35+ Torrent Search Engine Websites [Updated In 2024 February]

When every service takes advantage of users’ demands by providing premium services, torrent sites engine sites come to the rescue. Therefore, the majority of floods are free to use, regardless of whether you want to download an ebook torrent or use premium software.

But it’s unlikely that a straight forward Google search will lead you to the top torrent sites. Naturally, you cannot test dozens of times over and over again without running security risks if you are not an internet user who respects privacy. 

However, this post has provided you with secure and frequently tried solutions. You can explore millions of torrent files at once with torrent sites. You can search millions of files and are very convenient to use.

What Is A Torrent Search Engine?

To begin with, a torrent is a file that is connected to particular content that can be downloaded. Secondly, it utilizes a peer-to-peer file-sharing mechanism that connects to over 100 million users worldwide.

Finally, peers, leechers, and seeders determine how quickly this software downloads. Those who download the file and distribute it to other peers are referred to as peers. Downloaders of the file are known as leechers, and uploaders are known as seeders.

After discussing the fundamentals of a torrent file, let’s get to the main topic at hand. Although there are many top websites for downloading torrents, we have selected the top ones for you below to save you a ton of time. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best torrent search engine sites.

35+ Best Torrent Search Engine Sites In 2023

1. KickAss Torrent

KickAss Torrent was formerly known as Kat. Ph until late 2008. Although it’s an older torrent site, it’s the most dependable and excellent. Nevertheless, there are certain countries where it is prohibited. However, you can get around the restriction and visit this website by using a good Virtual Private Network, also known as a VPN or even free proxies. This is the most excellent torrent site if you enjoy having fun and downloading torrents.

 2. is a worthy competitor and one of the top torrent sites that you can trust to download files. You can download Mac software and other things from this website.

It is also the most extensive directory for T.V. shows, movies, music, computer software, and other content. It’s also the most excellent torrent downloader available for Mac software. Coworkers can also share files using ThePirateBay. Simply put, it is highly likable when it comes to downloading torrents.

3. Extratorrent

First of all, Extra Torrent was blocked in a few nations due to the availability of pirated software and games for smartphones. However, by concealing your identity, you can still download the files you want. As a result, you can download any music file, movie, software, game, or record for a variety of platform apps. In conclusion, one of the top torrent websites that you should utilize is Extra Torrent. cc.

4. Torrentz

Torrentz is a quick, accessible, and easily navigable bit torrent search engine. It indexes the torrent file from various websites as well. It is among the top torrent sites with one of the largest databases, containing over 25 million records.

5. TorrentSeeker

TorrentSeeker is one of the most simple torrent search engines available. All you get on the main page is a search bar and a brief description, save from the giant logo. Simple as pie: type in the name of the torrent you wish to download to see your results.

TorrentSeeker currently uses a large number of well-known torrent repositories. However, what makes them intriguing is that they incorporate specialized and language-specific torrent websites into their searches. You ought to get more than enough relevant search results from this. Unfortunately, search filtering isn’t that great and is only available for relevance and date.


Although I’ve never been a T.V. show fan, I know that you or someone else is. If you enjoy watching TV shows, is the place for you because you can download them for free. What’s even more amazing about this website is that you can download the T.V. torrents you want without having to register.


Another exciting place to download movies, music, and T.V. shows for free via torrents. Despite only being launched a few years ago, it has a vast database of torrents on it. File downloads from the website are safe; there are no malicious adverts or other threats., for several good reasons, has managed to rank among the top torrent download websites.


For good reason, MiniNova is among the top websites for downloading torrents. To start with, it’s the best website for downloading the newest Hollywood productions. Secondly, you can download Android games, apps, and much more using it for Android mobile devices. Lastly, you can distribute the torrent file, which will expand its database.

9. 1337X

This is also one of the best websites. And judging by the fact that 1337X is one of the most well-liked torrent websites, it appears we’re not the only ones. Every time someone compiles a list of torrent trackers, the site is almost always featured.

