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1337x or 1337x proxy sites emerged some years ago and evolved into a leading torrent site in recent years. It provides its browsers with the latest movies, web series, games, apps, etc., from all over the world at absolutely free of cost. 

One can watch or download any movie or TV show in any language (regional and international) and in desired video format from a 1337x proxy torrent site. The downloading process is also simple and easy. It also provides peer-to-peer sharing of video files and other files. 

When technology started blooming, man found several means and ways to make his work non strenuous and easy by different methods. He always aimed to get things done with a more accessible and adaptive approach to any problem. 

Such a mindset revolutionized a lot of inventions in the web world. One of them is the onset of TORRENT SITES in the entertainment industry. The emergence of torrent sites has brought a big revolution by letting people worldwide belong to any race and watch their favorite movies in any language and from any film industry of their choice seated sophistically at their homes.

Of course, this activity has brought a significant blow on many production houses that incurred severe losses at the box office. This is due to the availability of copyright-protected content for free on torrent sites.

So 1337x torrent site has a colossal fanbase and high internet traffic, and the user can access from anywhere provided you have a good internet connection. As 1337x proxy torrent sites contain illegal content, respective governments issued a ban on it in many places. 

This torrent site is banned in countries like America, Australia, India, etc. So, not to disappoint its users, the torrent site made itself available in the form of proxy/mirror sites. 1337x proxy is homogenous to the original 1337x website with a similar user-friendly interface, index, and web options. To be more accurate, a proxy server acts as a clone of the original website. 

Still, it skips the surveillance of the Internet Service Provider as it seems to be working from another geolocation. That is why it has become easy for admins of 1337x to continue to give their services through 1337x proxy sites and mirror sites

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Best 3 Methods To Unblock 1337x Proxy

When you can’t access or browse the torrent site even though you have a good internet connection, it indicates that the website has been blocked. We suggest you try the following ways.

Unblock 1337x Proxy Method 1: 

The primary and easy method to unblock 1337x or any other torrent is by its proxy or mirror sites. As already mentioned, a proxy site acts as an intermediary between the site you are browsing and the end-user. 

It hides your IP address, thus preventing the ISP’s from banning it. It assures all the features of the original website. It is also free and straightforward to download your desired content from the 1337x proxy site. A mirror site is similar to the original website with the same web design, but it has different URLs and domain names. 

100% Working 1337x Proxy Sites In 2024

Listed below are a few 1337x proxy and mirror sites. Most of them are very fast and secure.

  • https://1337x.unblockninja.com/
  • https://1337x.unblockproject.casa/
  • https://sitenable.pw/
  • https://freeproxy.io/
  • https://freeanimesonline.com/
  • https://1337x.to/
  • https://1337x.buzz/
  • https://1337x.unblockit.link/
  • https://1337x.unblockninja.com/
  • https://x1337x.se/home
  • https://x1337x.ws/home
  • https://x1337x.se/home
  • https://1337x.unblockit.link/
  • https://1337x.bypassed.cab/
  • http://www.1337x.tv/
  • https://1337x.unblocked.cool/
  • https://1337x-to.proxydude.re/

Unblock 1337x Proxy Method 2:

The Anti Piracy Teams and the Internet Service Providers scrutinize the web continuously to eliminate the torrent sites and their proxies. They have succeeded in doing so by finding the sites of 1337x proxy and thus banning them. 

So, another trustworthy method of unblocking the 1337x site is by using a TOR browser. A Tor is a worldwide browser that conceals the IP address of the user from surveillance. It directs the heavy internet traffic, thus making it difficult to find out the internet activity of the user. Its central theme is to safeguard the privacy of the user. Tor browser prevents anyone from observing the website you visit.

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Unblock 1337x Proxy Method 3:

The best and most reliable way to unblock 1337x proxy is by having a standard and efficient Virtual Private Network or a VPN service. A VPN improves the quality of the video and the speed of the downloading process. 

It gives a different IP address and secures the user from cybercriminals and hackers. But every VPN available in the market may not work. There are specific reliable VPNs that have all the features mentioned above with reasonable market value. Listed below are a few VPN services for your information.

