent files from nearly thirty torrent providers.

Torrentz is a quick torrent file meta-search engine and a free torrent provider. Dozens of other top torrent providers support it and use its independent torrent search engine. Those who want to distribute their torrents can do so with others.

It does not, however, offer a method for making the torrent. Therefore, users must generate the torrent files independently and upload them to the Torrentz platform. The ability to create a list of torrent files to be permanently saved online and downloaded later is another fantastic feature of Torrentz.

6. 1337x

1337x is a dedicated platform for torrent-based files, with two options: streaming the available torrent link or downloading it as a magnet link. The 1337x magnet link downloading system allows users to download torrent files using any torrent client or download manager. It is the most popular service, with millions of users worldwide who can use it to download torrent files.

1337x offers the best and most up-to-date torrents in the following categories: anime, apps, original documentaries, movies, music, adult movies, TV programs & and shows, seasons & and episodes, and more.


A massive torrent downloading and uploading service that handles both torrent and Meta link downloads is Users can download it using any download manager or torrent client.

KAT is an independent torrent search engine that delivers torrent files of all kinds. It never lends out torrents from other torrent providers and has its torrent direction. The primary benefit of using is that it is one of the few top platforms that consistently offers the newest and most original content.

Enthusiasts of entertainment will find great fascination in’s system, which offers access to all recently released films. The KAT directory contains a ton of other content besides the movie, including torrents of original TV episodes, TV series, TV seasons, dramas, TV shows, fully registered and version software, games, books, and much more. Additionally, KAT offers a mechanism for sharing and uploading torrent files.

8. Kickass

Kickasstorrents was shut down more than a decade ago. Compared to Limetorrents, Kickasstorrents was one of the most significant torrent platforms; however, it lost many online users who moved to other torrent search engine websites following its temporary closure. Kickasstorrents is one of the torrents and alternatives.

Similarly, unlike a LimeTorrents proxy torrent intermediary, Kickass torrents have an individual voting system and complete community cooperation to keep your new content. It is also available globally because it provides a site in multiple languages.

9.Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor is considered one of the most active torrent providers on the internet, offering the newest torrents to its users, with millions of valid torrents. This page provides torrent files in the following categories: adult, anime, music, movies, TV series, seasons, episodes, and more.

Users of Torrent Reactor have the option to search for torrents based on popularity and recentness. The best feature of Torrent Reactor is its sophisticated search engine, which verifies that users have entered the word torrent. Users of Torrent Reactor can share torrent files they have created that are superior to others.

Torrent Reactor is a user-contributed torrent search engine thanks to its system. Because it depends on other torrent providers, Torrentreactor is currently indexing millions of torrent files that it has obtained from the top torrent provider.

10. BitSnoop

BitSnoop is a torrent provider that uses a peer-to-peer network. If the torrent files it offers are invalid, then the hundreds of thousands of torrent files it offers are useless. BitSnoop’s outstanding feature is that it only provides users with legitimate torrent files. It guarantees that users will receive appropriate seeds to download torrent files quickly.

Close to 24 million torrent files are currently available, and hundreds of additional torrent files are added to it regularly. Due to its heavy reliance on the databases of other top torrent providers, it boasts one of the largest databases of torrent files. It currently depends on the website that hosts nearly 300 torrents.

11. Sumo Torrents

Because it offers legitimate torrent files, SumoTorrent will always be there regarding quality rather than quantity. It is the authorized torrent supplier by BitTorrent, offering its users the most excellent and most rated leeches and seeds torrent files. The best thing about SumoTorrent is that it allows users to download various torrent data and functions as a downloader.

Users can still download the torrent file even if it crashes because the automatic repair system will fix it first. Although very few torrent files are available, SumoTorrent consistently provides its users with the highest-rated, legitimate, and original torrent files. SumoTorrent’s system makes it one of the most user-friendly torrent platforms, with the most excellent options available to its users.

12. TorrentHounds

Using TorrentHounds, one can search the internet for the best torrents available. While there are plenty of torrent providers, the most important thing is to find the original and ideal one.

TorrentHounds is the source of thousands of torrent files, all based on the same idea. TorrentHounds updates itself frequently by offering its users brand-new torrent files daily in addition to torrents of vintage music and movies. It operates on two different service platforms: first, there is TorrentHounds’ torrent directory, which houses millions of torrent files, and second, there is its torrent client system, which can be downloaded for free.

This implies that users of TorrentHounds can utilize the site’s independent torrent client in addition to downloading torrent files from other torrent clients. Because of its system, TorrentHounds is the most comprehensive torrent client and provider available, giving users the most significant search and download options.

13. Mininova

The online market’s torrent engine and directory is called Mininova. Its goal is to provide a user-friendly search engine and directory for torrent files. Any BitTorrent tracker can be used to track torrents that users of Mininova anonymously upload to the website.

Mininova provides many categories of content: anime, books, games, movies, music, pictures, software, TV shows, TV programs, and much more. Nevertheless, Mininova’s torrent directory is less extensive than that of the other torrent providers. Therefore, you won’t find the torrent file you’re looking for, which can be disappointing most of the time.