Founded in 2007, 1337X can be found in many countries, but it is prohibited in the U.K., Australia, Ireland, and Austria.

The website features a sophisticated user interface with accurate navigational directories. It also has a massive collection of torrents in many categories. Therefore, everything you need to download a game, a movie, or premium software for free (with activation) can be found here.

10. Isohunt

Sensitivity concerns forced the Isohunt to close at the end of 2013. The website has returned with a bang despite this! It is worth a try because it receives a lot of traffic every day. It won’t let you down;  

11. Torlock

It’s uncommon to find a website that will pay you a commission for using its services in a world where technology is the foundation of every industry. Torlock is one of them, though there aren’t many of them, and he’s really on a mission.

You get paid if you use this website and alert them to bogus torrents. If you frequently download files and are tired of wasting your download bandwidth, use Torlock.


 Despite its age, this is still one of the best websites for downloading torrents. Only recently did LimeTorrents become visible due to its massive database. Additionally, users can download any torrent file using a torrent client or a magnetic URL.

It is also possible to download books with this excellent torrent website. In conclusion, this is a book torrent site in addition to everything else that the top torrent sites have to offer. Since the website only provides verified torrents, downloading torrents from it is safe.

13. Rarbg.To

Without a doubt, among the most significant websites ever for downloading torrents is Rarbg. To. You can download torrents for free from this website. In actuality, Rarbg will give you access to movie, software, game, music, and trailer files.

However, there is one annoying aspect of this website that could be improved. Pop-up advertisements are used. Set up an ad-blocking plugin before visiting the website that works well for you. Install an ad blocker on your browser to take advantage of everything Rarbg has to offer. It will also help prevent excessive bandwidth usage.


If you are a new user, this site can be an absolute nightmare. For example, you (as a novice) will find it challenging to weed out links that are paid advertisements. It’s because of the links there that are sponsored downloads. If you frequently download files, check out this website to see if you enjoy the YourBittorent interface. The site name is quite catchy.


Manova is the extra torrent, if there is one with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, it has indexed newsgroup websites, which can download faster than torrent swarms. Ads are rare on Manova pages, but for some users, pop-up adult advertisements can be an unpleasant surprise. In conclusion, you can benefit from this site if you can tolerate a few adult pop-up advertisements.

16. Torrentfunk

TorrentFunk was listed in this article’s “Torrent sites to avoid” section for a very long time. It had a respectable reputation and was introduced more than ten years ago, but the user experience could have improved. The ads were just too annoying. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

After a recent makeover, the majority of TorrentFunk’s advertisements were removed. Its user-friendly interface and excellent collection of magnet links for direct torrent downloads won us over. All of the files are arranged into distinct categories, and the homepage provides you with a list of the most recent and well-liked files.

17. Nyaa.Si – Ideal For Animation

Nyaa is an anime-specific torrent website. Each month, about 46 million anime fans visit Nyaa. And it’s easy to comprehend why. From raw anime to English dubs, Nyaa offers a wide selection of superbly synchronized anime. It’s even on par with some of the top websites where you can stream anime for free.

We were able to download our most recent anime series from Nyaa very quickly and with excellent quality, thanks to its popularity. Click the up arrow in the table header to obtain the torrents with the most seeds, which leads to quicker downloads. This will sort the anime torrents according to seeder count (download speed) in descending order.

18. FullDLS

FullDLS is currently one of the most significant search engines, offering over 2.5 million torrents. Because you have yet to learn what a sponsored ad is or what is worth clicking on, the advertising is awkward. Nonetheless, because this website catalogs downloadable files, the majority of users suggest it.

Therefore, if you use these top torrent sites, you can now download your files via torrents. If your Internet speed and bandwidth are high, the ultimate torrent downloading websites mentioned above will also be of great assistance to you. These websites have been put to the test and found to be the best according to quality control standards.

