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Torrentz2 Search Engine

Torrentz2 turned up as a clone website of the famous Torrentz metasearch engine banned due to some legal issues. Torrentz.eu is a Finland-based Bit Torrent website created by an individual named Flippy in 2003.

The website is a directory of torrent files and magnet links of other popular torrent websites like Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, etc. The Torrentz website reached the number 2 rank in the world by 2012.

Torrentz was banned in 2016 by the authorities as it acted as a medium for illegal content. However, the content is made available through its clone website, Torrentz2, with a changed domain name. Torrentz2 worked like the original website in all areas. Unfortunately, Torrentz2 was also banned by the ISPs and is not working in many regions.

The users face an error code when trying to browse the Torrentz2 website. To solve the problem, the dedicated workers of Torrentz2 created many proxy sites that are similar in the interface, number of files, and links present on the website Torrentz2.

Given below is the complete scenario of Torrentz2 and its proxy sites. The working condition, the prominent features, the content availability, and the possible alternatives are discussed below to give you a broader knowledge of Torrentz2.

Working Proxy Sites Of Torrentz2 Website

Whenever the authorities shut down a torrent site, the website’s admins create proxy sites that work on other servers so that the ISPs cannot easily track them. The best part is the proxy sites are precisely the same as the leading website with the same interface, content, and features.

They are replicas of the main website. Whenever you browse a torrent site through its proxies, your identity and web history become concealed. The ISPs or other trackers can monitor you till the proxy site and not beyond that. We collected the best proxy sites from the web that are reliable and work very fast. They are as follows.

  • https://torrentzeu.org
  • https://torrentz2.cyou/
  • https://torrentz2eu.org
  • https://torrentz2.io
  • https://torrentz2eu.me

About Torrentz2 Search Engine

Torrentz2 has a simple interface with a search panel and a user’s menu. The site contains millions of torrent files and magnet links of movies, tv shows, web series, games, documentaries, apps, and many more.

The files from various famous torrent channels are exhibited on Torrentz2. When the user clicks on their favorite link, they are redirected to a page on another website where the link or file is stored initially.

Movies of different genres and in different languages are downloaded from Torrentz2 and its proxy sites. The vast content is regularly updated, and the site is frequently refurbished. There are a few very special features that are not usually found on other torrent websites.

Torrentz2 facilitates a unique option to filter the files depending on their age and quality. The list can be filtered based on the date of the upload of a torrent and the safety and quality of a torrent, whether the file or link is free from unwanted or harmful malware.

Registration is not mandatory, and there are no subscription charges, which means the content on Torrentz2 is entirely free. Torrentz2 contains a collection of torrents from famous websites like LimeTorrents, The Pirate Bay, RARBG, etc.

The content can either be streamed online or downloaded. The download process is simple. When you navigate through the website, you will not find it hard to find your favorite stuff as the website is designed to give its users a satisfactory experience.

Torrentz2 changed many domain names to escape the ban by the authorities, but it settled with the default domain Torrentz2.eu in 2010 as all the remaining sites faced domain seizures. Torrentz2 became very popular among torrent lovers and was visited extensively by users across the world. After its shutdown by the authorities, the content on the site was made accessible through a number of its proxy and mirror sites.

The ISPs have advanced software to track down even the proxy sites. So, the best method to access the content anonymously is by installing a reliable VPN service on your device. A Virtual Private Network facilitates many advantages when browsing torrent sites. It is known that torrent sites are illegal, and it is a crime to browse them.

So to escape the surveillance of the ISPs or authorities, it is better to install a good VPN service like

  • Expressvpn
  • Nord VPN
  • Cyberghost VPN
  • IP Vanish VPN
  • Surfshark VPN

A VPN gives you anonymity by masking your online activity. It provides a new IP address and another geolocation. Hackers and cyber fraudsters cannot track you. Few VPN services block the pop-ups. They accelerate the download process.

5 Best Torrentz2 Alternatives In 2024

If Torrentz2 or its proxies are not working for you and if you find it difficult to access content on them, then there is nothing to worry about as there are plenty of options that act as perfect substitutes for the Torrentz2 website. We have given a briefing of the top 5 torrent websites available online with the same features of the Torrentz2 website.

  • Kickass Torrents
  • LimeTorrents
  • Snowfl
  • Torrents.io
  • Veoble

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents or KAT is a world-famous website and reached its peak popularity after the shut down of the then famous torrent website The Pirate Bay. 7 million users regularly visit the site to access its content as it provides links and files of the latest movies, tv shows, trending games and many useful apps for free.

Many free-content lovers admire Kickass Torrents for its massive database and amazing features. If the site is down or not working for various reasons, then there are plenty of proxy and mirror sites of Kickass Torrents available online, which fulfill the needs of its users.

The pop-ups are less compared to other websites. You also have the privilege of installing an ad blocker to prevent intrusive ads.

2. Limetorrents

Besides Torrentz2, LimeTorrents is another unique and exceptional torrent website. LimeTorrents has a vast collection of torrents of various multimedia platforms. The homepage of the website is regularly updated with new torrents every two hours.

The site is accessible worldwide. The interface is very attractive, and the content is differentiated under sections to locate the desired media quickly.

LimeTorrents has a unique feature called the ‘health bar’ beside every torrent file that helps you to assess the quality of that particular torrent file. It simply gives you an idea of whether that file is safe enough to download or not. The site is regularly renovated to give its users the best experience.

3. Snowfl

Snowfl is another good alternative for Torrentz2 as it provides its users with movies, tv shows, web series, games, software, etc. The website has a simple and uncomplicated interface. It allows the users to change the mode of the display into dark mode. It is the best option for users who love the dark mode. 

When you enter a search query in the search bar, you can see 100 to 150 search results on the same page for the same query. You can choose from the results based on the number of leechers, seeders, video quality, file size, age of the torrent, etc. Snowfl is a user-friendly website with many beneficial features.

4. Torrents.io

Torrent Seeker originally powered Torrents.io with the default domain name Torrents.me. The site has a sleek and amicable interface. When browsing it, it gives you the best user experience when browsing it—the site indexes all the famous torrents in HD quality. You can access all of them without paying a penny.

The site gives you an option to select from a single torrent site rather than a group of them. Torrents.io provides torrent files of many major torrent sites. Five million users visit the site per month. Torrents.io consists of around 60 million torrent files. The content on the site is distinctly classified based on various factors.

5. Veoble

Veoble is a dark-themed metasearch engine that displays the results of many famous torrent sites. The site uses Google custom search to provide better results. With the help of different filters, you can find torrents in eight different languages. Veoble provides search results in languages like French, Spanish, Arabic, English, etc.

The other famous torrent sites which can be perfect substitutes for RARBG are as follows

Wrapping Up Torrentz2

We tried our best to put forward the complete trivia of Torrentz2, its proxies, and other similar alternatives. The content on the site is illegal as it is available in pirated form. So, the site went through many domain seizures.

We are against piracy and do not recommend pirated websites as they are illegal and may cause harm to your valuable information and devices. However, it is up to you to choose the best available options in retrieving content online.

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