The service has been shut down. It was a Japanese anime movie torrent provider approved by BitTorrent. This website is an excellent place for users who enjoy animated films in all genres to download torrents. All kinds of anime movies are available at the Nyaa.

They will also be able to obtain adult-oriented anime films here. According to some reports, one of the largest collections of people who enjoy watching anime movies is Nyaa. It can explore torrent files in film, music, software, images, books, action, and animation-based movies.

15. EZTV

A TV torrent distribution called EZTV enables users to look for, download, and share torrent files and magnet links that help BitTorrent protocol users share P2P files. With all the essential features, tools, and an easy-to-use interface, it is straightforward to use. Its user-friendly interface lets you quickly locate and download your preferred TV torrent file without any restrictions.

The website has added new advanced-level search boxes. One is straightforward and looks like another search box where you enter the name of your preferred television program. The other one requires you to select your favorite show from a drop-down list that includes every show.


Founded in 2008, Rarbg is a website providing torrent search and indexing services. The well-known BitTorrent protocol gives peer-to-peer users access to magnet links and torrent files for file sharing and data transfer. Although the service has too many adverts, users find trusted torrents popular.

RARBG is an excellent service that provides nearly all the main torrent download links. This platform has a fantastic user interface with lots of sections to explore. You can quickly obtain your links by using this section. There are numerous categories with unique content in each one.  


Torrentz2 is a powerful metasearch engine that combines results from numerous search engines quickly, easily, and powerfully. An online portal with millions of users worldwide is completely free to use, and you can access it from anywhere at any time.

The platform’s user interface, which consists of the user menu and search panel, is straightforward and uncomplicated. One of its most alluring features is that you can download or view the content on this platform without having to register or provide any personal information.

18. YTS.MX is a free movie streaming website that lets you browse and download high-quality movies in a small, portable package. This website is made explicitly for movie buffs who wish to watch brand-new HD films daily. With several categories, including Action, Comedy, Fighting, War-based, Romantic, and many more, it offers you an incredible movie experience with a vast selection of HD content that is updated frequently.

19. BTDigg

A BitTorrent DHT search engine called BTDigg provides real-time support for DHT network analysis. With the aid of full-text search, it provides a search function and contains active torrents in European and Asian languages.

Two fundamental characteristics of the fully legal BTDigg system are its Unicity and decentralization. Except for private trackers, decentralization means that the platform allows for searching inside and outside the torrent space. However, due to unique properties, Unicity determines that there is nothing analog.

20. Extratorrent2

An online platform for digital entertainment media, apps, and software is called Extratorrent2. Visitors can use it to search, download files quickly, and contribute files that help P2P file sharing between BitTorrent protocol users and magnet links. The site is renowned for being among the most widely used sites with a wide variety of content.

With its assistance, you can effortlessly search for and download games, apps, movies, software, and other types of digital content. The most intriguing thing about this platform is how many sections you can explore, like TV Shows, Music, Top 100, and Browse Torrent, all of which save a ton of time.

21. YggTorrent

Ygg Torrent is a popular and appealing French BitTorrent tracker that offers a versatile way to enjoy thousands of files, series, software, and other content. There is no limit to the number of files you can download, and everything is completely free. Choose from thousands of pre-defined categories and experiment with different filters to get more accurate results from your findings.


Torrent2DDL is a platform that converts torrent links into direct download links. The platform has a straightforward interface with a submit torrent file area in the center of the page. Users can insert the magnet link directly into the box or choose the link from or other platforms.

23. SeedPeer 

SeedPeer is a small but powerful torrent site that aims to keep things clean, fast, and dependable. This torrent site is intended for all users and is accessible from anywhere worldwide. You can use this to get torrent files, including movies, software, games, and other things.

24. XTORX 

XTROX is one of the fastest torrent search engines, allowing users to access torrent files instantly. It has a simple interface that allows users to type in the name of the file they want and then press the search button/icon. The website displays all possible results from which users can access the torrent link to download the files.  

25. is a massive repository of movies, songs, videos, PDF files, and other media. The website provides users with films they can download and not watch online. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces, allowing users to search for and download any file.

26.Torrent Galaxy 

Torrent Galaxy is a free and open community where you can find anything you want, including movies, music, software, games, documentaries, and courses. The best part about this platform is that it only provides verified torrents to deliver authentic links. The peer-to-peer torrent site is free to use, and you can access it anywhere.


Your Bit torrent is one of the most rapidly growing torrent search engines with social networking capabilities. The website allows you to search for and share almost any torrent file with friends and family worldwide. It includes an advanced recommendation system that suggests torrents based on your preferences.

28. New 1377x

New 1377x is a search engine that can help you find and download your favorite torrents. The platform includes all of the free software, and each software’s specifications are listed. Ubuntu, Udemy, Microsoft Office Plus, Apress, pure VPN, and other helpful software can be found here.


TorrentFunk is a fast BitTorrent search engine for movie fans worldwide. The website has a simple interface where you can enter the title of your movie, a tag, or any other words. Within a second, you have access to all of the results. You can also download movies, TV shows, games, software, and music without restriction.

Other Alternative Sites To Limetorrents


LimeTorrents is a torrent search engine and directory that links to torrents hosted on third-party websites. However, many countries have blocked access to LimeTorrents due to concerns about copyright infringement.

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