19. Fenopy. EU

First of all, this website has a simple Spartan-style interface. Additionally, a portion of its library is reserved for dedicated and verified torrents. The simple navigation on Fenopy. E.U. makes it easy to locate the file you’re looking for. Additionally, although the pop-up advertisements on the website can be a nuisance, they’re still worth checking out.


For movie lovers, this is the most excellent location. Not at all; for safe torrents, it’s the best. You should save this page to your bookmarks if you’re a massive lover of Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies are updated on TorrentHound almost the same day they are released.


The website was founded in 2009, and I was particularly drawn to one feature. Isn’t it great that has a team that works around the clock to remove Trojan horses and virus-filled torrents? Someone gets banned pretty fast if they upload Trojan horses and other viruses in the form of torrent files.

Apart from the usual features of a torrent site, the main thing about this site is that you can be sure that you won’t download any dubious files from it. It is easy to identify it as a safe torrent website!


It would help if you gave Demonoi. Cc a try if you enjoy interacting with others who share your interests. Before downloading the torrent, for example, you can have a conversation with other users of the site. Additionally, you find out if it is virus-free. Despite being the most excellent torrent downloader for high-quality files, using it takes some time.


Can you recall the K.A.T. site? You do. Currently, was created as a memorial to K.A.T. Because P2P is a hobby, this site has a mobile app for users of smartphones and tablets. Still, only a few people are familiar with this website, and its interface is constantly changing to meet the needs of users better. It won’t harm you to try it out, though.

24. Boxopus

First off, much like, Boxopus is a third party. It offers services that are paid for. That means you spend $50 for the entire year or $1.50 a week. Unfortunately, Dropbox cannot be integrated with this torrent. The Dropbox itself blocked Boxopus torrents, which is the reason. Still, this website offers features that you find appealing. In addition, the cost of the subscription is reasonable, making it worthwhile to try at least once.


This website, which is unique in the Czech Republic, is provided by a third party. The files must be saved on your private servers; this website will not provide you with the file directly. After downloading the files, you move them to them. Next, you must download the entire file to your desktop by logging in to your BitPort account.

There is a free version and a paid version of One torrent per day and 100MB of transfer per hour are permitted with the free version, which also offers 1 GB of cloud storage. However, if you subscribe, you also receive all the other benefits, like more cloud storage and daily torrents, at a faster transfer speed. Monthly subscription fees begin at $5.

To begin with, is a Google-based torrent search engine. Initially, it looks up every torrent query you have from every torrent search engine online, not just the torrent websites. It’s quick, too. Hence, uncommon torrents are available. Thirdly, it acts as a matchmaker, retrieving the locations of the files you wish to download.

Make sure you verify every file you intend to download using Toorgle, as it also displays results from dubious torrent websites. Thus, before downloading, make sure the torrent is verified and read the encouraging comments. Lastly, quickly distinguish between correct and incorrect flows by paying attention to the words.


You should check it out because this is the most excellent torrent website you’ve ever found. has a sleek, modern user interface. Just like with TreeTorrent, you use the search box to look for your preferred file. It’s as easy as A, B, and C.

28. is one of the sites where users can download verified torrents. You can search for verified torrents, view statistics, and browse categories on this website. It is accessible in numerous languages, including English, German, and Russian, to name a few. And lastly, torrent uploads are also possible.

29. is the most excellent movie torrent site if you’re searching for a user-friendly, straightforward torrent downloader. It has a clean interface and a sizable file database with few advertisements. Most of the currently active torrents can be found on this torrent download website. The best part is that you can use the health meter to see how healthy any torrent is. It will provide you with an overview of any torrent file.

30. Torrent Downloads

This is a long-running website that rose to the top of the list through mentions on high-quality torrent sites. Every day, millions of people worldwide can access torrents through this torrent download. That makes it a straightforward index. For downloads via torrent, click this link.

31. TorrentGalaxy 

Launched just over two years ago, TorrentGalaxy is a relatively new torrent site. There is a vibrant community and a committed group of uploaders on the website. TorrentGalaxy offers some releases for streaming in addition to torrents.