  • Nord VPN
  • Surf Shark VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Tunnelbear VPN
  • IPvanish VPN

Advantages Of 1337x Proxy 

  • 1337x proxy works precisely like the original website with the same web design and features. 
  • 1337x has the duplicate torrent files that of 1337x.to. The downloading process of any file is also similar.
  • The rate at which a file downloads is high comparatively. There are many proxies and mirrors of 1337x.
  • Wherever there is a ban on the original 1337x site, the proxy and mirror sites come to our rescue. This helps in the limitation of the traffic to the original site.
  • One can do another work as the downloading process runs in the background.
  • The content on the site is well administered and renovated from time to time.
  • Irritating and diverting popups are less compared to the other sites.
  • It is more interesting to know that the this torrent site site is accessed in 45 various languages.
  • Above all, it is effortless and costless to watch, search or download on this site.

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Best Alternatives For 1337x Proxy Or 1337x Website

1337x is a very active and famous site in the torrenting world. There might be many possibilities to block or put a ban on 1337x as they comprise copyrighted content for free. The site may stop working in many regions. So here we mention a few very well-known torrent sites with all the best features of a perfect torrent site.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a very famous and most popular torrent site. It has been active for many years. It continues to upload and refurbish its data now and then. It has all features such as movies, anime, apps, games, etc., duly classified. 

Due to the copyrighted content available, it underwent a ban in some areas but evolved into proxy sites. It is like the elder of many torrent sites. Millions of people try to access the site. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to browse this torrent, but it becomes straightforward to browse it once it is reachable. It can be considered as the best alternative for the this torrent site

  • https://piratebay.live
  • https://www.pirateproxy.space
  • https://thepiratebay.zone


RARBG is another torrent with millions of users worldwide with well scrutinized and compact web design. It is the perfect destination for movie buffs. It has a vast collection of movie files whose features are well described. 

It provides magnetic links that facilitate peer-to-peer sharing of files through the Bittorrent protocol. It was given the 4th rank in the top torrent sites in 2020. RARBG has both proxy and mirror sites.

  • https://rarbg.unblocked.cool
  • https://rarbg.unblockall.xyz
  • https://rarbg.immunicity.host


LimeTorrents is considered to be a healthy and legal website. It is well known for its music. Music and movie lovers never stop visiting this site. It is well maintained and groomed consistently. It is like a family website with many planters and leechers

A detailed description is provided for every movie file, which helps to consider whether to download or not immediately. Moreover, the torrent provides a health meter that allows us to avoid risky content.

  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.pub
  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.vet
  • http://www.limetorrents.in

Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents is another famous website with a long history in the torrenting world. It hasn’t escaped from the ban in many regions. It continues to exist in the form of proxy and mirror sites. It is a very well-known torrent site among its peers. 


YTS torrent site is renowned for the latest movies. It has a vast collection of films, and the exciting part is they are accessible with any bandwidth. It is a top-rated website. YTS also has a column that shows the latest Bollywood movie trailers. Due to the availability of the latest releases, this site is under a ban in some areas.

  • yts.unblockit.ca
  • ytss.unblocked.to
  • yts.unblocked.gdn

Best Alternatives To 1337x Proxy

These below websites have user-friendly interfaces and prominent features same as 13377x torrents. Some of them are mentioned below.


To summarize the article, numerous 1337x proxy sites have emerged due to the ban on the original 1337x site as it witnessed the availability of illegal content. 1337x proxy is similar to 1337x torrent site in all ways except for the domain name and IP address alterations. There are several alternatives for this torrent site are vividly mentioned for you to consider in case of need. 

We cannot wrap up the article without mentioning how felonious and unlawful to watch or download copyright protected content for free. We never encourage such an act which is against the law. It is always advisable to entertain yourself with legitimate and permitted content available on the torrent sites.


Techgloss.com does not encourage piracy and other illegal content. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a severe offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. The information we provided in this article is for creating awareness and educational purposes.

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