WiFi Security: 5 Tips To Reduce The Risks

Suppose not enough value is placed on the security of the WiFi or WLAN. In that case, dangers arise, mainly when unknown users log in with an infected device or integrate potentially insecure and easily vulnerable devices.

More and more end devices are pushing into the WLAN due to increasing digitization and the diverse additional device categories. Because in addition to laptops, tablets, or mobile phones, there are also increasingly IoT devices integrated into the company’s internal wireless network and endanger WLAN security.

WiFi Security For Businesses And Users

Suppose not enough value is placed on the security of the WLAN. In that case, potential risks arise, mainly when unknown users log in with an infected device or potentially insecure and easily vulnerable devices are integrated. However, companies with internally used WiFi infrastructure can provide more security for both the infrastructure and the instruments of their users if they consistently integrate WiFi security into their security strategy.

Holistic Approach Required

In a modern security infrastructure, the components at the endpoint and in the network are intelligently networked and act as a system to detect threats and react automatically. Integrating the WLAN, including the access points, into this concept can significantly increase security. In this way, the data traffic in the entire company network can be continuously examined for malicious behavior, and the administrator has a complete overview of the current status of the network and the devices connected to it.

In addition, immediate and automated action can be taken in the event of an irregularity. For example, a ransomware-infected notebook or jailbroken/rooted mobile device attempting to connect to the WiFi network will be automatically isolated from the rest of the network to prevent the threat from spreading.

Danger From IoT Devices

There is a potentially high-security risk when IoT devices are integrated into the WLAN. Many of these devices are not fundamentally designed for security and thus represent a gateway for attackers to enter the wireless network. These include surveillance cameras, printers, displays, and even proprietary scanner devices, such as those used in logistics. A company that establishes WLAN security must meet the challenge posed by potentially insecure devices in its network on several levels.

This includes corporate and BYOD devices only connecting to the network if they meet corporate specifications. IoT devices should be “locked up” in their WLAN. In this way, these devices are protected against attacks and cannot be used as a starting point for hackers to spread further in the company network.

Additional Protective Measures For More WLAN Security

In addition to integrating the WLAN into the security, further protective measures should be taken to ensure secure operation:

  • Segmentation: Visitors who are provided with free WiFi access should under no circumstances be on the same subnet as the company’s internal LAN or WiFi network. This can prevent malware or hacking from taking hold of other parts of the network and its endpoints.
  • Client Isolation: In the WLAN, the access point must isolate the clients connected to it from one another. This prevents an infected computer from connecting to other computers in the WLAN and infecting them.
  • Automatic Detection And Isolation Of Infected Devices: Integrated and automated security protects both the WLAN operator and the user by automatically isolating devices infected with malware from the network and before other network participants are infected.
  • Intelligent Malware Protection For Sensitive Data: Sensitive data from WLAN users must be protected against possible cyber attacks. Next-Generation Security with EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides significant support.
  • Segment IoT Devices: Separate WLANs prevent IoT devices from spreading in the network.

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