32. Solid torrents

This additional torrent search engine will spare you the trouble of looking through multiple torrent websites. It’s a standard metasearch engine that has indexed torrents from all reliable sources and has a simple design. Therefore, whatever content you’re looking for is here.

33. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks is a popular option for millions of torrent users because it offers video games with low bandwidth usage. FitGirl Repacks’s’ repack’ releases are what distinguish them. Users can download and install the games more easily thanks to these compressed versions of the original games, which also decrease the overall file size.

FitGirl Repacks is a partially safe torrenting website, though. When you click on links from unidentified third parties, there’s still a possibility that your device will become infected with spyware or adware.

34. RuTracker

Popular Russian torrent site RuTracker provides both domestic and foreign content. Established in 2004, the website has grown to become the most prominent torrent platform in the nation. Its vast content library consists of games, software, movies, TV series, and music. You should find a wealth of information if you know how to use Google Translate and have some patience.

35. BTDigg

In the torrent world, BTDigg is unique. It is neither a torrent database nor a list of torrent trackers. It does not store any content and thus does not guarantee security.

36. DirtyTorrents

Despite its name, DirtyTorrents is a reasonably clean platform with an easy-to-use interface. The website is not a database in and of itself. Instead, as it clearly states, it is similar to Google serving as a torrent search engine, saving users from having to navigate through various torrenting sites.

37. TorrentLeech

Torrentleech is a well-known premium torrent service. It was first introduced in 2004. The website has an extensive collection of high-quality torrents, including TV shows, movies, software, games, music, and many other things.

It’s a torrent website that only accepts invitations. Donations are required to access its extensive library. It is one of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives if you are looking for ExtraTorrent alternatives after it recently disappeared.

38. GloTorrents

This one is also ideal for both new and experienced torrent users. GloTorrents, like all of its main competitors, has a neat and clean interface with simple features.

39. SUMOTorrent

While the name suggests a massive torrent resource, this site is a tormentor’s worst nightmare. This is due to the resource’s underlying inconvenience and shady practices.

It is necessary first to download the client, which may be difficult and risky for average users. Even if you ignore the numerous grammatical and linguistic errors on this website, they will undoubtedly distract you.

Pros And Cons Of Torrent Search Engine


  • Torrent websites have a large selection of difficult-to-find software, movies, music, and other items.
  • Torrent downloads are faster than traditional methods, especially when there are a large number of seeders.
  • Multiple sources for a single file are available with peer-to-peer sharing.
  • If you are interrupted while downloading, you can resume from where you left off with torrents.
  • It is free to download from torrents, which saves money over purchasing physical copies.
  • Users can leave comments and ratings, creating a community-based file review system.
  • Torrents can give you access to content that is not available in your region or country.
  • Torrent anonymously to protect your privacy and avoid government surveillance.


  • Torrent websites frequently illegally distribute copyrighted materials, exposing users to legal risks and consequences.
  • Unintentional malware or harmful software downloads can result from torrent downloads.
  • Torrenting puts a strain on internet connections, especially when uploading and downloading at the same time.
  • On a peer-to-peer network, users may be exposed to inappropriate content.
  • Torrenting can consume a lot of hard disk space and slow down computer performance.
  • Files downloaded from P2P portals may occasionally be of poor quality or impossible.
  • Torrenting promotes pirated content, which harms content creators and the entertainment industry.
  • The confusion and errors of inexperienced users can result in incomplete downloads from torrent websites.

Other Alternative Sites To Torrent Search Engines

Final Say

Torrent websites are excellent networks of users and repositories of file trackers. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that downloading copyrighted content without authorization is prohibited in many nations and may have legal repercussions.

Torrent sites not only increase the risk of malware and virus infection, but they also impose government restrictions on P2P file sharing. According to our research, the majority of torrent websites show advertisements, which can be used to monitor your online activities on other websites.

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